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  • The Psychology of Man's Possible Evolution by Ouspensky

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    A greatlittle book, written very simply. It studies man in view of whathe may become. Describing how a man must work simultaneously onhis knowledge and his being to find inner unity

  • The Fourth Way

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    The Fourth Way is the mostcomprehensive statement thus far published of the ideas taught bythe late P.D. Ouspensky. Consisting of verbatim records of hisoral teaching from 1921 to 1946, it gives a lucid explanation ofthe practical side of G. I. Gurdjieff's teachings, which Gurdjieffpresented in the form of raw materials, Ouspensky's specific taskhaving been to put them together as a systematic whole. Just asTertium Organum deals with a new mode of thinking, so The FourthWay is concerned with a new way of living. It shows a way of innerdevelopment to be followed under the ordinary conditions of life-- as distinct from the three traditional ways that call forretirement from the world: those of the fakir, the monk, and theyogi. The Fourth Way is a guide for those who seek a true way ofinner growth under conditions open to the men and women of today

  • Tertium Organum

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    The Mystery of Time and Space;Shadows and Reality; Occultism and Love; Animated Nature; Voicesof the Stones; Mathematics of the Infinite; The Logic of Ecstasy;Mystical Theosophy; Cosmic Consciousness; The New Morality; Birthof the Superman. Time is really motion in extra dimensional space.Our brains confuse this dimension with time. It can be split offfrom time with an adjustment, or evolution, of consciousness. Thisrepresents the next huge leap in understanding the nature of theuniverse and reality. Just as Newton's undefined quantity of"gravity" was shown to actually be curved space, so does Ouspenskyshow Einstein's undefined quantity of "time" to be motion throughhigher physical dimensions. A very technical book, a firm grasp ofmathematics and logic are required to fully explore it.

  • In Search of the Miraculous

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    Since its originalpublication in 1949, In Search of the Miraculous has been hailedas the most valuable and reliable documentation of G. I.Gurdjieff's thoughts and universal view. This historic andinfluential work is considered by many to be a primer of mysticalthought as expressed through the Work, a combination of Easternphilosophies that had for centuries been passed on orally fromteacher to student. Gurdjieff's goal, to introduce the Work to theWest, attracted many students, among them Ouspensky, anestablished mathematician, journalist, and, with the publicationof In Search of the Miraculous, an eloquent and persuasiveproselyte. Ouspensky describes Gurdjieff's teachings infascinating and accessible detail, providing what has proven to bea stellar introduction to the universal view of both student andteache

  • A New Model of the Universe

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    Ouspensky analysescertain older schools of thought, of both East and West, connectsthem with modern ideas and explains them in the light of20th-century discoveries and speculations in physics andphilosophy. Fascinating discussions of relativity, the fourthdimension, Christian symbolism, the tarot, yoga, dreams and more.Stimulating and thought-provoking

  • Talks With a Devil

    Downloaded: 4 times | Size: 129 pages | Add to wishlist | Download for @50 credits

    Novel - The two stories in thisbook, "The Inventor" and "The Benevolent Devil," were written justbefore Ouspensky met Gurdjieff and just after he had returned fromthe East, "in search of the miraculous." They examine the wholequestion of conscious evil and the view that humanity's chieferror is believing that the material world is the only reality

  • Strange Life of Ivan Osokin

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    Novel - A brilliantfantasy written to illustrate the theme that we do not live lifebut that life lives us. 'Groundhog day' type story

  • A record of some of the meetings held between 1930 and 1947

    Downloaded: 6 times | Size: 643 pages | Add to wishlist | Download for @50 credits

    The combination of Ouspensky's ownideas - gained from study, extensive travel and experientialresearch - and the teachings of Gurdjieff led him to formulate hisunique system for the appreciation and development ofconsciousness. Throughout the 1930s and 1940s, he gave lecturesand held meetings to discuss a vast range of subjects with hiscircle. Like The Fourth Way and A Further Record, this bookcontains transcripts of numerous meetings at which Ouspenskyanswered questions on a great many issues ranging from evolution,the will, the self and religion to culture, thought andintelligence.

  • A Further Record Extracts from Meetings 1928-1945

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    Previously published only in a limited edition of twenty copies,this book encompasses the breadth of Ouspensky's teaching on animpressively wide range of topics. During the period 1928 to 1945Ouspensky held many meetings at which he gave detailed answers tohis students' questions, whether those questions were naive orprofound. By constant defining and refining for his audience'sbenefit, he imparted a wealth of knowledge. The material in thisbook consists of verbatim extracts from those meetings.Ouspensky's grasp of the nature of man are grouped into subjectsfor ease of reference, and include sections on self-remembering(including the nature and purpose of suffering), will, negativeemotions, energy centres in man, cosmology, and the Lord's prayer


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