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Brian Tracy

  • TurboStrategy - 21 Powerful Way to Transform Your Business andBoost Your Profits Quickly

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    Through 21 strategy points and dozens ofexamples, stories, and quotations from world-class thinkers andcorporate leaders, Brian Tracy will show any company how toturbocharge its strategy and get its business firing on allcylinders.

  • Turbocoach - A Powerful System For Achieving Breakthrough CareerSuccess

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    Those who have been lucky enough to have BrianTracy as their personal coach have transformed their lives andcareers, increased their incomes, and dramatically improved theirlevels of success. Now, anyone can have the benefit of hiscoaching program! And coaches can have the ability to inspire thatkind of success.TurboCoach enables individuals to apply Tracy'sproven counseling techniques to their own lives, and gives coachestools to integrate his powerful strategies into their ownprofessional programs. Each chapter begins with a series ofself-assessment questions and ends in a set of exercises that canbe used to energize an individual's results in that area. Readerswill find proven ways to:* Identify their personal strengths *Streamline their work * Get more done in less time * Think and actmore strategically * Increase their income dramatically. Based onmore than 20 years of successful work with thousands of people whohave learned and applied his coaching techniques to their ownlives, TurboCoach shows those in the coaching field how to elicitsuperior results from their clients, and individuals how to becometheir own coaches and rapidly improve the quality of their ownlives and work.

  • Time Power - A Proven System for Getting More Done in Less TimeThan You Ever Thought Possible

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    We learn that time management is reallymanaging our lives, and it requires self-control, self-mastery,and self-discipline. Time is a scarce resource, and successfulpeople value it, continually working to become more efficient andbetter organized. The author covers such topics as setting goalsand objectives, establishing priorities, managing multitask jobs,overcoming procrastination, and saving time when dealing withothers. His philosophy of time management includes a warning thatthe wrong job is a major waste of time; he also believes that oneshould admit mistakes and get on with one's life, adopt along-term perspective, which will sharpen short-term decisions,and plan to retire at 75, which will be the norm for knowledgeworkers in the twenty-first century. Tracy has many thoughtfulthings to say, and while all of his ideas are not new, they areworth considering.
    We cannot be too successful at managing our lives.

  • Something for Nothing - The Causes & Cures Of All Our Problems andWhat You Can Do to Save the American Dream

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    In this block-busting book, Brian Tracyexplains, step-by-step how we got into this financial fantasyland,and how we can get out -starting today

  • Million Dollar Habits - Proven Power Practices to Double andTriple Your Income

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    Everyone creates his own destiny. If youhaven't gotten the results in life you know you deserve, it'sbecause you haven't found the right tools. Once you learn thesecrets found in Brian Tracy's Million Dollar Habits, you'll joinan elite group of professionals who call their own shots, writetheir own paychecks and enjoy complete financial freedom. Takecomplete control of your career and future financial life. Thisnew and powerful system reveals the secrets and techniques of howyou can: Develop a complete strategic plan for getting everythingyou need from your life and career Design and control thedirection of your career and move ahead faster Improve yourdecision making skills so you can surpass competitors Maintainhealth and wellness throughout your life and increase your energylevels

  • Goals - How to Get Everything You Want Faster Than You EverThought Possible by Brian Tracy

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    Though goal-setting is oftenoverintellectualized, achievement expert Brian Tracy makes theprocess come to life as an essential ingredient for any type ofpersonal development. He's been refining these ideas for 20 years,and no important insight is overlooked. Tracy's extraordinarythinking is always expressed in practical action steps. The focusis on clarity, definition, and doing whatever it takes to movetoward your important desires. In every word listeners will hearTracy's urgency and his heartfelt wish that none of us give up onthe path to worthwhile goals, whatever they may be.

  • Getting Rich Your Own Way

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    This books  shows you how to reach yourfinancial goals, starting from wherever you are, and in anysituation. This book outlines and explains practical, proven,fast-acting processes and principles that have been used by menand women throughout America and across the world to move fromfinancial frustration to success and affluence. This is the mostcomplete and comprehensive approach to wealth building ever putdown in a single book. Getting Rich Your Own Way starts at thebeginning and shows people how to get out of debt and startbuilding a financial account. The reader then learns how millionsof affluent people have achieved their financial goals throughentrepreneurship, real estate, stock market investing, successfulcareers and professions, and selling. The reader learns how tostart wherever he/she is, move ahead more rapidly in his/her job,and begin accumulating the financial means necessary tospringboard into wealth in one generation.

  • Eat That Frog! - 21 Great Ways to Stop Procrastinating and GetMore Done in Less Time

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    Comprehensive guide to stopping the habitsthat lead to procrastination, with 21 easy steps. Helps readersdetermine overall goals and objectives, then provides the tools tomaster each of the 21 presented techniques for becoming a moreproductive person. Shows how to zero in on the details that reallymatter in life

  • Create Your Own Future - How to Master the 12 Critical Factors ofUnlimited Success

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    With this guide you can achieve your goalsfaster than you ever dreamed possible. Discover how to skyrocketyour success with twelve solid steps you can take to dramaticallyincrease your results almost immediately. It is a powerful book onself-empowerment that offers a wealth of ideas readers can applyimmediately to take complete control of their personal and worklives. Intended for anyone who wants to make more money and getmore satisfaction from life, the book offers twelve principles forsuccess and real-world action plans that help you reach yourgoals. Author Brian Tracy is one of the most renowned andsuccessful self-help authors and speakers in the world; CreateYour Own Future presents all his accumulated experience in makingsuccess happen for others. Now, it can make success happen foryou.

  • Focal Point: A Proven System to Simplify Your Life, Double YourProductivity, and Achieve All Your Goals

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    Combining the basic principles of careersuccess and life balance he has advocated in the past withanecdotes for inspiration, the book proposes a unified approach tosimultaneously achieving improvement at work and at home. The cruxis finding the "focal point" in all pertinent areas--business,family, finances, health--and then launching a seven-step"personal strategic plan" that "helps you identify exactly what ismost important to you ... identify what you need to do to achieveyour most important goals (and) determine the steps you have totake to get from wherever you are to wherever you want to go."Tracy shows quite explicitly how to incorporate the specificphases of the process, including Values, Vision, Goals, Knowledgeand Skills, Habits, Daily Activities, and Actions, into a drivefor long-term growth and overall advancement. Not all who followTracy's program will find their incomes doubled and work hourspared while their personal relationships blossom, of course, butanyone who applies it diligently should see definite improvement.

  • Brian Tracy - 21 Absolutely Unbreakable Laws of Money

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  • Brian Tracy - 21 Great Ways To Become A Sales Superstar

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  • Brian Tracy - 21 Great Ways To Hire And Keep The Best People

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  • Brian Tracy - 21 Great Ways To Manage Your Time And Double YourProductivity

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  • Brian Tracy - 21 Success Secrets of Self-Made Millionaires

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  • Brian Tracy - 21 Ways to be 100

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  • Brian Tracy - 21 Ways to Build a High Profit Business

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  • Brian Tracy - 21 Ways to Build Your Own Business

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  • Brian Tracy - 21 Ways to Double Your Productivity

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  • Brian Tracy - 21 Ways To Get Ahead In Your Career

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  • Brian Tracy - 21 Ways To Get The Job You Want

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