First Important Steps Before Evoking Spirits

  1. Practicing visualization and breathing (trying to see images, and hear sounds in your head)

  2. Performing "The lesser banishing ritual of the pentagram (LBRP) ...everyday.

  3. Performing "The lesser banishing ritual of the hexagram (BRH) ...everyday.

  4. Also "The middle pillar ritual" should be perform daily. It activates the energy centers in the human body, that correspond to Sephiroth on the Tree of Life through the vibration of Divine Names that correspond to each.

  5. Knowing, and memorize how to perform "The opening and closing by Watchtower.

  6. Knowing how to use magical tools, as following: Elemental weapons are: Fire wand, Water cup, Air dagger, and finally Earth pentacle.

  7. You need to know , how to construct and use elemental tablets of the four quarters, which are: Tablet of fire, Tablet of Water, Tablet of Air, Tablet of earth, and most important Tablet of Union.

  8. Other magical tools are: Magic wand, Magic sword and Dagger, robe, ring, altar, lamp, censer, crystal, and magic mirror (magic wand is most important tool).

  9. You have to know, how to make a magic circle, and use Triangle of the art, if you want to evoke spirits to physical world.

  10. You need to know how to consecrate your tools. They are: Magic wand, and Elemental tools, which are: Fire wand, Water cup, Air dagger, and finally earth pentacle. Also you have to consecrate the rest of your tools, its called "Implements of the Art."

  11. You need to know, that there are two types of invocations, one when you evoke spirit to astral plane, and spirit appear either in crystal or black (magic) mirror, or to physical plane, when spirit appears in Triangle of the Art.

  12. You can either use your own evocation to the spirit, or you can use the one from the book

  13. You need to know, to perform "Opening by Watchtower, before and after evocation.

  14. You need to know, how to communicate with evoked spirits, but the most important thing for you to do, is to ask spirit, his name. If he's lying, send him back where he come from, or ask him, why he come to you.

  15. You need to know, as much information about the spirit you evoke as possible. If you begin to communicate with him, and his answers are not the same as his nature and his abilities, then you know , he is not the one, you want to summon. Don't waste your time talking with him, because you will not get correct answers. Banish him, and repeat all process once again. If next time, wrong spirit will appear again, then try ritual another day.

  16. Remember NOT to summon spirits to physical plane first, without mastering evocation to astral plane.

  17. Also remember to set up everything, in the right order inside your temple, like hanging Elemental tablets of elements on the right sides of the wall, or altar with magical tools on it, including making a protective circle, using either chalk if you are in the basement with concrete floor, or using robe, or white ribbon, if you are in apartment bedroom.

  18. You also need to create (this is very important) sigils. As you see, you can't just remember the origin and abilities of the spirit you evoke, but also creating correct sigil of this spirit. You can either make it yourself, or buy the one from the store. But most effective is when you construct. Sigil is important, because after you finish evocation, you need to keep it in your left hand, and gazing at it, and at the same time repeating spirit's name in your head, and keeping magic wand in your right hand.

  19. When you beginner at ceremonial magic, the best way for you to start with, is to evoke either : planetary entities, angelic entities, or elementary entities. When you become experience how to evoke them, you can start evoking more powerful spirits, like the one from "Goetia". Don't even think about summoning demonic spirits!!! its very dangerous.

  20. And this is very important! After you done you communication, you need to say banishing evocation. If you will not see spirit in the magic mirror anymore, perform Closing by Watchtower (this is short evocation, which can be found in one of the last steps of the Watchtower ritual) After that, perform LBRP and BRH ritual. this is a must! if you are still unsure, whenever there spirits waiting for you, you can say personal prayer to your guardian angel to protect you. Now exit the circle, put all your magical tools, and altar on its correct place.

You did it ! you successfully evoke, communicate, and banish you spirit.

These are all basics, how to prepare your self for evocations. Detail evocations, including how to consecrate your magical tools, you can find in many advanced occult books, which deals with summoning spirits. take care brother, and good luck.

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  5. A Short Course in Scrying

  6. A Treatise on Astral Projection by Robert Bruce

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