72 Goetia Spirits

Circle of Solomon

With The Circle Of Solomon, You're Going To:
- Summon angels to both astral and physical presence
- Harmonize your spiritual energy with the Akasha, Earth, Air, Fire, and Water elements
- Harness the magick forces of the Qabalah for Ascent
- Take advantage of the most popular and energetically-charged magick circle in history
- Tap into the Hermetic powers of the Hebrew gods to enhance the potency of your rituals
- Enforce ironclad self-defense against negative energy and astral vampires in ceremony

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Listed in Traditional Order:


1. Bael  Invisibility; Secrecy; Disguise.

Human Origins In Bael? Powerful Demon King Is Worshipped

2. Agares   Reunites; Truce; Communication; Action.
Agares Shakes The Earth: Commands Forces Under Our Feet

3. Vassago  Knowledge of Past & Future; Recovers Lost Articles; Protection.
Vassago; An Impish Spirit: Plays Games When Evoked

4. Samigina (or Gamigin )  Sciences; Contact With the Dead; Discovery of Secrets; Correcting Mistakes.
Samigina Speaks To The Dead: The Little Horse From The Sky

5. Marbas  Transformative Logic; Shamanism; Shapeshifting; Mechanism.
Marbas With Cat Eyes: Some Say He Comes As A Lion

6. Valefor -  Discover Lost Objects; Obtain Magickal Familiars.
Valefor: Bearded Thief: An Alien On Four Legs

7. Amon -  Luck; Prosperity; Wealth; Influence; Love; Friendship; Familiars; Controversy.
Middle Eastern Wolf God: He is Amon And He Is Old

8. Barbatos -  Animal Communication; Favors and Wealth; Disenchantment.
Barbatos An Alien Skeleton: He Is Not Robin Hood

9. Paimon -   Personal Magnetism; Charisma; Honors; Arts; Bondage.
Trumpets Announce Paimon: He Comes To Set Things Right

10. Buer -  Healing; Shows Healing With Herbs.
Nobody Sees Buer: Appears As Holographic Pictures

11. Gusion -  Information; (Past, Present & Future); Gives Honour & Dignity.
Blue Alien Gusion: Appears As Puffy Frog

12. Sitri -  Sexual Attraction; Desire.
Sitri Accuses Vatican: Sex Suppression Human Control

13. Beleth -  Sexual Passion.
Mystery Spirit Beleth: He Rides A Pale Horse

14. Leraje -  Triumph Over Obstacles; Physical Strength; Winning; Corruption.
Lerie's Death Mask: Toxic Killer Is Among Us

15. Eligos  Maneuvering; Strategy in Life & Love.
Robotic Figure Eligos: Or Maybe He Is The Snake

16. Zepar  Infertility; Barrenness.
Zepar The Red Phallus: A Trickster Of Sensual Womanhood

17. Botis -  Truce; Reconciliation.
Botis Stops Conflict: Order It And He Will Bring War!

18. Bathin  Transformation; Travel (Astral and/or Physical).
Bathin Is A UFO? Or Does He Hide Inside?

19. Sallos (or Saleos)  Love.
Reptile Warrior Sallos: He Prefers Wine And Women

20. Purson  Assistance; Special Favors.
Purson Reveals Secrets: He Is Really A Disguised Snake

21. Marax (or Narax)  Wisdom; Method.
Strange Beastie Morax: Is He Another Holograph?

22. Ipos -  Eloquence; Presence; Courage.
Ipos Is A Joker: Known As Prince of Fools

23. Aim -  Victory; Stimulation.
Aim Glows Orange: Does He Start Fires?

24. Naberius  Spirit Guide; Spirit Communication.
Twirling Bird Naberius: Thought To Bring Dignity

25.Glasya-Labolas -  Commanding; Endings.
Biblical Terror Glasya: They Come As Biting Locusts

