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Ceremonial Magick

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Ceremonial Magick

  • The Book of Ceremonial Magic

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    The Secret Tradition inGoetia, including the rites and mysteries of Goetic therugy, sorcery and infernal necromancy. Antiquity ofMagical Rituals; Rituals of Transcendental Magic; CompositeRituals; Key of Solomon; Lesser Key of Solomon; Rituals of BlackMagic; Complete Grimoire; Preparation of the Operator; InitialRites and Ceremonies; Descending Hierarchy; Mysteries of GoeticTheurgy; Mystery of the Sanctum Regnum; Method of Honorius.Firstpublished in 1911, Arthur Edward Waite's The Book of CeremonialMagic is well-known for being a rather enigmatic text. The first hald of the book offers an analytical and critical account of manymagical rituals. The second can be considered an illustratedgrimoire. Contemporary occultists may find Waite's language andstyle at times archaic, but perception and persistence will showthat this tome is a most useful reference.

  • Denning and Philips - Vol.4 - Planetary Magick: The Heart of Western Magick

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    A giant leap forward in harmonizing ritual, astrology and spirituality! Here is a magically potent piece of ancient knowledge and wisdom which had been obscured in the splitting of astrology and magick. Through the use of this complete ceremonial system, level after level of the psyche will be opened up harmoniously and safely; and your creative potential will be enhanced.

  • Truth About Magic Alphabets

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    This is a short essay by well known Magick / Esoteric Author Donald Tyson explaining the differences between and modern applications of the Magickal Alphabets such as Theban, Passing The River and others. The alphabets themselves are given along with information on each's derivation.

  • The Power of the Word: The Secret Code of Creation

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    The true structure of the most sacred name of God is the great arcanum of occultism-never before explicitly revealed but only hinted at in obscure religious and alchemical emblems. It is now laid bare in The Power of the Word.

    Renowned occultist Donald Tyson clearly shows how IHVH, the four Hebrew letters in the lost name of God, hold the key that unlocks the meaning behind astrological symbolism, the Tarot, the kabbalah, the mysteries of the Old Testament and the Book of Revelation, divinatory systems such as the I Ching and medieval geomancy, the Enochian magic of John Dee, and modern ritual magic. The holiest name of God is nothing less than the archetypal blueprint of creation, the basis for such fundamental forms as the DNA double helix and the binary language of modern computers.

    This groundbreaking work is the most complete magical reference guide to the secret code of creation ever presented

  • The Magical Workbook: Practicing the Rituals of the Western Tradition

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    This text contains 40 magical exercises to be done immediately, along with a progressive 40-week schedule of daily study that integrates inner mental conditioning with external words and movements. It is a primer for the further study of the Golden Dawn and other forms of Western magic

  • Summoning Spirits: The Art of Magical Evocation by Konstantinos

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    Learn to safely evoke powerful spirits to aid you with any task.Create sigils charged with the energy of spirits to magnify the effects of your evocations. Make an etheric egregore, a manufactured spirit that will perform the task of your choice. Perform easy exercises to train your magical abilities and to develop clairvoyance and clairaudience. Construct, prepare, and use special magical tools to aid your evocations. Summoning Spirits is a complete manual for evoking entities to effect positive changes in your life. Learn how the spirits that dwell on the other planes can be evoked to the astral and physical planes to help you obtain mystical abilities, locate hidden "treasure," and even command a spirit "army" to protect your home while you're away.

  • [ recommended ] Transcendental Magic

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    This is Eliphas Levi's (1810-1875) best-knownbook. This work arguably made Levi THE most influential writer onmagic since the Renaissance. Originally issued in French, theEnglish translator is A.E. Waite and it is doubtful that anyoneelse could have better captured the essence of Levi's work. Thebook is divided in two parts; the first is theoretical, the secondpractical. This is a fascinating and often debated work. Part I & II. Eliphas Levi's tour de force on thetheory and practice of magic. Part 1 covers theory, and attemptsto reconcile the traditional interpretations of magic and religionwith the emphasis on Reason and Knowledge of Levi's own day. Thereconciliation doesn't succeed, but Levi's understanding of thetraditional viewpoint is strong enough to make this work valuable.Part II covers the practical aspects of magic.

  • Part 1: Magic by Franz Bardon

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    Sacred Magick Edition

  • The Book of Abramelin: A New Translation

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    by Abraham Von Worms, Lon MiloDuquette, Georg Dehn, and Steven Guth. The Book of Abramelin isthe first modern translation of this magical work since Mathers?original translation over 100 years ago. Not only is the languageupdated, but Georg Dehn, the compiler and editor, has sourced hiswork from all extant manuscripts, while Mathers used just one. Theresult is a stunning new translation that has already set theoccult world abuzz. It includes voluminous important material leftout of Mathers? work, including an entire Part 2 filled withmagical recipes, important distinctions in the Knowledge andConversation of the Holy Guardian Angel ritual, and complete wordgrids that were only partially completed by Mathers. This is anessential work for any serious practicing magician or student ofoccult history.

