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By Konstantinos


1. Stand in the center of your room, facing east. Imagine that you are a towering figure and that the Earth is a tiny sphere below you. Feel yourself to be the very center of the universe. Then look up into space and imagine a sphere of white brilliance. See this light descend to the top of your head.

2. Reach up with your right hand (or dagger) and pull this white light down to your forehead. When you do this, vibrate the word
ATAH (ah-tah).

3. Move your hand down your body, feeling the light being drawn down through you in a beam. Touch your breast and move your hand over the groin area, pointing down. Vibrate
MALKUTH (mahl-kooth) and imagine there is now a shaft of light running through you, connecting the light source above your forehead to the Earth.

4. Touch your right shoulder and imagine that a beam from the shaft of light at the center of your body meets the tip of your finger (or dagger) and moves out from your right side into space. Vibrate
VE-GEBURAH (v' ge-boo-rah).

5. Touch your left shoulder and imagine that this horizontal beam of light extends to the left and passes out through your left shoulder into space. Vibrate VE-GEDULAH (v'ge-doo-Iah).

6. Bring both your hands up to your breast and clasp them together, as if praying. Vibrate
LE-OLAHM, AMEN (lay-oh-Iahm, ah-men). You are now standing in the center of a cross of light that reaches to the ends of the universe. (The Hebrew words of power in this part of the ritual, known as the Kabbalistic Cross, translate to: "For Thine is the kingdom and power and glory forever, unto the ages.")

7. Move to the east of your area and trace a large banishing pentagram in the air before you.
Visualize it glowing in flaming blue light. Bring your hands up to the sides of your head and point both pointer fingers forward (if using a dagger, make sure it is pointing in the same direction as your pointer fingers). Take a deep breath, and thrust both of your arms forward as you advance with your left foot (known as the Sign of the Enterer). At the same time, exhale to vibrate
YOD HEH VAV HEH (yode-heh-vahv-heh).


Feel the energy of this Divine name running through your fingers and into the pentagram. When this is done, move your left foot back to stand straight again, and put your left index finger to your lips, as if you were telling someone to be silent (known as the Sign of Silence), while you keep your right arm extended.

8. Still touching the center of your pentagram with your finger or dagger and keeping your arm extended, move to the south of your circle. Imagine that the tip of your finger or dagger is creating a white line in the air.


When your reach the south, you will have created 90 degrees of a circle of white light, which will connect the pentagram in the east to the one you are about to draw here. Trace the pentagram as before and once again thrust forward into it with Sign of the Enterer, this time vibrating ADONAI (ah-doe-nye). When finished, perform the Sign of Silence, remembering to keep your right arm out before you.

9. Carry the line of white light to the west, and repeat the steps of tracing and charging a pentagram there. This time, vibrate
EHEIEH (eh-hey-yay).

10. Carry the line of white light to the north, and trace and charge a pentagram there. This time, vibrate
AGLA (ah-gah-Iah).

11. Now carry the white line to the east, completing your circle. There should now be four flaming blue pentagrams blazing at the four quarters of your circle of white. Walk back to the center of your circle and turn clockwise to face east.

12. Once again visualize the giant Kabbalistic Cross within you. Extend your arms, forming this cross with your body. Look toward the east and say,
Before me, RAPHAEL (rah-fay-el). Remember to vibrate the name of this angel. Now visualize, with your eyes open, that this archangel of Air is standing before you. See him as a towering figure dressed in yellow and violet robes (the colors of Air). Try to feel the breeze of elemental Air in your face.

13. Imagine another presence behind you and say, Behind me, GABRIEL (gah-bree-el). Again, remember to vibrate the name of this angel. Now visualize, with eyes closed, that this archangel of Water is standing behind you. See him as a towering figure dressed in blue and orange robes (the colors of Water). Try to feel the moisture of elemental Water on your back.

14. Open your eyes and look over your right shoulder while saying, On my right, MICHAEL (mee-chai-el). After vibrating the name, visualize this archangel of Fire in robes of red and green (the colors of Fire). Try to feel the heat of elemental Fire.

15. Look over your left shoulder and say, On my left, AURIEL (ohr-ee-el).
After vibrating the name, visualize this archangel of Earth in robes of citrine, olive, russet, and black (the colors of Earth). Try to feel the sense of solidity given off by this quarter.

16. Look toward the east again, and contemplate the pentagrams around you, saying, For around me shines the pentagram... Then visualize a brilliant hexagram within your breast, and say, 'and within me, shinesthe Six-rayed Star."

17. To finish this rite, repeat the Kabbalistic Cross in steps 1-6.

This ritual should be memorized as soon as possible and should be practiced every day. Since Divine Names of God, which correspond with each elemental quarter, are used to charge the pentagrams and the archangels of each quarter are called to watch over your area, the circle created in this ritual forms an impenetrable barrier to unwanted magical forces. If this ritual is performed correctly, you can safely proceed with your magical work. However, another ritual exists that should be performed along with the Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram (LBRP) to ensure a complete banishment of unwanted influences. When you feel comfortable doing the LBRP, you can start performing the following ritual immediately after it each day.


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