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  • Liber 31 by Frater Achad (Thelema)

    Downloaded: 14 times | Size: 24 pages | Add to wishlist | Download for @50 credits

  • The Golden Topaz of Radiant Light (Thelema Ritual)

    Downloaded: 12 times | Size: 5 pages | Add to wishlist | Download for @50 credits

  • Aesch-Mexareph or Purifying Fire by V.H. Frater F

    Downloaded: 11 times | Size: 21 pages | Add to wishlist | Download for @50 credits

  • The Chalice of Ecstasy by Frater Achad

    Downloaded: 10 times | Size: 34 pages | Add to wishlist | Download for @50 credits

  • Liber CLXXXV (Liber Collegii Sancti)

    Downloaded: 9 times | Size: 17 pages | Add to wishlist | Download for @50 credits

  • Count Abaka - Grimoire of Sixfold Stars

    Downloaded: 8 times | Size: 20 pages | Add to wishlist | Download for @100 credits

    This small book describes a method of invoking twenty two Genii of a combined Solar-Mercurial nature. This is a method derived from Thelemic sources and involves an English qaballistic system. This system is presented solely as a viable magical framework, rather than a ‘secret key’ to the Book of the Law.

  • Liber CCCCXVIII (The Vision and the Voice)

    Downloaded: 6 times | Size: 121 pages | Add to wishlist | Download for @50 credits

  • Liber CDLXXIV (Liber Os Abysmi vel Daath)

    Downloaded: 6 times | Size: 2 pages | Add to wishlist | Download for @50 credits

  • Liber Call Me Al - The Book of the In-Laws

    Downloaded: 5 times | Size: 16 pages | Add to wishlist | Download for @50 credits

  • Anon. - ARARITA - Elaborations on the Star Sapphire

    Downloaded: 4 times | Size: 105 pages | Add to wishlist | Download for @50 credits

    This book was conceived and written over nine months from Winter Solstice 2008 to August 2009. It forms an entirely personal enquiry into a singular ritual and makes no claim of conveying or revealing secrets held by initiatic or magical organisations. Treat with caution.


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    * These documents are provided for information and research purposes only. Please be aware that Sacred Magick does not necessarily endorse or control the content of many of these documents, nor is it responsible for any claims, opinions or information accessed therein.







    Mastering Evocation: Omnipotence

    Learn How To Evoke Any Spirit To Full Physical Appearance.

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    Mastering Soul Travel

    A Field Guide To Unlocking Astral Gateways, Traversing The Planes, And Reuniting With The Source Of Consciousness Itself.


    Learn How To: - Soul Travel To Any plane - Apprentice With Ascended Masters - Experience Supreme Godhood

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    Universal Circle

    Summon absolutely ANY TYPE of spirit to full physical appearance, including angels, demons, gods, elementals, planetary intelligences, dead humans, and more.

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    Mastering Divination: Omniscience

    Learn Magick Rituals That Awaken Your Clairvoyance, So You Can Perform Deadly Accurate Divination Readings, And Communicate With Spirits

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    The Ultimate Guide To Performing Magick And Experiencing Godlike Power

    I'll show you the exact steps and specific pathworkings to help you be more successful with ritual magick and your Ascent to Godhood - and you don't need special genetics or fancy initiations to do it...
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    Circle of Solomon

    The Most Famous And Respected Magick Circle In Occult History... Harness The Spiritual Power Of The Circle Of Solomon And Evoke Angels To Physical Appearance

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    Interviews With A Magus

    Watch interviews of the most powerful magicians in the world, as they tell "war stories" and reveal closely-guarded occult secrets.

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    Complete Works of E.A. Koetting

    Enjoy all the critically-acclaimed grimoires by the master sorcerer, E.A. Koetting, in the world's most powerful books of the Left Hand Path.

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    Attract Studio
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    Five Rituals

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    Quantum Cookbook

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    Advanced Cosmic Ordering
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    Manipulative Psychology 101 - I'm Popular You're Not

    Manipulative Psychology 101

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