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Mastering Evocation: Omnipotence

Learn How To Evoke Any Spirit To Full Physical Appearance.

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Five Rituals

 Discover how to look 30 years younger in just 10 minutes a day!

Complete Works of E.A. Koetting

Enjoy all the critically-acclaimed grimoires by the master sorcerer, E.A. Koetting, in the world's most powerful books of the Left Hand Path.

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  • Painless Astrology

    Downloaded: 1 times | Size: 211 pages | Add to wishlist | Download for @100 credits

    a Beginners Guide to Interpreting Astrological Charts, Signs, Planets etc... Designed to be an in-depth resource and lesson presented in simple laymans terms


  • 254
  • Daoist Magical Talismans

    Downloaded: 1 times | Size: 409 pages | Add to wishlist | Download for @1000 credits

    This amazing book contains a comprehensive Introduction to Magic Talismans, Applications of Magic Talismans, Types of Magical Talismans (i.e., Talismans for Making Spirits Appear, Talismans for Obtaining a Spirit Servant, Talismans for Shape Shifting, Talismans To Make a Dead Person Walk, Talismans for Invisibility, Talismans To Heal Sickness, Talismans for Protection, Talismans for Destroying Friendships, and Talismans for Creating Sickness), The Origin of Magical Talismans, The Secret Teachings of Magic Talismans, Constructing a Magic Talisman, The Translations of Several Ancient Zheng Yi Daoist Talisman Books, Talismans used to Summon Spirits of the Dead, Talisman Used For Commanding Demons, Talismans used to Break into Hell and Free the Souls of the Dead, The Incantation for Summoning the Magical Powers of the Right, The Magic Skill of Celestial Master Zhang for Expelling Evil and Curing Diseases, The Heavenly King's Magic Talismans for Alleviating Disasters, Magic Seals for Energetically Activating Spirit Money, Talisman for Making Peace, Talisman and Incantation for Killing Pain and Stopping Bleeding, Talisman Seals Used For Binding and Containing Ghosts and Evil Spirits, Mao Shan Talismans Used To Induce Infatuation In Order to Keep a Mate, Mao Shan Protection Talismans Used For Fighting Against Black Magic and Psychic Attacks, and much more!

  • 255
  • Ken Cohen - The Practice of Qigong: Meditation and Healing

    Downloaded: 1 times | Size: 14.8MB zipped MP3s, duration: 4 hours 54 minutes | Add to wishlist | Download for @300 credits

    The Practice of Qigong Ken Cohen Learn every phase of this powerful system for tapping into qi ? the vital life force of your body and the universe. Five complete sessions reveal qigong?s secrets of breathing, posture, healing imagery, visualization, and much more. "It is rare to find the caliber of teacher such as Ken Cohen


  • 256
  • Pranic Healing by Choa Kok Sui

    Downloaded: 1 times | Size: 281 pages | Add to wishlist | Download for @50 credits

    This is a complete book using universal prana to heal yourself and others. Pranic Healing presents a unique holistic approach used to treat a variety of ailments, from fever to heart conditions to cancer. By tapping into pranic or "ki" (chi) energy - the universal force which is our life force - the author teaches how to heal. Written in an easy-to-follow format, the author presents techniques for beginning, intermediate and advanced healing. He works with eleven - not seven - major chakras, as well as minor chakras located in the feet, hands, throat and jaw, and teaches us how to use their energy correctly. In the advanced stages, he presents healing with color prana and explains the specific properties of each color and how it is used in healing process. Pranic Healing is a significant contribution to the field of alternative and holistic healing. A must for those interested in healing themselves and others

  • 257
  • [ recommended ] Mantak Chia - Awaken Healing Light of the Tao

    Downloaded: 1 times | Size: 527 pages | Add to wishlist | Download for @100 credits

    Included in this book are new spinal chi kung warmups to quickly energize any meditation. The reader will also learn how to combine sexual passion with a loving heart inside the body to relieve sexual-emotional frustration and speed up spiritual growth. The focus in this book is primarily on inner yin and yang breath work (nei kung), rather than outer breath work such as chi kung, it is necessary to have first read 'Awaken Healing Energy through the Tao' to get full use of it though

  • 258
  • Mantak Chia - Iron Shirt Chi Kung I

    Downloaded: 1 times | Size: 299 pages | Add to wishlist | Download for @100 credits

    In Iron Shirt Chi Kung Master Mantak Chia introduces this ancient practice that strengthens the internal organs, establishes roots to the earth's energy, and unifies physical, mental, and spiritual health. Through a unique system of breathing exercises, he demonstrates how to permanently pack concentrated air into the connective tissues (the fasciae) surrounding vital organs, making them nearly impervious to injuries--a great benefit to athletes and other performers. He shows readers how once they root themselves in the earth they can direct its gravitational and healing power throughout their bone structure. Additionally, Master Chia presents postural forms, muscle-tendon meridians, and guidelines for developing a daily practice routine. After becoming rooted and responsive, practitioners of Iron Shirt Chi Kung can then focus on higher spiritual work

