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At the end of the First Part of the Lemegeton is a list of notes which amount to the instructions for most of the Magick involved with the Goetic Spirits. It consists of observations on times, materials for making the seals, notes on the Kings of the Spirits, Symbols, the Area used for the operations, and the Orations need for conjuring and controlling the Spirits. The second part of the Lemegeton has a running commentary on Conjurations etc, but makes reference to this first part as a baseline for its workings.

The following is a categorised version of the information presented at the end of the first part. It is pretty much exactly as presented in the original, with a couple of things rearranged into the categories shown below in the quick guide-

Times, Materials for Seals, Kings of the Quarters, Symbols, Magick Area, Orations.

The age of the moon defines the best days to work with Goetic Spirits. By 'age', it is meant the number of days after the New Moon, i.e. from when it doesn't seem to be there, it 'grows' to a full moon, then 'fades' back into nothingness. The only days that it is profitable to deal with the Spirits is when the moon is 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, 14 days old. That is the waxing moon's even days, which is consistent with many Magickal systems, since it is regarded that the power (of the self/Magick) grows as the moon does, and so, as we are 'raising' a spirit, so we need to be in time with the moon's phase. The evenness of the days may simply be an observation of the even = good, odd = evil. Because there are so many numerological systems that deign some odd and some even as good and bad, we will just need to take this as granted.

The times of the day used for Spirit conjurations is chosen by the position of the Spirit as shown below:
Chief Kings- 9a.m.- 12 noon, and from 3 (possibly 5)p.m.-Sunset.
Marquises- 3 p.m.-9 p.m. and from 9 p.m.-Sunrise (the break at the same time here is not explained, and really non-sensical!)
Dukes- Sunrise-12 noon in clear weather
Prelates- Any hour of the day (not specific as to whether is daylight, or any time at all)
Knights- Dawn- Sunrise (the same time of the day! Could be Midnight- Sunrise?) or 4 (possibly p.m.) till Sunset.
Presidents- Any hour of the day, but not twilight, night, or if his King is also Invoked
Counts and Earls- Any hour of the day, in the woods, or where no men go, or where no noises are.

Kings of the Quarters
The 72 Spirits [kings in the original text- one could only conclude that what is meant is the 72 aforementioned Spirits, since there are not 72 Kings in total!] are under the power of four kings that rule the compass quarters. These are- Amaymon, ruling the East, Corson ruling the West, Ziminiar ruling the North and Goap (Gaap) ruling the South. What is to note here is that the first, Amaymon is mentioned frequently in the descriptions of the 72 Spirits, and Goap (possibly Gaap) is one of the Spirits, but not actually a King! This would lead the author to believe that the note that Goap and Gaap are the same spirit is actually wrong, and the two are separate Spirits. This is just speculation though. It is noted that these should only be called upon on Great Occasions, and not just general workings.

In general, the symbols used in this text are pretty common in other places, such as the Key of Solomon. Much of the text associated with these symbols either is a Name of God or the Name of an Angel, all well know in Theurgic circles, many of which appear in John Dee's works on the Enochian System, such as the Sigillum Dei Aemeth.

The Magickal Circle
The circle of Solomon is to be made 9 feet in Diameter, with the divine names below written around it from AHIH to Levanah. This circle was made to protect Solomon from the malice of the Evil Spirits.

The first of the current presentation of this symbol is from Crowley's The Book of the Goetia and I am a little weary about the accuracy of it in terms of the original texts. However, since my copy of the original texts is an online version and doesn't contain the whole list of figures, I have included this version as an example only. The second comes from a copy of the Lemegeton, and is the predecessor to Crowley's. It includes the same information, but is almost totally in English, with the exception of the Tetragrammaton inside the central diamond, which has a translation under it. What is raised here in the changing of texts is that Hebrew is written right to left, or anti-clockwise in circles, while English is the opposite. It is held in many Occult schools that the direction in which energy is pushed within a magick circle is of importance. Generally- based on the Northern Hemisphere conditions- good energy is raised by moving clockwise, and negative energy by moving anti-clockwise. It is left up to the reader as to how this problem is to be dealt with. Ignore it, and use whatever you want, or observe the clockwise direction, and use the English letters.

