Evocation of Sabnock

By Marcus

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I have summoned Sabnock on several occasions and have found him to be a most useful Spirit. Sabnock is the 43rd Spirit of the Goetia.....He is classified as a Marquis and is said to appear in the from of an Armed Soldier with a Lion's Head riding on a pale colored horse. His office is to build high Towers, Castles, Cities, and to furnish them with Armor, etc. Also it is said that he can afflict Men for many days with wounds and with sores. Sabnock is considered a Night Demon and his ruling planet is the moon, Zodiacal Sign is Gemini and his 777 Key Scale is 17.

The purpose of my first Evocation of Sabnock was to help resolve a serious employment situation for a close relative of mine. The ritual itself was basic and streamlined.....I started with the LBRP and LBRH followed by the Bornless Ritual.....I then used the first and second Enochian calls (repeated several times) followed by the first Conjuration inserting the Spirits name. The Temple arrangements were basic also....Altar, Circle, Triangle of the Art, which contained Spirits seal & Censer......Now the only thing I did different (and I always make it a point to do something unique for every ritual) is that I made up some cards that contained the Spirits Zodiacal sign and Element and Ruling planet....I then stacked them up like a house of cards within the triangle. Now I do things like this sometimes so that I will be aware when the spirit is present....Most often I will use a pendulum that is suspended from the ceiling which hovers within the Triangle.

The Ritual itself went very smooth.......I went through the preliminaries as listed above.....Now when I came time for the conjuration of the Spirit, I felt the very familiar feeling of being pressed against a cold, vibrating piece of steel, and every hair on my body felt as if it were standing on end (this is a good sign that the spirit is present). At this point I began communicating with the spirit e.g., stating my requests, time frame for the action, and what I will give the spirit in return for fulfilling my requests. Now one thing I also do that I feel is very important, is to ask the spirit to give you means to communicate with it more easily in the future.....Now this may take the form of a unique talisman, special invocation, or dedication.....In this particular case Sabnock requested that I compose a invocation hymn/poem (which I will give a sample of Below)......At this point I gave the spirit the license to depart at which time I felt a strong gust of warm air flow over me......I then opened my eyes and observed that the cards that I had placed within the triangle were scattered about the room! I then preceded to close the temple. Did I get what I wanted?? Yes.....The situation was resolved in a most unique wonderful way! If you are interested in more of the actual details you can email me.

I feel Sabnock is a very wonderful Spirit to work with......I have summoned him on many occasions and he has never let me down!! I now invoke himwithout the need of any circle, triangle or magical prerequisites. In working with the Goetia or any other Magical systems, I feel that you can do away with the Master/Servant mentality.....When working with the spirits, I view them as friends and correspond with them as such....Now if I get any neg. fallout from working with them, or my request are not fulfilled, I simply do not summon them anymore (and trust me, this is a very rare occurrence!)


Turbulent times and Stormy Gales, slateboard scratched with Iron Nails, the smell of sulfur the taste of brass, the number 43 placed in fleshly grasp..... I see the Great Marquis riding through, the mirrors reflection for dark soul to view. Come thou ride, thee Lion's head, and take up the task of soul to tread.... For I call thee forth all reverence mine, bound by the cord of the Gemini sign; So let us reach for the Lunar power, to draw down strength this mighty hour.... and if I doth call thou do come, in that brief time we shall be one!! I Invoke thee now The Great SABNOCK, so that we may converse, about all things honorable and perverse.... Exchanging honor and Power may we become more Alive!


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