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Hermetic Journal

  • Journal Number 33

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    The Conjurer John Dee : The Myth 1555-1608 - Chris Pickering
    Shakespeare and the Rosicrucians - Ron Heisler
    Alchemical Mandala Number 30
    The Practice of the Art of the Pyramid - Thomas R. Hall III
    The Equinoxes and Solstices : An Interpretation Part 2: The Autumn Equinox - Graham Knight Saint-Yves d'Alveydre and the Agarthian Connection: Part 2 - Joscelyn Godwin

  • Journal Number 34

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    A Comparison of the Prayer of the Apostle Paul with the Hymns of Corpus Hermeticum and some Greek Magical Papyri - David R. Fideler
    Two Prayers for Alchemists - Karl von Eckarthausen
    A Threefold Alchemical Journey through The Book of Lambspring - Adam McLean
    A Note on the Paintings of N.K. Roerich - Elemire Zolla
    A Kabbalistic Interpretation of Hebrew Memorial Inscription - G.S. Bennett
    Alchemical Mandala No 31
    The Equinoxes and Solstices : An Interpretation Part 3: The Winter Solstice - Graham Knight

  • Journal Number 35

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    The Key to Hermetic Philosophy - Joseph R. Ritman
    Speculations on the Monad and its Mathematics - Chris Pickering The Equinoxes and Solstices: an Interpretation Part 4 : The Vernal Equinox Graham Knight
    Introduction to the Hermetic Adepti - Ron Heisler

  • Journal Number 36

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    The Fountain of Philosophers - Mark Haeffner
    Deeper Roots of the Golden Dawn - Rafal Prinke
    The Little Key to the Gate of the Palace of Pentagrams - Harald Sundt
    Fractal Universes, Recursion and our Inner World - Adam McLean
    Notes on the "Twelve Keys" of Basil Valentine - Adam McLean
    Alchemical Mandala No 32

  • Journal Number 37

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    Notes on the 'Twelve Keys of Basil Valentine' Adam McLean
    Yeats and the Unknown Superiors: Swedenborg, Falk and Cagloiostro - Marsha Keith Schuchard
    The Name of God and the Covenant of Abraham - Gavin S. Bennett The Statue and the Seed - Graham Knight
    Altar of the Theraphic Brotherhood Fraternitatis Crucis Rose?
    The Sevenfold Kabbalah - Paul Krzok

  • Journal Number 38

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    Hermetic Symbolism in a Masonic Engraving - Adam McLean
    The Occult Centre in Cracovia - Rafal T. Prinke
    Palaces, Mansions and Shells in a Kabbalistic Diagram of Rosenroth
    The Statue and the Seed: The Mountains of the Moon - Graham Knight
    The Mute Book of Angels - Kevin Wilby
    Daath, Kether and the Event Horizon - Gavin S. Bennett

  • Journal Number 39

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    The Poetry of Alchemy - Mark Haeffner
    Kabbalistic Cosmology and its Parallels in the 'Big Bang' of Modern Physics - Adam McLean
    A Rosicrucian Emblem - Adam McLean
    Shaping the Cubic Stone : Masonic Symbolism in Lambert de Lintot's Engraving - R.A. Gilbert
    Symbolism of the Black Hole Egg - George Burnett-Stuart

  • Journal Number 40

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    Report on the Alchemical Workshop - John Fitzpatrick
    Lilith and the Primal Water - Graham Knight
    The Alchemical Tarot Deck: Part One - Rafal T. Prinke
    The 49 Powers in Kabbalah - Paul Krzok
    The Alchemical Drama of Goethe's Faust - Adam McLean

  • Journal Number 41

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    The Alchemical Tarot Deck: Part Two - Rafal T Prlnke
    The Celestial Dew and Kabbalistic Prayer - G. S. Bennett
    The 'Rosfcruclan' or 'Enochian' Chess Set of W. Wynn Westcott Adam McLean
    The Lineage of the Serpent or Ring of Fire K. Samteno
    Pontanus and the Sophic Fire

  • Journal Number 42

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    Gnostic Cosmogeny - Martin Levin
    The Twelve Figures of Orthelius - Thomas Willard
    Theodorus of Asine and the Kabbalah - Stephen Ronan
    Al-Kemi : Hermetic, Occult, Political, and Private Aspects of R.A. Schwaller de Lubicz. - A review of Andr? VandenBroeck's book by - Joscelyn Godwin
    Reviews and Book Notices