For those of you who don't read Hebrew fluently, a transliteration of the Hebrew into English is provided here. Basically , the outer ring gives the God Names of the Sephiroth of the Kabbalistic Tree of Life (Blue) the Hebrew Names of the Sephiroth (Red) and the names of the Archangels, Angels and Planets attributed thereto (Green, Grey and Cyan respectively.)

Crowley Hebrew-+ AHIH Kether Metatron Chaioth Ha-Qadesh Rashith Ha-Galgalim S.P.M (for 'Sphere of the Primum Mobile') + IH Chokmah Ratziel Auphanim Masloth S.S.F. (for 'Sphere of the Fixed Stars,' or S.Z. for 'Sphere of the Zodiac') + IHVH ALHIM Binah Tzaphquiel Aralim Shabbathai S. (for 'Sphere') of Saturn + EL Chesed Tzadquiel Chaschmalim Tzedeq S. Jupiter + ALHIM GBUR Geburah Kamael Seraphim Madim S. of Mars + IHVI ALUH Va-Daath [&] Tiphereth Rapha�l Malakim Shemesh S. of the Sun + IHVI TzBAUTh Netzach Haniel Elohim Nogah S. of Venus. + ALHIM TzBAUTh Hod Micha�l Beni Elohim Kokav S. of Mercury + ShDI AL ChI Yesod Gabriel Cherubim Levanah S. of the Moon +

Also of note in these is the transliteration of the Greek- Alpha and Omega inside the outer ring. This is Greek, and probably a reference to Rev 1:8- "I am the alpha and the omega," says the Lord God, who is and who was and who is to came, the Almighty"- Alpha being the first letter in the Greek alphabet and Omega being the last, i.e. the first and last being, God the creator and God the destroyer. What is of interest here is the dating of the text. The Goetia, if it is truly Solomon's work, would have been formulated in his time- 10th Century BC, while much of the Greek manuscripts became available in 1453, and the New Testament ( a Greek work), was written after Christ's Death, i.e. AD (or CE for the deluded atheists among us... J )

The star of David that appears at the cardinal points all have a Tau cross in the centre, and the God name Adonai around them. Note in the earlier of the two, that the North and East points have the letters rotated so that they face in towards the centre of the star, while the other two have them all facing towards the centre of the overall circle- the Maister's place. In Crowley's they all have been placed within the star's points, and are rotated.

Also, in the earlier work, the word East is replaced with the angelic name Primeumaton. Currently I am unable to explain it, and so probably was Crowley, since he replaced it with the obvious cardinal point name of East. This is what I speak of when I say the Crowley likes to add his own "corrections" or "self" to any of his works. In all likelihood, Primeumaton's name being where it is, is of critical significance, and is not some mere mistake! So please be careful of Crowley's works because of this...

The Triangle
The magick triangle is used to hold disobedient spirits, as outlined in the section on Beleth, and the orations. Each side is 3 feet across, and is made two feet away from the outside circle. It is to be placed toward the cardinal point that the conjured spirit belongs to.

Undoubtedly, you will come across some problems with this for the Spirits of the First Part of the Lemegeton, since none of them really have a dedication to a quarter! In the Second Part of the Lemegeton, you will find it much easier to do, since they are all dedicated a cardinal point! Some of the First part Spirits may actually be placed within a quarter by their subservience to Amaymon, the King of the East, or Gaap (Goap), king of the South. Since it is not directly spelled out within the original, but quite easily discerned, I will leave this leap to the reader to discover and use. Remember, the triangle is for disobedient spirits, so it may not be needed for most of them!

