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Conspiracy Theories

  • The Biggest Secret: The Book That Will Change the World

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    Look out Robert Anton Wilson! Either David Icke is competing for the "Paranoid of the Decade" award or he knows something the rest of us don't. Icke reveals a sinister web connecting everything from the British royal family to major oil companies, to 33 of the last 40 U.S. presidents, in a global conspiracy masterminded by an interstellar brotherhood vying for planetary control through the manipulation of humanity's very way of life. Icke digs into every facet of contemporary society to expose the invisible horror lurking beneath the calm veneer of everyday life. In the process he gets downright offensive, knocking everything from Judaism to the Denver airport. Even if you can't swallow Icke's distasteful revelations or follow every step of his labyrinthine conspiracy theories, The Biggest Secret is sure to forever change the way you look at the Amoco oil logo

  • The Robot's Rebellion - The Story of Spiritual Renaissance by Davic Icke

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    The religious right will be shocked beyond belief at what David Icke has to say about organized religion, because he reveals what it is and has always been: mind control and subjugation of the masses wrought by fear and intimidation. The countless crimes of murder, genocide and torture committed in the name of Religion has always been in the backs of any reasoned person's mind, but never before has the damage been so concisely and powerfully revealed. Not only that, but Icke shows just how much each religion (Christianity, Islam, Judaism, Hinduism) has borrowed from myths and beliefs that came before, and how they are conveniently modified to fit the times and the culture. Heresy! No, a very, very painful truth. Icke notes that people can generally be divided into two factions: fanatics (many of whom are scientists!) and true thinkers (many of whom were religious). Nothing is ever as simple as it looks

  • Lyne - Occult Science Dictatorship - A Book About Alternate Science, Free Energy, UFOs and Government Thought Control (2002)

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  • Dr.Courtney Brown - Cosmic Voyage

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  • [ recommended ] Sex-Ploytation - How Women Use Thier Bodies to Extort Money from Men by Matthew Fitzgerald

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    This is a book about male-female relationships that deals with contemperary female duplicity in our modern society and refutes the false feminist propaganda about equal rights. The text takes off where The Manipulted Man by Esther Vilar left off 27



Health and Well Being




Stephen Hawking

  • A Brief History Of Time: From the Big Bang to Black Holes

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    Stephen Hawking has earned a reputation as the most brilliant theoretical physicist since Einstein. In this landmark volume, Professor Hawking shares his blazing intellect with nonscientists everywhere, guiding us expertly to confront the supreme questions of the nature of time and the universe. Was there a beginning of time? Will there be an end? Is the universe infinite or does it have boundaries? From Galileo and Newton to modern astrophysics, from the breathtakingly cast to the extraordinarily tiny, Professor Hawking leads us on an exhilarating journey to distant galaxies, black holes, alternate dimensions--as close as man has ever ventured to the mind of God. From the vantage point of the wheelchair from which he has spent more than twenty years trapped by Lou Gehrig's disease, Stephen Hawking has transformed our view of the universe. Cogently explained, passionately revealed, A Brief History of Time is the story of the ultimate quest for knowledge: the ongoing search for the tantalizing secrets at the heart of time and space

  • The Nature Of Space And Time

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    This volume contains a series of lectures delivered in 1994 by Hawking (A Brief History of Time) and Penrose (The Emperor's New Mind), renowned professors at Cambridge and Oxford, respectively. The overall topic is how mathematical physics might best represent the realities of the universe. The lectures assume a rather sophisticated knowledge of physics and mathematics. The authors present alternative views on approaching a formulation that fully accommodates both quantum and gravitational (general relativity) theories in physics. One question, for example, is whether parameters in a quantum description of matter can have definite ("real") values before they are measured. The issues extend to cosmological implications and have intriguing philosophical as well as technical aspects. Although well done, the treatment in this book is not for the general reader

  • Space and Time Warps

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    Lecture on time travel theory.



Body Building


Shows: 85 - 105 of 120, Page: << < 1 2 3 4 5 6 > >>




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