  • Adiramled - Divine Symbols: A Course of Lessons in Practical Redemptions

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    A course of lessons inpractical redemption for the use of occult students being a newunfoldment of sexual solar science. Ten lessons on the divinesymbols, with a questionnaire on each lesson to test yourknowledge of the subject matter

  • The Tree Of Life: An Illustrated Study In Magic by Israel Regardie

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    The Tree of Life presents a massive amount of material thatbrings together ancient wisdom and modern magical experience.Israel Regardie wrote The Tree of Life, a book many considerhis magnum opus, in 1932. It has continued to sell fordecades. And no wonder. Up until the time this book waspublished, very little information about true high magic wasavailable to the public. In this book, Regardie reveals thesecrets of real magic. He begins with an explanation of whatmagic is and, just as importantly, what magic is not. Heexplains that it is a spiritual study and practice which,along with forms of yoga, forms the two branches of the treethat is mysticism. Magic is not being a medium or a psychic.Then he explains the tools of the magician, what they mean,and how to use them. He explains the techniques of evocationand invocation, skrying, and astral travel. He shows how theQabalah unites everything. He even gives a description of thesecrets of sexual magick. All of this is in a clear, lucidwriting style. This book is simply a must for anyone who is,or aspires to be, a real magician.

  • The Middle Pillar: The Balance between Mind and Magic by Israel Regardie

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    The Middle Pillar is one of Regardie's best works. It lucidlyexplains the correlation between the Tree of Life and thehuman body, and how certain energy centers are activated formagick.

  • William Gray - Qabalistic Concepts: Living the Tree

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    In this book, the author writesfrom within me magic tradition. He places emphasis on how theQabalah actively influences the Western Mystery Tradition."Grayhas the ability to bring a very abstract subject, the Qabalah,down to the level where it can be comprehended by nearly understandable terms without destroying its essence"

  • William Gray - An Outlook On Our Inner Western Way

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    William Gray is one of the mostprolific--and controversial--occultists writing today. Blendingkeen insight, modern psychological models and an overall sense ofpracticality, his books have torn away at the moldy veils ofso-called occult secrets, laying out a no-nonsense foundation bywhich modern Western humanity may once again regain its preciousmagical soul. In this book, Mr. Gray shows, simply and lucidly,how to live the Western Inner Tradition. Tracing the cosmology ofWestern magic, he substantiates its vitality and urgency for ourfuture. Not since Magick in Theory and Practice and the works ofDion Fortune has there been such a mammoth attempt at presentingmagic as the relevant, living tradition it is

  • William Gray - The Rollright Ritual

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    In the early 1970s the redoubtable old occultist William G. Gray bicycled from his Gloucestershire home to the Rollright stone circle in Oxfordshire on a clear and full-mooned summer night. The visionary experiences he encountered on that night and in other similar visits resulted in the writing of this book, originally published by Helios Books in 1975 and now a classic among pagan and craft traditions. The text of the ritual is given in full, along with a discussion of its pattern and purpose. The Rollright Ritual is a powerful initiatory rite for attuning oneself to a personal and communal path of spiritual growth, presented here with an explanatory text and a discussion of the spiritual lives and practices of the stone circle builders of Great Britain. Somehow, we ought to get away from ideas that a Standing Stone is only an outworn sign of our past, and see it as an upraised Finger of Fate beckoning us ahead toward our future. The Stone is not merely a memorial of bygone beliefs, but a pointer that should raise our highest hopes of finding faith in all the Life that lies ahead of us.

  • William Gray - Temple Magic: Building the Personal Temple: Gatewayto Inner Worlds

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    As with all of William Gray'sbook if you are looking to win someone's affections or turnyourself into a demon you have come to the wrong place. Rather theserious student or the seriously interested, but uninitiated coulddo no better. This book builds upon previous works inintelligently and accessibly presenting "occult" theory andpractice (though one does have to read a bit between the lines,this is no more difficult then any other philosophical orreligious treatise)-(the practice part is not usually Step 1, etc,it is: further study, or meditating on this, etc.). A good bookfor the middle way

  • William Gray - Language Of The Gods

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  • William Gray - Between Good & Evil: Polarities of Power

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    Learn how you can deal constructively with the forces of darkness through a step-by-step technique to convert negative energies into positive spiritual light. This book contains an updated, practical version of the medieval ritual of Abra-Melin.

  • William Gray - Tree of Life and Sex

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  • William Gray - Occult Secrecy

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  • William Gray - Condensation of Kabbalah

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