Evocation of Hagiel

by Brother MOLOCH 9.: 6.: 9.:

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I've only had need to contact this spirit one time & I did so as a favor for a friend. Hagiel is the spirit of the Venus sphere Netzach on the Tree of Life. She (yes I said she) is the Qabalistic version of the Goddess Venus. She is governess of Love & Friendships. She is tall, that beautiful to behold & very alluring to either the male or female practitioner. She wears the colour of emerald green, the emerald stones & opalescent features. She is of a watery nature in the elemental attributes. Hagiel is one of the easiest & most cooperative spirits I've evoked. She will come easily when you call although DO NOT EVOKE HER WITHOUT TAKING THE APPRORPRIATE PRECAUTIONS FOR SHE IS STILL A SPIRIT!


I evoked her on a sandy Florida beach in mid-September. My friend, Katie, was having man trouble. She wanted a certain male companion at whatever the cost. I tried in vain to convince her that the price was too high but as people will in these petty, foolish, impudent & childishly emotional love cases she stuck to her desire Bell-Book-& Candle.

I drew the triangle on the beach by the surf in the eastern direction (which happened to be Venus' position that evening). Then I drew a single circle deosil. Next, the Lesser INVOKING Ritual Of The Pentagram was performed. I then sat in the circle's center holding Katie's hand while she focused herself on the man she wanted & verbalizing Hagiel's name like a mantram.

I began my call to Hagiel via the sphere of Netzach and its influence of the Archangel Haniel. I feel calling a spirit under the name of the archangel is sufficient whereas calling a deity is only necessary in emergency situations. This is comparable to calling upon a "colonel" (archangel) to dispatch a "lieutenant" (spirit) rather than bothering the "general" (deity) unless all hell has broken loose!

I visualized Hagiel wearing a shimmering robe of emerald & a girdle of red satin. Her arms were adorned with bands of shiny copper & silver; & her legs were in laced up silver sandals. Around her neck was a silver chain & it held a beautiful antique looking broach which had a large faceted emerald in the center of it. Her hair was golden, eyes green, & skin that was creamy white. She is a true beauty to behold!

Unfotunately at this point of the operation I was interrupted by forth a police officer driving by checking the license plates of the cars (they do that everywhere these days). He flipped on his spotilight & asked what we were doing. I said we were conducting a religious ceremony & that I was a Pagan priest. He looked stupified then asked Katie if she was okay (she was pretty well tranced as she was focused on Hagiel's name slowly speaking it like a mantram). She replied without looking up "yes sir, I am fine; we are doing a ritual & please shut off that damn light!" Well you'd have thought that last comment would get me a night in the nuthouse right? Wrong! This reject from Hazzard County P.D. immediately shut off his spotlight & continued on his way!!! (As I later said to Katie "I know magick works but so quickly or powerfully? Wow!) Once Dudley Doright was out of sight I began to relink with Hagiel.

I learned that this was unnecessary, however, as she clearly said in my mind "I'm here; I didn't leave. What do you wish? Love? Friendship? Romance?" I answered that Katie should speak with Hagiel directly & tell her simply what she wanted. She did & described the man she loved to the tee. Hagiel simply nodded occasionally & when finished said "I will see what I can do."

I then had Katie focus her energy & then direct it into my body via my arm & I in turn directed it into Hagiel as a gift. She thanked us & left. Next we re-ground ourselves, & performed the Lesser BANISHING Rite Of The Pentagram & released any spirits bound by the ceremony; drew the circle widdershins & left.

The following evening, Saturday, Katie called & told me she had just hung up with....Him! The man she had been desiring! He had told her he had been wanting to call her but didn't know how to go about it.

He is younger than Katie & is a free spirit; he works uncoventionally out of his home doing odd jobs & she is 8-10 years his senior working a 9-6 job as a clerk. He had a history of playing the field as a "male whore" (his description, not mine) & Katie is the first woman who actually caught his fancy to make him consider settling down.

They had a whirlwind romance for little over a year. Then all hell broke loose. He wanted out, & she did not want to let go. (Typical no matter which sex doesn't want to let go, right?) Now, she is bitter & wants to "Hex him royally" she says but I admonish her the price is being paid & she will continue with this anger until the price is paid.

Hagiel works well but she should be called upon only when you are looking for the ideal mate who is so tall, weighs so much, wears such & such, likes to do whatever, etc all of which coincides with what you are looking for. Give up the fantasy notion of trying to control someone else for your own debased pleasures else you'll either end up like Katie, bitter or possibly with a "fatal attraction" on your hands.

Hagiel is great for smoothing over hurt friendships & also creating new ones. Many of us can use a few "GOOD" friends & it does not hurt to cultivate more than one. Hagiel is capable of instilling a certain charm into you which will make you 'more desirable' (not irrestible!)

For information on Hagiel, check out Janet & Stewart Farrar's book What Witches Do & also Franz Bardon's The Practice Of Magical Evocation. The spirit Hagiel is a spirit of Netzach (Venus) is not malevolent at all. She is hospitable & will leave you with a warm, loving feeling. She is a wonderful spirit to call upon for the first time!

Peace! Power! Prosperity!

Brother MOLOCH Copywrite 1994 c.e.





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