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By Konstantinos


This ritual, while not of a banishing nature, should also be performed daily.

The Middle Pillar Ritual activates the energy centers in the human body that correspond to Sephiroth on the Tree of Life through the vibration of Divine Names that correspond to each. In addition to the Divine Name associated with each Sephirah, some magicians like to vibrate the names of angels and angelic orders of each sphere, but this really isn't necessary. I feel vibrating the correct Divine Name of god for each Sephirah three or four times establishes a strong enough link to each energy center.

For the sake of practice, this ritual can be performed right after the LBRP and the BRH, but when you are doing an actual magical ceremony, the Middle Pillar should be used at the point in the working when you need to raise magical energy for some purpose. Later on in the book, you'll see the practical uses for this ritual in performing evocations. .

1. Stand facing east and start breathing rhythmically (4x4 fold breath). Once again, become aware of a glowing sphere of brilliant white light above your head.

2. After contemplating the white sphere above you, vibrate EHEIEH (ehhey- yay) on your next exhalation and see and feel the sphere glowing brighter. Repeat this two more times or until you feel the white light is blazing like a tiny sun.

3. On your next inhalation, draw a beam of the light down through your head and into your throat center. On the following exhalation, imagine there is a glowing lavender sphere there. Make sure you still imagine its connection to the white sphere above. As this ritual progresses, you will gradually connect all the centers in your body with this white beam of light. Maintain your rhythmic breathing and on the next exhalation, vibrate YOD HEH VAV HEH ELOHIM (yode-heh-vahv-heh el-ohheem).

Repeat this two or more times, each time imagining the lavender sphere growing brighter. Feel it pulsing within your neck.

4. When you feel ready, draw a beam of white light from this sphere to your solar plexus on your next inhalation. Exhale and imagine there is a glowing gold sphere there. Continue your rhythm of breathing, and when you are ready, exhale and vibrate YOD HEH VAV HEH ELOAH VEDAATH (yode-heh-vahv-heh el-oh-ah v'dah-aht). Repeat this vibration two or more times and feel the warmth of this sphere within you. Make sure you can visualize all these spheres connected by the white beam of light before you move on.

5. When you are ready, draw a beam of white light from this sphere to your groin center with your next inhalation. Become aware of a violet sphere there and vibrate SHADDAI EL CHAI (shah-dai el chai) on your next exhalation. Repeat two or more times, and feel the presence of this sphere within you.

6. When you are ready to continue, draw a beam of white light from this sphere to the area between your feet on your next inhalation. Maintain your pattern of breathing and become aware of a glowing sphere of black energy that is half submerged into the ground. On your next exhalation, vibrate ADONAI HA-ARETZ (ah-doe-nye ha-ah-retz). Repeat this vibration two or more times and imagine the sphere is becoming more intense.

Feel the energy pulsing there.

7. Continue your rhythmic breathing and contemplate the Pillar standing within you. Make sure you can visualize the five glowing spheres in their respective colors and the white shaft of light connecting them.

8. Now comes the part of the ritual where you can tap the energy of these spheres. On your next inhalation, imagine the energy of the sphere at your feet rises up through your body to the white sphere above you.

Then, on your next exhalation, feel this energy explode from this white sphere and fall around your body to the dark sphere below.


Repeat seven or eight times.


When performing this part of the ritual, you should feel a great amount of energy moving through you.


If you wanted to channel this energy into something, a magical tool for example, you could pull the energy up from the center at your feet to your chest area with an inhalation and channel it down through your arms and into the object with your next exhalation.

9. After you have moved the energy through you or used it for some purpose, continue your rhythmic breathing and imagine that the Middle Pillar within you is fading away to a softer glow with each exhalation. You should still feel energized, but a little more relaxed as you are letting excess energy dissipate. The ritual is then completed.



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