  • 259
  • Mantak Chia - Bone Marrow Nei Kung

    Downloaded: 1 times | Size: 263 pages | Add to wishlist | Download for @100 credits

    Mantak Chia reveals the ancient mental and physical Taoist techniques used to "re-grow" bone marrow, strengthen the bones, and rejuvenate the organs and glands. An advanced practice of Iron Shirt Chi Kung, Bone Marrow Nei Kung was developed as a way to attain the "steel body" coveted in the fields of Chinese medicine and martial arts. This method of absorbing energy into the bones revives the bone marrow and reverses the effects of aging through the techniques of bone breathing, bone compression, and sexual energy massage, which stimulates the hormonal production that helps prevent osteoporosis. Also included is extensive information on chi weight lifting and the practice of "hitting" to detoxify the body

  • 260
  • Mantak Chia - Cosmic Fusion

    Downloaded: 1 times | Size: 255 pages | Add to wishlist | Download for @100 credits

    Cosmic Fusion is an advanced level of Inner Alchemy that teaches how to bring the physical body into balance with the energy body--a necessary prerequisite for the formation of the universal body. Cosmic Fusion exercises establish the spiritual body firmly in the lower abdomen, where chi energy is gathered and distributed to all parts of the body--and into all creation. The fully illustrated exercises in this book also show how to collect and channel the greater energies of the stars and planets. By "fusing" all these different energies together, a harmonious whole is created, a unity of what is above and below. As heavenly and earthly forces are brought into balance, the life perfectly suited to the practitioner manifests, allowing the spirit body to prepare to move into worlds beyond--and back

  • 261
  • Mantak Chia - Cosmic Healing I

    Downloaded: 1 times | Size: 250 pages | Add to wishlist | Download for @100 credits

    Taoist Cosmic Healing teaches the reader how to use the major acupuncture points in the hands to activate, open, and balance the chi meridians throughout the body. This practice allows the student to detoxify and rejuvenate the major organ systems and, when combined with specific body positions and the chi kung stance, to heal others. Through Mantak Chia's profound understanding of the ancient esoteric science of guiding chi energy, students can learn how to harness the astral energies of specific stars. Master Chia also explains the important role that compassion and positive energy play in enhancing one's ability to heal. He presents for the first time in the West the details of chi kung color therapy and how it can activate and strengthen the immune system

  • 262
  • Mantak Chia - Cosmic Healing II

    Downloaded: 1 times | Size: 276 pages | Add to wishlist | Download for @300 credits

    Cosmic Healing II deepens the knowledge & experience of Cosmic Healing I. In Cosmic Healing II the emphasis is on connecting the body with the five elemental forces of nature, the moon and sun, the planets, the stars, galaxies and other celestial phenomena. The authors reveal step-by-step practices both physical and meditative for healing oneself and others. Cosmic Healing II incorporates ancient Taoist knowledge and practices based on Taoist astronomy observations and cosmological research

  • 263
  • Malcolm Mills - The Ultimate Potion Book

    Downloaded: 1 times | Size: 230 pages | Add to wishlist | Download for @100 credits

    In the book there are formulas for oils, powders, incense, floorwashes, bath, talisman & seals, dolls, charm bags. A section dedicated to spells with candles, a use of herbs, ritual uncrossing, and finally protection.


  • 264
  • Magical Calls, Chants, and Incantations Tutor

    Downloaded: 1 times | Size: 14,3MB zipped 8tracks .MP3s | Add to wishlist | Download for @500 credits

    covers thepronunciation of Words of Power, Using the voice to Project Power;Making Atavistic Calls; Using basic sound instruments for magicaleffects; The use of background music in ritual, The magicalphilosophy of sonics etc. Normally the inability to voice spellsand invocations properly is the greatest barrier to the occultstudent and this tape is calculated to give the serious beginnerthe most total introduction to ritual ever comprised.


  • 265
  • Vocal Power - Speak With Authority, Clarity and ConvictionGuidebook by Roger Love (Tony Robbins personal Voice Trainer)

    Downloaded: 1 times | Size: 85 pages | Add to wishlist | Download for @100 credits

    this guidebook has been created to aid you in becoming the bestpossible communicator that you can be. One of the primary tools ofeffective communication is your voice. Along with techniques onhow to physically and emotionally gain confidence, clarity, anddynamic presence, Roger will also instruct you on how to greatlyenhance the quality of your voice. He will assist you in aligningyour voice, movement, and energy so that you can articulate yourinnermost beliefs and intentions with ease and extraordinaryeffectiveness

  • 266
  • Shakti Gawain - Creative Visualizations Meditations

    Downloaded: 1 times | Size: 70MB zipped MP3s, duration: 59.58 minutes | Add to wishlist | Download for @200 credits

