Evocation of Gremory, Haures, Bune & Buer

by Phil Legard

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This file contains four very brief accounts of acts of Goetic evocation and may be of interest to others who practice of have practised Goetia, and also to those new to, or interested in, the system. I have selected to discuss the evocations which could be thought of as interesting evocations in my practice of Goetia so far. None of them, however, are particularly spectacular, but are of interest to myself because they mark changes in my practice of the system and approaches to the act of evocation. Of course, the accounts presented here are personal and should not be thought of as being the exact image of what the individual magician will encounter while working Goetia. The same should be said of the rough sketches I provide (I�m no great artist, as you�ll see) � they are simply depictions of the spirits as I perceived them and if you, the reader, were to conjure them to visible appearance it is certain that you would see your own version of the spirit. A full and in-depth account of evocation will appear on these pages in the near future.


First Evocation

The first Goetic spirit which I ever attempted to evoke was Gomory, or Gremory. The rite took place in the spare bedroom of my house. A circle and triangle were set up, made of masking tape and strengthened with various holy names and Gomory�s seal was written on a large circle of paper and placed within the triangle. The rite opened with a performance of the Lesser Banishing of the Pentagram, then The Headless Invocation (upon which Crowley based his Bornless Invocation), the first conjuration and then numerous callings and simple conjurations until the spirit manifested itself. The spirit�s manifestation was at first subtle. I noticed a slight change in the atmosphere of the room � the overall feeling was of a very neutral force. The spirit was coerced to appear in the triangle and after a few minutes I could perceive a steady, ghostly form in the triangle. The spirit seemed to move spasmodically, thrusting out it�s limbs in various strange ways. I delivered my charge to the spirit and gave it a deadline, promising to incorporate it�s sigil into artwork as a reward. The spirit was given it�s licence to depart and left quickly. Another LBRP was performed and the rite closed. The charge was completed quickly � almost immediately, and the spirit rewarded accordingly.



Evocation of Haures

This evocation took place in the same room as the first, incense was also placed in a burner inside the circle. I had just written my own invocation of a higher power called "The Invocation of Makroseiris", utilising imagery which was most potent to me at the time. Having performed the LBRP and the invocation, I was half way through the first conjuration when I felt the spirit. This time the atmosphere felt quite oppressive and dangerous. The spirit was responsive to my calls for it to manifest and appeared as a giant cat like thing, which was enveloped in an "ocatarine" mist [my crappy drawing totally fails to capture him]. He seemed to be clawing the edge of the triangle, and indicated to me that he wanted to be free � I replied that he would have to wait, for while in the circle he was under my power and he shall be free in time. I gave him his charge, which was to destroy certain spirits which had become attracted to me and let him leave the circle after indicating my reward for him and giving a warning that I have the power to destroy him should he choose to cross me. For several nights I would awake to find his form at the foot of the bed, watching over me, and after a week I felt revitalised and the "spirits" had left me.




Bune and the Lava-lamp

The rite took place in the same location as the above, no incense was used. A contact of mine on the Internet made a request for help to other members of a mailing list. It seems that this person was in some kind of financial trouble and was in need of a job. I decided an appropriate spirit to evoke would be Bune. Also, on the spur of the moment, I decided to put a lava-lamp inside the triangle, on top of the spirit�s seal. Charms and consecrations were chanted while the lava-lamp heated up. Then the LBRP and invocation of Markeoseiris. Simple conjurations were then read. As if by magic (so to speak), three large spheres of wax rose up into the centre of the lamp, where they stayed. Seemingly superimposed over the spheres were the faces of Bune � a dog, a cockatrice and a human. Bune was given the charge of finding my contact a job and was then dismissed. Turning around after the conjuration I caught sight of Bune leaving. He seemed to have a scaly humanoid body, three heads and was crawling of pulling himself across the floor. It seems as though the contact found a job, although if this was down to Bune or the other magical energies being directed toward her I cannot fully say, although she did later say that she evoked Bune in one of the best conjurations she had ever attempted.



The Archer Appears

This operation of Goetia was carried out in a block of flats in Stafford. A friend living across from me had been ill for a couple of days and I decided to perform a quick evocation of Buer. The room which the conjuration took place in was rather cramped, the circle measured about three feet wide and the triangle only one foot. The form of the act was similar to the above, LBRP, invocation and simple conjurations. Suddenly, the image of Buer formed within my mind. The Goetia describes him simply as an archer. I perceived a tall figure dressed in white robes with some kind of helmet on his head. The helmet was set with a jewel and he had a bow in his hand. I gave him the charge to cure my friend and told him of his reward (to have his seal engraved on some jewellery and also put on several posters I was designing). His image disappeared from my mind and the rite was ended. During that night I woke up several times to actually see Buer in my room. By the afternoon of the next day my friend had made a full recovery and later told me that he kept having mild hallucinations that someone was in the room during the night.



Some Brief Thoughts on the Evocations

The above examples could be construed as being examples of both effective conjuration to appearance and having effective results (i.e. the spirit�s fulfilling their charges) -- obviously, as with other systems, not all acts of Goetic magic are successful. Except for Haures the spirits seemed relatively neutral -- neither good nor evil. The text of The Goetia and many practitioners of the magic maintain that the spirits are absolutely evil. I have several different opinions about this perspective. The first is that perhaps the spirits are diabolic entities and for the most part are trying to entrap the conjuror by not being openly evil. The second is that the spirits are only conceived as evil because many of them were seemingly derived from a wide range of polytheistic religions and were therefore perceived as utterly evil by the writers of The Goetia. My final thought on the subject is that the spirits aren�t necessarily evil, rather they are "stupid". That is to say that they do what the conjuror tells them to do with no thought about the consequences - this is why the magician must make their contract totally clear stating not to cause harm to others whilst undertaking their orders - there will be occasion, however, when the spirit finds and utilises a loophole in the contract. Whether exploiting the loophole is an act of ignorance or malice is debatable, depending on your views on the spirits.


It seems that the spirits do like the conjurors part of the pact to be fulfilled and respected. For example, three months after the conjuration of Bune I was visited in the night by the aforementioned spirit and some other previously conjured spirits. I remember waking up in the middle of the night and finding the room was very dark. I could see the form of Bune rising above me with two other spirits on either side. "Respect us," said a deep voice in my head which continued, "Find the seals." I told them I�d find the seals and then made several banishings. The seals which were referred were representations of the spirit�s seals which I�d made with metal and semi-precious stones, amongst other things. I�d just been moving and many items were still in boxes, including the seals, which were hung on the walls after the spirits visited.


I�ve noticed that there have been many instances of the Goetic spirits visiting me during the night, for example in the cases of the visitation in the last paragraph, and in the examples given pertaining to Haures and Buer. There could be lots of explanations as to why they do this, both mystical and psychological, which I will not go into at this time.



10. Buer - Healing; Shows Healing With Herbs.

26. Bune - Wealth; Spiritual Protection.

56. Gremory (Gemory or Gamori) � Treasure; Gain; Reward; Procures

64. Haures (or Flauros) � Balance; Beginnings; Justice to Enemies.




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