Evocation of Marchosias

by Brother MOLOCH 9.: 6.: 9.:

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Why I Had To Summon Marchosias
About ten years ago I was living in a major metropolitan city. I was in college full time and working a real hard job full time for peanuts. I was also single and very lonely. Part of this was due to my desire to practice Magic and the other being I had little time due to my exhausting schedule. To this day, my heart goes out to anyone who's going to school and working full time because I know what it's like

Well I did something rather dumb. I got involved in the "900" phone industry as an easy way to talk to women. At first it was easy as I'd run up the bill and simply pay it off. Then I got behind in my other bills and became obsessed with this form of auto-eroticism. The danger in this is that not only was my bank account suffering but so was my Magical and school studies. Not a good thing.

Before long I had run out of funds. What to do? Well I started to charging the calls to other people's phone numbers. Fraud. Here I was this dumb sh*t kid running up astronomical phone bills for only $1.95 a minute and charging these calls to other people's phone numbers. I should've known better because I had done professional skip tracing before and I knew that they'd eventually discover the fraud and find me. There was no doubt. But obsession is something that is extremely imbalancing which causes all manner of personal problems in one's life.

As you can guess, two suits show up at my door one fine summer morning. I don'teven deny what I did. They tell me that I have to appear in their office at the phone company the next morning at 9:30 a.m. to discuss this matter before court proceedings. Needless to say I was scared big time. Now I don't know if I was merely tempting the hand of fate or perhaps on a subconscious level I was wanting to test my powers against those of the phone company or maybe I had taken leave of my senses but in any case I had finally been caught and was now desperate to alter my problem in a big and very quick way!

First Things First
The first thing I did was to consider my options. I had a major legal problem and was not only facing jail time for fraud but also the money I had to repay for the bills. Well I sat down and did the Ben Franklin technique where I listed my problem out fully, weighed each option carefully and then chose the best and most practical option that I could initiate immediately.

I was obviously embarassed at being stupid enough to have done something like this in the first place thus I could not hit my parents or relatives up for money because I would never live it down nor hear the end of it. Telling only two close friends about it was bad enough and they were horrified that I'd allow myself to settle into such a position. Humility is a good thing but the lessons it brings are harsh indeed. Talk about a tearing down process. Ouch!

Doing anything that was illegal was out becuase that would be adding salt to a festering wound. Okay so I finally realized that I needed metaphysical help as the Spiritual world is the central power source for all of our energy and thus I knew if I could get at least a reprieve without giving up my left arm, I'd be able to buy some time to repay what I owed.

Who to call? Well I grabbed my copy of Aleister Crowley's Goetia, the incomplete version that Magickal Childe published a few years back and not the complete Lemegeton that IGOS

publishes. Reading through the list of Spirits, I came upon Bym, who is known to give 'treasures' which in my mind would be showing me where I could obtain the money. The problem I had with that, however, is that Spirits will take the route of least possible resistance. This means that perhaps he'd recommend that I hit up my parents or rob a liquor store or some other such tragic means. So summoning his aid was obviously out. Then I thought about Orobas who is known to be a friend to the Magician who summons him. Well okay but he just didn't seem to fit in there.

The other Spirits listed had talents that were outside of what I needed right now. Then I hit upon it; summon someone who'd fight for me and my rights. Sort of like a 'Spirit Attorney" so-to-speak. The best that came up was Marchosias.
The Goetia lists Marchosias as:

"The thirty-fifth Spirit is Marchosias. He is a Great and Mighty Marquis, appearing at first in the Form of a Wolf (a footnote in the manual says that in another codex from the 17th century his form might be that of an "ox" rather than a 'wolf'.) having Gryphon's Wings, and a Serpent's Tail, and Vomiting Fire out of his mouth. But after a time, at the command of the Exorcist he putteth on the Shape of a Man. And he is a strong fighter. He was of the Order of Dominations. He governeth 30 Legions of Spirits. He told his Chief, who was Solomon, that after 1,200 years he had hopes to return unto the Seventh Throne."

The "strong fighter" is what caught my eye. I was in deep doo-doo and needed a being to champion me regardless of how bad my 'karma' had become. Again I need to mention that I was not trying to get out of my debt but rather avoid jail time and a record. This is what I feared most of all! I made a vow befor the Spirits never to do anything as ridiculous as this again if they'd help me and to this day I've kept that vow.

I was now resolved to summon Marchosias and invoke his aid and price that I must pay him for his help. Note when I say 'him' I'm using this term generically because the Spirits are neither male nor female as the grimoires would have it. They are beings of pure energy and their forms are according to the wishes of the Karcist (i.e. Magician, Exorcist, etc.) summoning them.

The Preparation Involved
I'm not going to bore you over the details of the actual summoning because most of you reading this will probably be experienced Sorcerers who have summoned or at the least have a good working knowledge of how to summon a Spirit being. However, if you've never had the experience nor have any idea of how to do this, then I suggest you obtain the Magus Ritual Magic Correspondence Course from IGOS and learn how to do so.

I knew that there was no logical reason to manifest the Spirit on this plane as many Magicians erronesously believe you must do for a successful working. Besides doing this type of summoning, to the materail plane, is very dangerous when performed by oneself. This is why the Sorcerer needs attendants. Since I was working alone, I did not have a seer to pry into the Astral which allows me to be the summoner (my forte) and I needed to be creative. I set about recording the summonings on tape. I know this sounds crazy but before you pass judgment and tell me that this doesn't work, I need to tell you that not only did it work, but it worked very, very well! So much for tradition.