26. Bune -  Wealth; Spiritual Protection.
Many Faced Bune: Eyes Showing Through Smoke

27. Ronove -  Charm; Gain through Charisma.
Monster Of Speech And Lies: He is Ronove The 27th Spirit

28. Berith - Honor; Power; Status.
The Red Duke Berith: His Horse Is A Ship

29. Astaroth -  Success; Psychic Protection.
Mystery Spirit Asteroth: Can He Unlock Human Key?

30. Forneus -  Fortune & Fame; Recognition.
Nessie Mystery Solved? It is Forneus A Goetian Spirit

31. Foras -  Understanding; Wisdom; Longevity.
Foras In Blood: Warns Of Human Death

32. Asmoday -  Intelligence; Skill.
Mighty King Asmodai: Three-Headed Goetian Spirit

33. Gaap -  Astral Travel; Ignorance.
Gaap The Teacher: Recollections of Robed Guardian

34. Furfur -  Transformation; Attraction; Violence.
Flying Deer Furfur: Is He Origin Of Rudolph?

35. Marchosias -  Prosperity; Strength.
Spirit Hides In Secrecy: Marchosias In The Beast

36. Stolas -  Practicality; Clarity.
Alien Stolas Drops: Mighty Black Ship Overhead

37. Phenex -  Artistry; Harmony.
Fire Bird Phenex: Makes Dramatic Blood Entrance

38. Halphas -  Rise to Power; Ambition.
Fierce Eyed Halphas: A Warrior In Flight

39. Malphas -  Aspiration; Strength.
Malphas Reads Minds: Breaking Secrecy

40. Raum - Justice; Luck; Loss.
Raum From The Sun: Was He The Sun God Ra?

41. Focalor -  Uncrossing; Failure.
Focular Drowns His Prey: He Reins Over The World Seas

42. Vepar -  Karmic Balance; Destruction.
Legends Point To Vepar: Medusa And The Mermaids?

43. Sabnock -  Triumph; Construction.
Warrior Spirit Sabnock: A Rock Under Silver Ships

44. Shax -  Confusion; Immobility.
Shax Clouds Minds: Makes Us Invisible

45. Vine -  Psychic Protection; Exposure.
Flying Ships Of Vine: Alien Craft Overhead

46. Bifrons -  Past Lives; Spirit Channeling; Memory.
Bifrons; A Grave Fellow: Do I Smell A Rotting Corpse?

47. Uvall -  Sensuality; Luxury; Antiquity.
Egyptian Spirit Vual: He Generates World Love

48. Haagenti -  Transformation; Alchemy; Change.
Jesus Knew Haagenti: A Winged Red Bull

49. Crocell -  Intuition; Pleasure.
Water Spirit Crocell: Dark Robed With Wings

50. Furcas -  Divination; Psychic Power.
Fire Spirit Furcas: Appears As Flashing Energy

51. Balam  Revelation; Invisibility; Wit.
Coiled Serpent Balam: King With Many Heads

52. Alloces  Psychic & Astrological Understanding; Wisdom; Brings Familiars.
Fiery Eyed Alloces: Skeletal Spirit Projects Doom

53. Camio (or Caim)  Intuition; Diplomacy; Interspecies & Alien Communication.
Cameo Now Bones: Colorful Bird Image Gone

54. Murmur  Restraint; Gain of Information; Philosophy; Spirit Communication.
Murmur Portrays Death: His Wings Lie Broken

55. Orobas  Fame; Recognition; Dignities; Honors; Influence Friends/Foes.
Little Horse Orobas: Like A Broken Stuffed Toy

56. Gremory (Gemory or Gamori)  Treasure; Gain; Reward; Procures Love.
Demon Of Perverted Love: She Is Gamori, Goetian Spirit 56

57. Ose (or Voso)  Transformation; Answers Secrets;
Ose The Sphinx? Strange Link Discovered

58. Amy (or Avnas)  Treasures; Knowledge; Astrology; Gives Familiars.
Mystery Spirit Is Amy: Light From A Fire Ship

59. Orias (or Oriax)  Prediction; Transformation; Treasures; Honors; Astrology.
Orias And The Serpents: Suggests DNA Coil

60. Vapula (or Naphula)  Expertise; Knowledge; Philosophy; Science.
Winged "Pixie" Vapula: Insect Looking Goetia Spirit

61. Zagan  Transmutation; Wealth; Wisdom; Wit.
Winged Bull Zagan: Have We Met Before?

62. Volac  Discovery of Treasure; Discovery of Hidden Enemies.
Volac Rides Serpents: Tiny Alien With Wings

63. Andras  Overthrow; Create Discord.
Fierce Spirit Andras: His Sword Is Drawn

64. Haures (or Flauros)  Balance; Beginnings; Justice to Enemies.
Fiery Eyed Haures: Hangs Like A Bat

65. Andrealphus  Measurement; Cunning; Mathematics; Transformation.
Bright Peacock Spirit: Andrealphus Hides In Ship

66. Cimejes  (or Cimeies) Strength; Structure; Communication; Charm; Find Lost Articles.
Dark Spirit Cimejes: Guardian Of Africa

67. Amdusias  Manipulation; Music; Gives Familiars.
Amdusias The Unicorn: He Appears With Lights

68. Belial  Mastery; Dignities; Political Power; Favors; Gives Familiars.
Powerful Belial Is Dead: But His Spirit May Live On

69. Decarabia  Apparitions; Mystic Visions; Illusions.
Fiery Spirit Decarabia: A Natural Friend To Birds And Earth

70. Seere  Swiftness; Motion; Translocation; Discover Thieves.
Seere The High Flier: Is He A UFO In The Night?

71. Dantalion  Persuasion; Reveals Secrets; Brings Love; Telepathy; Visions.

Dantalion: Demon Of Heads - Spirit of Legends And Bottled Genie

72. Andromalius  Retribution; Regains Stolen Goods; Punishes Thieves; Reveals Underhanded Dealings.

Alien Punisher Of Thieves: Andromalius; Viper Of The Stars




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