  • Journal Number 43

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    The Alchemical Salt - Charles Upton
    The Four-fold Shin and the Gates of Creation - Graham Knight
    The Sky-Father-God The Earth-Mother-Goddess and the Opening of the Mystic Gate - James Clark
    Report on Gr?ningen Conference on Alchemy
    Rosicrucianism: The First Blooming in Britain - Ron Heisler
    Hermetic Heraldry - Rafal Prinke
    The Consideratio Brevis of Philip ? Gabella - Translated by Christopher Atton
    An Allegorical Letter about an Alchemical Adept
    The Number Philosophy of Philo of Alexandria - David Moir
    Monas Hieroglyphica and the T'ai Hsuan Ching: Extrapolation and Synthesis - Andrew Gaze
    Michael Maier and England - Ron Heisler
    A New Look at an Old Anachronism - Nicholas Tereshchenko
    Kabbalistic and Pythagorean Theory - Robin Waterfield
    Robert Fludd: A Picture in Need of Expansion - Ron Heisler
    Transformations of the Alchemical King in the Allegories of Merlin and Duenech

  • Journal Number 44

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    The Impact of Freemasonry on Elizabethan Literature - Ron Heisler
    Michael Sendivogius and Christian Rosenkreutz - Rafal Prinke
    Some Hidden Sources of the Florentine Renaissance - Graham Knight
    A Short Confession of Henry Khunrath
    The Everburning Lights ascribed to Trithemius
    The Vision of Ben Adam
    The Sevenfold Adam Kadmon and His Sephiroth - Paul Krzok
    The Spine in Kabbalah - Paul Krzok
    Philip Ziegler - The Rosicrucian "King of Jerusalem" - Ron Heisler
    Towards Gnosis: Exegesis of Valle-Incl?n's la lampara Maravillosa. - Robert Lima
    The Journey of Frederick Gall
    General Rainsford : An Alchemical and Rosicrucian Enthusiast - Adam McLean
    A Letter from a Hermetic Philosopher from Ms in British Library
    Shakespeare and Rosicrucianism - Ron Heisler Two Diagrams of D.A. Freher
    Some Golden Moments - Nick Kollerstrom

  • Journal Number 45

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    The Book of Lambsprinck: An Interpretation - Guido Martens
    Solidified Mercury: An Outline - D. Lloyd Thomas
    Hargrave Jennings - Joscelyn Godwin
    The Blacke Toade - Rafal T. Prinke
    A Conference betwixt Philochrysus and Philadelphus on the Philadelphian Gold
    East of Eden: Biblical Knowing and the Inner Elixir within a Kabbalistic Speculum - Gavin S. Bennett
    [Al]chemical Imagery in the Poetry of Garcilaso de la Vega - Daniel L. Heiple
    Hieronymous Bosch, 'Psychedelic' Art, Alchemy, and Bon Religion - Ezio Albrile
    A Source for Robert Fludd's Sevenfold Rose
    Alchemical Agriculture - A recipe for an alchemical fertilizer from an Eighteenth century manuscript
    Seven Illustrations to the Works of Jacob Boehme Extracted from a Walton manuscript
    The Glory of Light or a short treatise showing Urim and Thummim to be made by Art - Transcribed from Ms. Ashmole 1415

  • Journal Number 46

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    The Epistle of Dr. Hadrianus a Mynsicht: A Rosicrucian Alchemical Allegory - Alberto I. LaCava, Ph.D., FRC
    John Dee and the Secret Societies - Ron Heisler
    An Infallible Touchstone
    Zosimos and the Inner Temple - Graham Knight
    The Fountain of the Lovers of the Science
    A Behemist Circle in Victorian England - Joscelyn Godwin
    Michael Sendivogius and the Statuts des Philosophes Inconnus - Zbigniew Sydlo
    Oath of an Adept
    Foam of the Moon - Graham Knight
    The Forgotten English Roots of Rosicrucianism - Ron Heisler
    Michael Maier's Intellectual cantilenae on the resurrection of the Phoenix - Mike Dickman
    Wood and Metal - Kabbalistic Orientation and Elementary Alchemical Returning - Gavin Bennett
    Glauber's Dialogue on the Alchemical Process
    Christopher Walton's Theosophic Symbols - Adam McLean


Shows: 64 - 77 of 77, Page: << < 1 2 3 4 > >>




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