The triangle may be substituted for the brazen vessel to invoke the spirits into.

Sexangled (hexagonal) Figure
This figure is to be drawn on parchment made from calf skin, and worn at the skirt (bottom) of the white vestment, covered with a linen cloth. It is to be shown to disobedient spirits when they appear, so that they may become obedient, and take human form, etc.

This symbol takes on a similar vein to the magickal circle. The inscriptions are as follows- in the points of the star of David is the name Tetragrammaton; to the left and right are Alpha and Omega; in the centre is a Tau cross, and the same word (all of these are also used in the Magickal circle); to the top and bottom of the star is the letters AGLA written left to right, top to bottom, which is a God name derived from the phrase "The Lord ever powerful" using the Qabbalistic method of notaricon; finally, there is a set of two symbols in the lowest point of the star that looks like a Greek pi, and a symbol I am unfamiliar with ( I hope it's a transcription error, and I am not caught out here!)

Pentagonal figure of Solomon
The pentagonal figure (not pentacle, although it technically is a pentacle per se) is to be made from gold or silver, and worn upon the breast (i.e. hung from a chain around the neck or pin attached to the vestment). The seal of the spirit is to be formed on the back. This could cause some troubles, since to exorcise each of the 72 spirits would require 72 pentagonal figures is you were to engrave the seals on to the back. Some sort of temporary method would therefore be more appropriate, although since it is on the back, it must not be so temporary that it would rub off with the movements made throughout the exorcism. It is used to protect the Magickian from danger, and also used to command by.

The symbol itself is again generally analogous with the rest of the symbols. Tetragrammaton appears again around the points of the star in the same left to right, top to bottom method. The other parts seem to be names and sigils of spirits. They read in a clockwise direction (see previous discussion on direction in the Magickal circle). To the best of my ability with the copy I have, they read as follows from the uppermost point, reading clockwise- Abdia, Baffafor, Bellony, Hally, Halliza, and SoLnzen (I can't currently properly hazard a guess at the central name until I source the others, since none of them appear in either part of the Lemegeton)

Ring of Solomon
The ring is to be held before the face of the Magickian to preserve him from the stinking fumes of Spirits. This use is mentioned in the section on Astaroth. A ring is also mentioned in the section on Beleth and Berith, but could possibly be a different ring, since the use is different. If not, the diagram given could show the names to be placed on the outside and inside of the aforementioned silver ring. If not, there is no mention of what materials.

The names on the ring are Anepheneton (commonly rendered Anephexeton, which what the x outside of the ring in the original refers to, i.e. it's a correction, not a different method of spelling)- Michael, which are angelic names, and Tetragrammaton again. In the instance that this is written on a ring, I would suggest that -Anephexeton-Michael- would be written on the outside, while Tetragrammaton be written on the inside (touching the finger)

Secret Seal of Solomon
The Secret Seal of Solomon was used to bind and seal the spirits and their legions into the brazen vessel. It is to be made by one who is clean both inward and outward, and has not "defiled himself by any woman in the space of a month" (original text, not mine!!! In today's multi-gendered society, the same goes for men and women, and one might not go so far as to say 'defiled' but instead had sex... ). The Magickian should also have desired pardon of all their sins by fasting and praying to God etc. It should be made on a Tuesday or Saturday night at 12 (a note says 2) of the clock (midnight possibly?), written with the blood of a Black Cock which never 'trode' (copulated with) a hen, on virgin parchment. On these nights, the moon must be increasing (new moon to full moon period) in Virgo. When it is made, fume it with Alum (alum comes in many forms today- potash alum KAl(SO4)2.12H2O, used in medicine, dying etc.- ammonium alum NH4Al(SO4)2.12H2 used in fire extinguishers, water purification, medicine etc.- the Aluminium can also be replaced with Chromium or Iron, but is not true alum), Raisins of the Sun (i.e. sun-dried raisins), Dates, Cedar and Lignum Aloes (wood of the aloe). Solomon also gained the love of all manner of persons, and overcame in battle, for "neither weapon fire nor water could hurt him".

