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Sacred-Magick.Com is the world web's LARGEST esoteric library since 10 August 2004. Purchasing any of our membership subscriptions gets you instant download access to our massive library collections.


The Sacred Magick Library advantages:

Over 10.000 Rare Collections Available, and Still Growing!

With overwhelmingly rich and growing high-quality, hand-picked collections Hard-to-Find Occult e-books (PDF), Courses and Audio available at the library, you will always find many highly sought materials to read and study at any time to greatly enhance your knowledge, power, and skills. Guaranteed!

Instant Priority Downloads

Library opens 24/7 Non-Stop since August 2004. Our Dedicated Server ensures instant delivery, there is absolutely no waiting for seed, no queue or any hassle to getting your downloads immediately!

  Savings for Your Time and Money (as low as US$0,50 per book/download)

Fed up buying paper books just to find out that you don't really want or need it? The Sacred Magick Library offers a solution with thousands of materials you could choose from and download them instantly at an extremely low cost! No more waiting for shipping, parking, walking to the bookstore and your book rack now gets exclusive spaces it deserve to store and showcase books you "really" want!

Access our Member's Exclusive (worth over US$300, free!)  

Quality pre-selected bonuses ready for you at our Member's Exclusive when you subscribe to our Premium, Priority and Platinum Membership. Completely free!

Periodically Updated Library

We are here to stay and continually adding more and more content to the library with tons of interesting new materials that will make your studies a lot more easier.

Easy Quote and Search Advantage

Majorities of our collections is in Adobe PDF (Portable Document Format) as the standard for electronic documents with the build in software search function to locate specific words, paragraphs and topics quickly and easily where you will be able to copy and paste contents into your own notes for review, archiving and other various purposes.

Printout ANY Pages

Get high-quality, high-resolution print outs of unlimited pages you want from your downloads!

Secure & Virus Free Downloads

Worried of Trojans and Viruses often included in many downloads? Not here and never will be! All materials available at our library has been thoroughly scanned, properly secured and guaranteed to be free of any malicious scripts!

24 Hours Member Support

Getting support is really a breeze and you'll get an answer from us very quickly. You will find that we're quite fanatical when it comes to support and you will always find us ever ready to respond, follow up and follow through with your inquiries to ensure you are completely satisfied with your membership!

100% Money Back Guarantee

With our 30 Days No Question Asked: A 100% Money Back Guarantee purchase any subscription from us with a complete confidence, because you really have nothing to lose!


What Other People Say:

" I have to start by congratulating you on an outstanding website. It is full of hard to find material. Thanks for a wonderful service! "

- Stephen, London.

" This site is amazing! It's helped me a lot! So much information I love it! Awesome job! "

Jenna, New York.


" I'm new to this awesome site but the info contained in it is awesome. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! The forum is top class .... "

Christopher, Auckland


" Being a regular Amazon book buyer for years, I've spent thousands of dollars on occult books before finding Sacred Magick Library. The paper books I've bought ended up piling up at my rack and garage consuming valuable spaces on our house. Becoming a Sacred Magick member immediately changed that enabling me to make major savings and get the best value for my money. It's truly a fantastic service you've got here! "

Michael, Detroit


" Being a member significantly increase my rate of learning thanks to instant access to thousands of e-books I can download and read immediately."

Eric, Sao Paulo


" I am very impressed with your site. I wish that I had found it a lot sooner. There are so many books on here that I am interested in. It is a smorgasbord of information. And your free downloads are really interesting as well. I can't wait to tear into that 1800 page ebook on Human Development! And I remember in the summer of 1994 when I was on summer vacation from school seeing PBS rerun Ring of Fire. I watched every episode and was sad when it ended. The guy who started a fire with his own energy always intrigued me and I was surprised to see that there was a book written on him and there it was available for free download! I am so happy that you have put together a wonderful site with all sorts of books on it.






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