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The Twentieth Spirit is Purson, a Great King. His appearance is comely, like a Man with a Lion�s face, carrying a cruel Viper in his hand, and riding upon a Bear. Going before him are many Trumpets sounding. He knoweth all things hidden, and can discover Treasure, and tell all things Past, Present, and to Come. He can take a Body either Human or A�rial, and answereth truly of all Earthly things both Secret and Divine, and of the Creation of the World. He bringeth forth good Familiars, and under his Government there be 22 Legions of Spirits, partly of the Order of Virtues and partly of the Order of Thrones. His Mark, Seal, or Character is this, unto the which he oweth obedience, and which thou shalt wear in time of action, etc.

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Purson; A Mighty Serpent King
Aaron C. Donahue's remote viewed drawing of the Goetian Spirit King Purson looks nothing like the old drawings of him.

The old magickians saw Purson as a thin man with the face of a lion riding on a large black bear. They even put a horn in Purson's mouth because they said they heard, or at lease sensed the sound of trumpets when this demon made its entrance.

Donahue, on the other hand, shows Purson as an alien emitting extremely bright light. His face, with its large slanted eyes with cat-like slits, reminds us of Marbus, who also was seen by the old ones as a spirit with the face of a lion. Could these two aliens come from the same place?

I say aliens because there is clearly a ship pictured right over the head of Purson. This is his craft. It is how he arrived when he was summoned.

So how could the old magickians see something so radically different from the spirit that shows himself to Aaron? It is my belief that the aliens in those ships have been using holographic images to make us believe they are something other than they are.

Now that Donahue has exposed them, however, the cat is out of the bag, so to speak. As I write this, Aaron has completed the drawings and the evocations of all 72 Goetian Spirits. We see them as they really are . . . alien visitors to a dying planet.

Mathers tell us that Purson has many talents. "He knows hidden things, can discover treasure, and can tell of past, present and future events. He also knows of the creation of the world, as well as other secret and divine things."

He is said to wear silver armor, which I suspect is the color of his ship.




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