This symbol takes a leap away from the others. There is no writing whatsoever on it anywhere, and only two of the symbols are decipherable. The two symbols at the top inside the outer ring are the planetary symbols for Saturn and Mars. Note here that in the materials for the seals section Mars is absent, but appears here. The pictogram in the centre looks curiously like a Magickal tool of some sort, possibly the Brazen Vessel that is used in conjunction with the Seal. The symbols around the outer ring look curiously like those in the Greater Key of Solomon, but are not given any translation or meaning there either. They are not exact copies of anything that appear there either. Their relation to some of the symbolic inscriptions, and forms of writing (Celestial, Malachim and Passing the river) is uncanny, although any relation to the Key of Solomon over all is tenuous, since the pentacles in the Key prefer a rotational method of writing to the flat version given here.

The Brazen Vessel
Obviously, this is simply a brass vessel, with an inscription around it to raise it from a mundane object into a Magickal tool. The inscription (this time in Hebrew, not English you will note!) reads in transliteration- (front): AShR AHIH: GBRiAL: MIKAL: HANIAL:" (back:) "ARARIThA: ChShMLIM: AL: TzDQIAL". Again for those who don't read Hebrew, Asher Eheiah (from the quote Ehiah asher Eheiah- I am what (or that) I am (Ex 3:14)): Gabriel, an angelic name: Michael, angel: Haniel, angel: Araritha [unfamiliar with this]: Chashmalim [again unfamiliar]: El, a God name: Tzadkiel, angel: Another variant provided by MacGreggor Mathers is "ARARIThA: RFAL: KMAL: TzDQIAL:" and "TzFQIAL" Araritha: Raphael, angel: Kamiel, angel: Tzadkiel, angel, and :Tzaphkiel, angel. In general, as with many statements used to control spirits, it's a list of angelic and/or God names.

This vessel may be used instead of the triangle to invoke the spirits into.

Magickal Area
Other Items used in Goetic Magick as laid out in Part one are: a sceptre or sword; a mitre or cap, a long white robe of linen, with shoes and other clothes for your purpose. Also a girdle of Lions skin 3 Inches broad, with all the names around that are used in the Magick Circle, and also perfumes and a chafing dish of charcoals kindled to put the fumes into; to smoke or perfume your place appointed for action. Also anointing oils to anoint your temples & eyes with; & fair water to wash yourselves in. When doing this, you are to say as David said, "Thou shall purge me with hyssop o Lord, & I shall be clean; Thou shall wash me & I shall be whiter than snow etc.". Then, while putting on your garments, say, " by the figurative Mystery of these holy vestures or vestments, I will clothe me with the armour of Salvation in the strength of the highest, Ancor Amacor Amides Theodonias Anitor, That my desired end may be effected Through the strength of Adonai To whom the praise and glory will forever and ever belong. Amen."

The Magickal Area should be set up before doing this, with the circle, triangle, and all the other aforementioned tools laid out within the Circle. The Circle should never be broken for the safety of the Magickian- it is there to protect you from the spirits, and so long as you are inside the circle, you are protected. If all of the tools are not laid out inside the area, you would need to dismiss the spirit, get what you need, and begin from the start again.

Most of the details about setting up the Magickal Area have already been covered in the sections about each item. What I will add, is that the triangle is often seen placed upon a stand, like an easel, with the face of it almost perpendicular to the ground. This enables a method similar to crystomancy (gazing into crystals) in order to see the spirits, which may be easier for some people. If the triangle is placed on the ground, the spirit can be seen in the space above the triangle, as though they were in the room with you, not trapped within a crystal. What is more important here, is that the triangle be placed at the right quarter, as explained in the section on the Magick Triangle.




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