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Kenneth Grant

  • Against the Light

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    Against the Light: A NightsideNarrative was published in 1996 and compounds the fact-fictionproblem, as it is written in the first-person, describing the lifeof a 'Kenneth Grant' who mentions knowing Crowley and a host ofother things which actually happened in real life, and a lot ofthings which may not have- however the story is so surreal,psychedelic, deliberately disjointed and of bizarrely mixedtimelines, multiple selves and hyperspatial jumps of location thatperhaps the only way it can be presented is as a novel. Indeed,the astral realms are so odd as to lend themselves ideally to suchfantastic writings; anything can happen (and does), and the endingis a blinder. It would also make a cracking piece of experimentalfilm, too. It's a clich?, but pertinent here: try to imagine themultiple perspectives given by a writer like James Joyce on thesame event, and then imagine how he would have written if spikedwith acid and introduced to ritual magic.

  • Outside The Circles of Time by Kenneth Grant

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    The book is most famous, perhaps, for showcasing the work of SororAndahadna, a contemporary Priestess of Maat whose work hadparallels with that of Frater Achad many decades previously. SomeThelemites have problems with the Aeon of Maat. As far as they areconcerned, each Aeon lasts 2,000 years; we are at the beginningsof the Aeon of Horus, so Maat is a way off yet. They may havelittle hesitation therefore in echoing Crowley?s famous retort tothe young Grant when pressed: ?Maat can wait! ?Outside the Circlesof Time puts the matter in a much more interesting light: Mythsand legends are of the past, but Maat should not be thought of interms of past or future aeons. Maat is present now for those who,knowing the ?sacred alignments? and the ?Gateway of Inbetweenness?,experience the Word ever coming, ever meaning, from the Mouth, inthe ever new and ever present forms that are continually beinggenerated from the mystical Atu or House of Maat, the Ma-atu ...But the book is about much more than the Aeon of Maat. It is apotent weaving of a host of apparently diverse strands into asingle, broad and powerful current. Though Grant?s volumes in theseries have each a unique flavor, Outside the Circles of Timeseemed to herald a jump into a different dimension. 

  • Hidden Lore: The Carfax Monographs

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    The main purpose of the Monographs is to reconstruct and elucidatethe hidden lore of the West according to canons preserved invarious esoteric orders and movements of recent times. This hasbeen achieved by a careful presentation of symbolic designs manyof which have not hiterto been published with proper regards tocolour, proportion, attribution and accuracy of technical detail.

  • Nightside of Eden

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    Famed occultist Kenneth Grant continues his explorations of the left hand path in the compelling study that begins with the evolution of the Sephiroth of the Quabalistic Tree of Life. He delves into the almost unknown nightside of the tree, finding evidence of extraterrestrial dimensions that, even now, stir our group unconscious in potentially dangerous ways. We must understand these powers, says Grant, for if they are not controlled, the violent disruptions which are already overtaking civilization will become pandemic

  • The Magical Revival by Kenneth Grant

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