The rest of the preparation merely involved washing my 11" by 14" black scrying mirror with an infusion of mugwort. The tea is supposed to be rubbed onto any scrying glasses, balls or mirrors. It's an old New Orleans Sorcery technique and yes it seems to enhance the efficacy of the scrying device quite well. The only thing is you should brew the tea only when you need it because it tends to go rancid being stoppered up in a bottle. A handful of mugwort put into a cup and then use boil water just to cover the herb. Let steep then strain a sieve or cheesecloth and use the tea (after it's cooled mind you!) to wash your scrying device.

The Arrival
Using the mirror was sort of bizarre because it does tend to distort the images it captures in it. Another experienced Evocational Technician, author Poke Runyan, has a book out on the market with his theory of evocations. He believes that the Medieval Magicians who described the summonings were actually seeing a visual distortion of their own image! Of course, this is only his opinion and quite a number of Sorcerers and Ceremonial Magickians dispute his claims.

At the designated hour, I started my cassette tape that used the Goetia's summoning formulae and began chanting Marchosias' name. What transpired was different since I don't claim to possess the skills of a clairvoyant and therefore seeing entities is not one of my fortes. But the Gods have gifted me with a strong sensing ability. I can feel things psychically. I assume that most of this is a direct result of my daily ritual practices of summoning energy into my auric field and subtle bodies thereby charging and stimulating their sensitivities. Well I felt a presence after the second conjuration so I let the conjuration finish and I paused the tape deck. I asked, "Marchosias are you here?" and then waited. No answer. I then asked again but this time I vibrated his name. Now the mirror's distortions became more unclear. It was like the Spirit was trying to materialize or it did and I just didn't have the skill to "see" but I vibrated his name about a dozen more times.

Each time I vibrated his name, the mirror seemed to.... glow?... I'm not sure how to describe it. Mind you I did not eat anything six hours prior to this rite nor did I indulge in any substances. But the mirror had an unusual feel emanating from it. Holding my pendulum aloft, I asked the Spirit a series of 'yes' or 'no' questions with the first being "Is your name Marchosias?" and then the pendulum (1) gave me a yes response. I was titilated because even though I had summoned other entities, this particular one seemed to be strongly radiating energy and my body was tingling. I felt fear, excitement, giddiness and a host of other emotions. Of course I did not fall prey to these sensations as they can be very illusory sometimes put out by the Spirit being in an attempt to take the Sorcerer's mind off the operation or in other attempts to simply try to appease the Sorcerer.

What I did next was to explain my plight from beginning to end with all of the details involved. I let this flow from me off the top of my head and it was not rehearsed in any way. I told the Spirit I was in big time legal trouble and merely did not want a record nor any incarceration for my stupidity. Plus I needed the opportunity to repay the debt without going bankrupt or giving up my left arm. The feeling that came across was one of a judge who was listening and witholding his verdict. Pretty scary actually.

Finally I asked the Spirit if it would employ its powers to help me. The pendulum was silent. I became nervous. I then thought, "Do you wish something in return for your aid?" and the response was a solid 'yes' swing. Okay. What can I give I wondered. My mind raced and I then I asked if I could make a donation in the name of the Spirit to a charity. Specifically since it takes the form of a wolf, would it mind if I made a donation to the Save the Timber Wolves foundation which I was not sure if such an organization existed or not. The reply was 'yes'. *Whew* Okay now how much? Well the price kept escalating until I reached $150.00. Ouch! (Well his fee was about that of an attorney's!) Before the Spirit departed, the room took on an aura of peace and tranquility. My heart was quieted and I felt tremendously uplifted.

I then thanked the Spirit and gave him the License to Depart and performed some banishments and finally burned Satan Be Gone incense which is a New Orleans Sorcery recipe that banishes the most stubborn Spirits. It uses blessed salt, hyssop and bay leaves.

The Meeting
The next day, when I met with the guys in the suits, everything came out fine. Was I in trouble? No question. Were they going to prosecute? Not if I re-paid them the money. Regardless, I made solid payment arrangements to relinquish the debt off. No police. No record. No problem. Wow. Thank you Marchosias!
I was ecstatic! Here I was, a young dumb kid, facing possible criminal charges from a big utility in a large metropolitan city and using 'old technology' I reduced my problem. Sort of. Yeah I paid back the money I owed.
The moral? Don't do the crime in the fist place. You look stupid when you get caught.

I personally felt that the ritual was a resounding success! Though the Spirit's price was high, it was not too high in the sense that it demanded my soul or other such Medieval drivel. People who buy into that crap are not serious Occultists and shoud be shunned at all costs. Frankly I'm very skeptical of anybody who calls these Spirits 'demons' since most of the Spirits in the Goetia and the Lemegeton for that matter are basically Pagan Gods of older cultures.

There are a lot of books out there on the market purporting to teach you how to summon a Spirit but the vast marjority of them are rehashed techniques from the same sources. Other than the methods and techniques of the modern Chaos Magick movement, and I'm somewhat skeptical about them as well, no one seems to be working at creating new means to evoke Spirits. I know this may sound harsh and yes dammit it is my opinion and I'm using this web space to make it known.

If you search the Deja News search engine for "evocation of spirits" you'll come across some good and a lot of bad information as well as advice. This bad advice is from sexual intellectuals aka "f*ing-know- it-alls" who feel if Crowley didn't write it, then it probably won't work. Don't fall into that ridiculous mind trap but rather take the time to investigate the Spirits. Who are they? What are their powers? What can you learn from them? How can they help you? What's needed to gain their cooperation? All of this and more can be answered if you employ common sense, reason and some good ol fashioned work.

Finally I'd suggest you obtain the following guides and study them well. The Magus Ritual Magic course is going to be your best starting point for working with Spirits plus you'll find more essays like this one where I share my evocational summoning experiments that I've performed with you.

Peace! Power! Prosperity!
Brother MOLOCH 9.: 6.: 9.:



35. Marchosias - Prosperity; Strength.




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