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Philosophy and Strategy

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Friedrich Nietzsche

  • Thus Spake Zarathustra

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    A 19th-century literary masterpiece, tremendously influential in the arts and in philosophy, uses the Persian religious leader Zarathustra to voice the author?s views, including the introduction of the controversial doctrine of the ?bermensch, or "superman," a term later perverted by Nazi propagandists. A passionate, quasi-biblical style is employed to inspire readers to become more than they have been and to transcend the limitations of conventional morality. A provocative work that remains a fixture of college reading lists.

  • The Antichrist

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    Nietzche's "The Anti-Christ" was one of the last books Nietzsche wrote before the onset of his insanity in 1888. Unlike many of Nietzsche's other books, which raise tantalizing questions and examine experience from a variety of angles, some of them contradictory, "The Anti-Christ" is a relatively straightforward presentation of Nietzsche's critique of Christianity. Contrary to what many think, Nietzsche did not advocate the general abolition of Christianity. He thought it served the needs of the majority of people quite well, but believed it had psychologically destructive effects on the minority of people in a society who were most capable of intellectual, artistic, and other achievement.

  • The Birth of Tragedy

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    Philosopher's classic study declares that Greek tragedy achieved greatness through a fusion of elements of Apollonian restraint and control with Dionysian components of passion and the irrational.

  • Beyond Good And Evil

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    Represents Nietzsche's attempt to sum up his philosophy. In nine parts the book is designed to give the reader a comprehensive idea of Nietzche's thought and style.

  • The Use and Abuse of History

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Ralph Waldo Emerson

  • The Conduct of Life

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    There are men, who, by their sympathetic attractions, carry nations with them, and lead the activity of the human race. And if there be such a tie, that, wherever the mind of man goes, nature will accompany him, perhaps there are men whose magnetisms are of that force to draw material and elemental powers, and, where they appear, immense instrumentalities organize around them. Life is a search after power.

  • The Early Poems

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    (Alphonso of Castile, The Amulet, The Apology, Astraea, Bacchus, Berrying, Blight, Compensation, The Day's Ration, Dirge, Each and All, Earth-Song, To Ellen, at the South, Eros, Etienne de la Bodce, To Eva, Fable, Fate, Forbearance, The Forerunners, From the Persian of Hafiz - 1, From the Persian of Hafiz - 2, Give All to Love, Good-By, Guy, Hamatreya, Hermione, Holidays, The House, The Humblebee, Hymn, To J.W., Loss and Gain, Merlin, Merops, Mithridates, Monadnoc, Musketaquid, Ode, Ode Inscribed to William H. Channing, Ode to Beauty, Painting and Sculpture, The Park, The Problem, To Rhea, The Rhodora, Saadi, The Snow-Storm, The Sphynx, Sursum Corda, Suum Cuique, Tact. Threnody, Uriel, The Visit, Wood Notes - 1. Wood Notes - 2, The World-Soul, Xenophanes)

  • English Traits

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    An extremely readable survey of the national characteristics, manners and cultural achievements of the English people, written by America's greatest essayist. Contains: First Visit to England, Voyage to England, Land, Race, Ability, Manners, Truth, Character, Cockayne, Wealth, Aristocracy, Universities, Religion, Literature, The Times, Stonehenge, Personal, Result, Speech at Manchester, and a rather brusque final essay in reflection on the national character.

  • Essays

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    (Art, Character, Circles, Compensation, Experience, Friendship, Gifts, Heroism, History Repeats Itself, Intellect, Love, Manners, Nature, Nominalist and Realist, The Over-Soul, The Poet, Politics, Prudence, Self-Reliance, Spiritual Laws)

  • Essays from the Dial

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    (Agriculture of Massachusetts, America; An Ode and Other Poems, Ancient Spanish Ballads, Historical and Romantic, Antislavery Poems, The Bible in Spain, Chardon Street and Bible Conventions, Confessions of St. Augustine, The Dream of a Day and Other Poems, English Reformers, Essays and Poems (Critique), Europe and European Books Fourierism and the Socialists, Glory, Harvard University, The Huguenots in France and America, Intelligence, Letter to Rev. Wm E. Channing, D.D., A Letter, Literary Intelligence, Michael Angelo, Considered as a Philosophic Poet, New Poetry, Paracelsus, Past and Present, Poems By Tennyson, Poems by William Ellery Channing, Prayers, The Senses and the Soul, Social Destiny of Man; or Association and Reorganization of Industry, Sonnets and Other Poems, The Spanish Student; A Play in Three Acts, Tecumseh; a Poem, Thoughts on Modern Literature, The Tragic Transcendentalism, Two Years Before the Mast; A Personal Narrative of Life at Sea, Walter Savage Landor, The Zincali; or An Account of the Gypsies of Spain)


Shows: 85 - 105 of 135, Page: << < 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 > >>




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