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The 17th kala of the dark tarot does not indicate choice, but rather the total abandonment and capitulation into coitus, the sword of zayin penetrating the yoni of Qulielfi. It is the triumph of the libido over wisdom.


Reality level of total potentiality, zero particularizability. (See REALITY.)


The star system whence most American ufo's are said to derive.


In the Osirian Mysteries this is the search for the mutilated God. Later, a "seeker" amongst the Pyrrhonists was a "zetetic." Zetetic now refers to discovering through the process of asking questions. Zetetronic refers to computer-generated questions.

It should be noted that The Flat Earth Society also refers to itself as "Our Society of Zetetics" which is opposed to science and irrational theories, favoring instead technology and invention.


These correspond to void and manifestation in infinite vertical directions. The upper reaches of the Void (Tohu) consist of a purity beyond existential perception and lowest levels of entropy (Bohu) recede into inaccessibly infinite levels of disorder.


Egyptian ruins near Memphis.


A Vodoun (Voodoo) creature. According to Wade Davis, "Zombie powder," a neurotoxin that lowers the metabolism enough to resemble death, is used by the Bizango "societies of the night" to bury the victim alive and then bring him back to half-life. The Zombie powder is a blend of human bones, spiders, lizards and toads. Zombiefication is a punic measure designed to teach the meaning of freedom and to make natives conform to society. Originally Zombi was the python god whose spirit can enter and empower a corpse.


The most ancient gods (the "Seven Stars" of astrology). These are also sometimes referred to as "The Star Gates." (See ARRA.)


Derives from ancient Persian fire-worship, also called Mazdaism. Zoroaster lived and died approximately 1000 B.C.E. Zoroaster taught the fire of purification in which is found the joy of the Supreme. The temple fires were kept burning in honor of the God of Light. The universe is engaged in a struggle between two Gods, Ahura-Mazda, God of light and goodness and Ahriman, God of darkness and evil. Zarathustra, unlike the Gnostics, taught that the world was basically good because created by Ahura Mazda, only later corrupted by Ahriman. Human beings must chose between the path of Truth (Asha) or follow the path of the Lie. And at death, we must pass over a sifting bridge whereby the souls of light are separated from the souls of darkness. Mithra is the Christ of Zoroastrianism. Z differs from Xtianity in that Mithra doesn't redeem us, no one redeems us. We are redeemed only by our own actions. (See APOCALYPSE.)


(See KIA.) The "entire" body (as opposed to the ego or "eye"), including its range of consciousness in the world. (Austin Osman Spare's Magic). It is symbolized by the hand, as the kia is the eye, thus joining sight and touch. Zos vel Thanatos was Spare's magical name.


According to Bertiaux, this is the name of the alternate universe. Voodoo Gnostics who investigate (via telepathy) its magical culture refer to is as "Zothyrian." Its "primordial element" is Time.


"Zero Population Growth" is an idea whose time has come. What has that to do with M/magic(k)? Nothing more than that any practitioner who ignores the state of the world and attempts to avoid controversy out of cowardice, is a charlatan and an ass. The population of the earth will have reached 10 billion within another decade. The beautiful forests and magnificent animals that our grandparents knew are gone forever. Human life grows cheaper with each mewling, puking infant that is born. Anti-abortionists and anti- homosexuals are doing the world a monstrous disservice by pushing their arrogant self-interest propaganda. Those who think that restricting birth is "inhuman" or draconian should be warned that ZPG and family Planning are conservative organizations by any standard. There are far more radical forces on the hell-horizon, growing rapidly in imminence every day: Radical Population Reduction ("Reaper," for short), to mention one on the edge of appearance.

To those who point out that had my mother felt as I do, I'd not have been born I'm bound to say that when I was born there were not yet quite two billion human souls on this planet and the dead still outnumbered the living. Moreover, my genetic material ends with me. I have always practiced that essentially ontological humility which is preached in Isaiah 54: "Sing, O barren, thou that didst not bear..." If I have not the pride to perpetuate my own flesh, why should I condone the arrogance of others?

As for those, finally, who believe that natural patenting should be the divine right of every moronic pimp and cheap tart, rather than an earned and rare privilege, and who argue that anyone who tries to "play God" and set hirself up as a population damper can only be a "Fascist," such fools should be reminded that it hardly matters whether a Fascist, a Saint, a Yuppie or Zippy the Pinhead takes the job at this late date. If everyone's genes are to be sacrificed to the common good and if the said "God-Player" is himself free of issue, it matters little who rules. In any case, any form of birth control, no matter how unjust or extreme, is preferable to that tyranny exercised so criminally now by those who, in their filth, stupidity, rut and obnoxious lust, blindly and selfishly birth endlessly forth their disgusting progeny in chaotic, cancerous growth, shoving and forcing the guilty in with the innocent in this already over-stuffed planetary ratbox of accelerating madness and asphyxiation.


Persian god of time and father of both Ahura Mazda and Angra Mainyu. Called "Aion" by the Neo-platonists, according to Drury.


José Argüelles' word that he says is what the Maya called "the memory circuit hotline." Earth lies within this galaxy's "experimental zone." The Maya really are galactic travellers who influenced early historical and evolutionary advances by, amongst other things, offering mankind the psychedelic mushroom, "Flesh of the Gods."

In 631 B.C.E. Pacal Votan, Galactic Agent 13 66 56, came to our world, where he remained for 52 years, as supervisor of human evolution. In 550 B.C.E. the Maya sent down another galactic scout (Buddha) who lived 52 years. Finally Kukulkan (Quetzacoatl) was sent. He also lived 52 years. He prophesied that the 13 heaven cycles would wind down in 1519 (the very year, it turned out afterwards, that murderous, enslaving Cortez arrived), whereupon nine 52-year hell cycles would ensue. In 1987, with the Harmonic Convergence, the final hell cycle was completed. In the aftermath of the hell cycles we see that "man is a cancer of the earth." His numbers must be reduced dramatically and permanently. The earth is a hologram of the sun and we are a hologram of the earth. Each of us must become a Mayan and a galactic recruit to this end. A mere twenty-five years are left for us to ready the earth for its transformation or it will be consigned to the rubbish heap of failed experiments.

At the center of the galaxy is Hunab Ku, broadcasting beams of different programs, like a radio station. Earth will phase out of this particular ray in 2012 C.E. Mayans call this the "acceleration synchronization beam." At the end, human activity is accelerated exponentially until it reaches a peak and synchronization occurs. Everyone then becomes aware of everyone else as one mind.

Says Hubatz Men, a young postmodern, contemporary Mayan who gives lectures through the southwest, "Zuvuya is the circuit by which everything returns to itself. Everything is the memory of itself."

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