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The Magician's Dictionary


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The staff of the Egyptian Gods, cut from a living branch to indicate the miracle of manifestation. It  was gilded and the top carved into an ass's head with long, deaf ears, to indicate the evil and ignorance that quickly accompany the coming into existence. (See ANKH.) Uas is fire; Nebet is water; Ankh is air and Djed is earth.


Nicholas Roerich (Altai Himalaya) reported seeing a shining oval speeding across the sky over his expedition camp in Mongolia -- 9:30 a.m., August 5, 1920. Metallic disks were observed in the mountains of Tibet in 1924. During WWII "Foo Fighters" were reported as surrounding aircraft on both sides and described as "small, remote-controlled eyes." But most "modern" reports of "flying saucers," as such, began on June 24, 1947, when Kenneth Arnold observed nine "unidentified aerial objects" flying in V-formation over Mt. Rainier. They were followed by many sightings elsewhere over the month of July. Corpses from a crash in New Mexico, comprise the "Roswell Incident." At that time Uranus (planet of "the skies") occupied 22� of Gemini, an air sign. In 2001, Uranus will again occupy 22� of an air sign, Aquarius (which is the natural rulership of the planet). ET biological entities are said to have been guests of the U.S. Government in an "exchange program" since 1948.

The mythological aspect (apart from their possible "reality"), according to Jung,represents the collective 20th Century's social restlessness. But ufos also have undisputed existence in other respects. Bob Swigart's theory of cetacean projection is worth considering. And, according to Steiger, ufos are interdimensional gateways rather than space ships. According to Vall�e, they and their etherian passengers have always been a part of our pedagogical history, but masked as mythic, religious or legendary events. And Jack Parsons, the Pasadena wizard, felt that they were an "engine" cited in The Book of the Law for converting the world to Crowley's teachings.

Other theories (some of which have been discussed at greater length in Brad Steiger's Alien Meetings) are quite fascinating in themselves. They may be a "planetary poltergeist phenomenon" (similar to John Keel's "Superspectrum") based on some as yet unknown law activated by the unconscious mind capable of reflecting or imitating human intelligence. Then there is Michael Talbot's "Protean Psychoid" theory -- they change in conformity to what is fashionable to believe and to the psychological state of the observer. Finally, there is Vall�e's now famous idea that the ufonauts are teachers and the ufos are pedagogical devices to train the human mind.

Ufos tend to be seen between the 21st and the 24th of the month, and the most favorite month is July. Many believe them to derive from Zeta Reticuli.


Sumerian God of Death.


Water elementals, aquatic nature spirits, "water babes," nymphs or nereids, resembling human beings, but of a different "wavelength." It is said that an undine can acquire a soul by being impregnated by a human male. To attune yourself to the undines, says Crowley, "Be flexible and attentive to images, but avoid idleness and changeability." From Latin unda, "water wave," Sanskrit uda'n, "water." The other root is represented by Latin aqua, Gothic aha, Persian ab and was possibly connected to Greek nephos, nymphe.


One of the greater secrets of occult wisdom and useful in overcoming all adversities. The initiate must realize that everything exists on a line leading to its opposite. Balance is nothing more than acting with an awareness of this opposition. Therefore, we should see the unpleasantnesses of life not as obstacles to avoid, but as welcome challenges to be transformed. Thus sickness becomes health, poverty becomes wealth, ugliness becomes beauty, the ordinary becomes the extraordinary, etc. It is only by entering with full consent into the depths of the negative, that we can transform our consciousness or thinking and thereby transmute the thing itself. It is only when we stiffen and resist that we lend strength to the enemy. By flowing into and with the challenge, which is the way of water, we are led back out of hell to deliverance.

When the positive is joined to the negative, both are neutralized and proceed in fusion to become a completely new and resplendent entity, a zygote of the spirit.


From Hebrew, Aour Chasdim, "The Light of the Magicians." (Ur was also the name of the ancient Sumerian city, located in Chaldea). The word "Chaldean" is still synonymous with "magician" or "astrologer."


The planetary ruler of Aquarius and the Aquarian Age. Uranus is the God of sudden change and idiosyncrasy who dwells at the heart of routine and conformity. The years 1912-1919 and 1995-2002 mark the boundaries of Uranus and Aquarius for our time.


The 16th kala of the dark tarot. Its meaning is unclear. Perhaps the undermining of the feminine correspondence to the Pope.


The Venus of the Bedouins. One of the important three Gods deposed by Mohammad.

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