    A primer on creative visualization, this program provides practical techniques for using mental imagery and affirmation as a way to produce positive change in one's life. A pioneer in the world consciousness movement, Gawain has a soothing, pleasant voice that patiently leads the listener through each visualization exercise. Mellow synthesizer music bridges the gap between exercises


  • 267
  • Shakti Gawain - Contacting Your Inner Guide

    Downloaded: 1 times | Size: 40.5MB zipped MP3s, duration: 43.55 minutes | Add to wishlist | Download for @200 credits

    Learn to create an "inner sanctuary" inside yourself and give your inner guide an opportunity to express itself. In this meditation, best selling author Shakti Gawain leads you into a nurturing place and helps you discover an incredible source of power, peacefulness, and wisdom. Whether your inner guide emerges as a person, a voice, or simply a feeling, this guided meditation is designed to teach you how to access - and trust - your own intuition. Based in part on one of the most powerful exercises in Gawain's popular book Creative Visualization, Contacting Your Inner Guide will introduce both old and new friends to the joy and satisfaction of guided meditation

  • 268
  • Liber CCCCXVIII (The Vision and the Voice)

    Downloaded: 1 times | Size: 121 pages | Add to wishlist | Download for @5 credits

    A statement of uncertain ethical considerations concering magick.} {"The Vision and the Voice" aka "Aerum vel Saeculi": the classical account of the thirty aethyrs and a model of all visions, the doctrine of the function of the Great White Brotherhood which is the foundation of the aspiration of the Adept. An account of a Master of the Temple


  • 269
  • TheDeeper Wound

    Downloaded: 1 times | Size: 38MB zipped MP3s, duration:2 hours 54.55 minutes | Add to wishlist | Download for @50 credits

    Healing yourself comes in two stages?firstreleasing the energy of suffering, then replacing it with thesoul?s energy. It is a gentle and fragile path, very much likeholding on to a thread as it leads you from step to step. If youtake the time to listen to the voice of silence, you will beastonished at the power you have at your command, however longthat power has been overlooked.


  • 270
  • Jonathan Altfeld - Tonality

    Downloaded: 1 times | Size: 36.2MB zipped MP3s | Add to wishlist | Download for @50 credits

    How do vowels and consonants help us achieve, maintain and increase rapport? What can we do with vowels and consonants, differently, to dramatically enhance the qualities of our voice that make us more magnetic with other people? How Anyone Can Create a Charismatic, Magnetic Voice! Trainer of Voice Skills & Audio Program Author Reveals All His Secrets for an Irresistible Voice! Now You Can Easily Develop a Speaking Voice so Attractive, People Will Start Lining Up to Listen

  • 271
  • Arch Lustberg - How To Sell Yourself: Winning Techniques forSelling Yourself.. Your Ideas... Your Message

    Downloaded: 1 times | Size: 205 pages | Add to wishlist | Download for @50 credits

    Howmany people do you know who have a knack for connecting withothers? Very few of us are born with it. The rest of us need tolearn it. This book explains in clear, simple, easy-to-understand,common sense terms the skills you need to develop to get yourmessage across in any speaking situation. The secret of winningcommunication is "likeability". Some people call it warmth. Somecall it charm or charisma. Whatever name you give it, likeabilitycan be learned. If you know how to use it to communicateeffectively, it will improve your chances for success in everyaspect of your life. Arch Lustberg, an acclaimed speaker, teacherand coach has filled this book with practical skills. Hedemonstrates how you can sell yourself, your ideas and yourorganization. This book is about how to use your mind, your face,your body, and your voice to win, because in the end likeabilitywins.

  • 272
  • Liber XVI (Liber Turris vel Domus Dei)

    Downloaded: 1 times | Size: 6 pages | Add to wishlist | Download for @50 credits

    An instruction for attainment by the direct destruction of thoughts as they arise in the mind


  • 273
  • Sacred Cord Meditation by Ashcroft-Nowicki

    Downloaded: 1 times | Size: 159 pages | Add to wishlist | Download for @50 credits

    The Sacred Cord or rosary has been used in almost every spiritual tradition as a basis for prayer or contemplation. In this book Dolores Ashcroft-Nowicki tells how she first came to hear of the ancient Atlantean Sacred Cord (passed on to her by her teacher, the late W E Butler) and gives full instructions on how to make one, explaining the magical significance of each bead. She goes on to outline a meditational journey using the Cord, guiding the reader through the course of a year from the first bead, the birth of the untutored Primal Spark, to the last bead, the realization of divinity. Each set of beads brings greater insights into the self and awareness of the interrelationship between all living things n the Earth. An important learning device for esoteric work and self-transformation, the Sacred Cord is a valuable aid to self-development, while the Sacred Cord meditation cycle presents a spiritual journey which is both uplifting and rewarding

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