Evocation of EHNB

by Frater Osiris 11/01/2002

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Sun Temple, 2:00-2:25 p.m.
[S. was the seer. Opened with Watchtower Banishing Pentagram Ritual. Made Active/Passive Spirit pentagrams. Read First and Second Keys, then Enochian conjuration.]

What does he look like?
[It is hard to describe. He�s like a conglomeration or mass of different colors and elements swirled together. It�s him.]
Glad to see you again. Welcome. It has been a while since we talked.
All my children [parts] welcome you.
Thank you. I have a few questions to ask about the Enochian system of magick, and I was hoping you could answer them for me.
I know the answers to that which you seek.
Then let me begin. First of all, does the actual lettering of the Watchtowers matter?
They were written by the scribe of the world--you seeth only his language. The words have infinite riddles of the universe. In them contains the maps of life.
I have found many different ways and different versions of putting the letters on these Tablets, and I am trying to determine the correct configuration.
[He is showing me four obelisks that have sprung up around him that represent the Watchtowers. On each side of them is written different words in different languages. I can�t make out what they all are.]
I have been looking at a number of versions of the Watchtowers, from the Golden Dawn version to the revised tables of Dee and Kelly, and even one that says that the 91 Governors determine the lettering (above all) of the Watchtowers. I am trying to figure out which would be best. Can you help me?
Each of the systems of which you speak have been brought to power by the powers of Above. They are as wise as your own methods. It is the union of these powers--they will teach you each of their own.
Let me ask you a simpler question. Are the names of the Governors correct, and should they be used as the primary source for proper construction of the Watchtowers?
The names are the words in your language.
They will work if you wish them to. The true meanings have no words.
So it�s based on intent, more than on logical accuracy?
There is wisdom in them.
In them?
[In the words. He means that what the words represent is more important to the systems themselves than their actual power. The system that the individual words come out of is representative of the words, not the actual powers themselves.]
Again, it�s based more on intent.
[Basically. The words are the keys to the system. He�s saying that as long as the words you choose are meaningful, as long as they have a basis within the larger structure of the system, they will work the same in any context. Even if you use totally different variations of the words, as long as they have same meanings, it doesn�t matter what you apply them to. That�s what I�m getting.]
Let me ask you another question. Yes or no: does it matter which version of the four Watchtowers I use in Enochian magick?
Thank you. Did you see the banishing ritual that I did before I called you up?
It brought about us.
This is it right here. [Shows script to EHNB.] Can you read this?
It is of me, of us.
What do you think of it? Is it effective?
It drew us near.
Does it properly use the Enochian terms (or words) contained therein?
Yes. It brings you unto us.
Does it prepare a space for working?
It does, as well as much, much more.
Does it effectively banish the area?
It brings you in contact with that of our forces, and purifies all else through union with us.
Good to know. So you would not, for instance, reverse the letters of the Three Holy Names in a banishing ritual?
The proper rite itself has been performed.
It makes no difference to the Greater Ones.
I have another question for you EHNB. I have been working on a new system of magick, and I wish to use the Enochian system as its foundation for practical working. First of all, what do you think of this?
The work is founded in yourself. You will be brought in and strengthened as the world around shall be. Bring the pieces together and the structure will be set. Notice not the flaws. Realize all is in us. That shall be your strength. My children shall be your brothers and sisters. Your numbers shall grow.
Do you have any further advice for me in this manner?
Build us all a great city, so that all be called to rejoice and live. This City shall shine brightly, and be one of the great pillars of the world.
Can you tell me more of what this city is?
It�s a foundation for which we shall be received and live. There shall be no rulers, yet all shall be Kings. And there shall be a great many to come. [He�s giving me biblical allegories. He�s telling a story that�s a cross between the biblical Exodus story of the Promised Land and some kind of alien landing story. It�s really weird. I�ll tell you about this later.]
EHNB, I thank you for answering these questions. I have a couple more here. In order to bring the Enochian system into line with the system I am creating, into line with the energies and outlook of the New Aeon, as well as to adapt this system to the Left-Hand Path, I wish to remove the Biblical references from the system and set up a different nomenclature. What advice do you have for me concerning this matter?
All will be brought together. The return shall be at hand. All shall again be one.
Is there any problem with removing the Biblical coloring of the Enochian system? Will that damage it in any way?
It shall be the truth which sets us free.

[He�s giving me a picture of a dam breaking, flooding.]
Do you have any suggestions as to which form of hierarchy I might use to describe the entities of the Enochian system?
As I have spoken, they are all our brothers and sisters, as are you all. Yet we have been lost, as have you.
I have to come up with new names. Any suggestions?
[He�s giving me the same answers. More on that later.]
Anything else on this subject before I move along?
Quest ever towards your heart. Seek the union of the one that is yourself. In there the answers shall be told. That is the word...
That is the word? Do you have any advice for me personally before we go?
You are on your path, and that which you seek is close at hand. Let not those of other�s paths discourage your own.
Do you have anything that you wish to say to my seer before you go?
[Pause.] Am I to be of any other service today?
Yes. I have something further to ask of you. EHNB, aid me in my goal of putting together a working Enochian system. Please help me with this, I have traveled down this path that I may do so with Knowledge and joy.
I give you all that we are, my brother.
And that is all that I can ask. I thank you, EHNB. I thank you for coming here before us and answering our questions. You are dismissed back unto the abode from which you came. Go in peace.
[He�s gone.]
You had some stuff that you wanted to communicate after the evocation.
He used Biblical language to communicate ideas through me.
He talked about building a city or structure or foundation--this represented the [Watchtower] system. EHNB appeared and then the Watchtowers sprang up around him, and pretty soon the whole city grew up around that. You will build a structure that shall reunite the Higher and Lower [Spirit]. The Enochian world and our own will be mixed and combined, and we will live in harmony and balance. This will occur through the structure you are creating.

Anything else?
When you asked about the hierarchy, he said �It as I have described it.� It was as if the hierarchy was in everything, in the structure of the Universe. He didn�t care which descriptions or titles you used as long as it worked with the system. He indicated that removing the Biblical stuff was like opening the floodgates--it takes out that which separated the system from acceptance.
He liked your pentagram ritual because it identified parts of the Enochian system with the self.




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