Evocation of Arator

Report on an astral (closed-eye) evocation of Arator.

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Date: Wednesday, September 5, 2001.
Local time when the ritual started: 00:50 (legally Thursday, magically still Wednesday) Magical Hour of: t
Local time when the ritual ended: 01:58
Weather: Clear night, somewhat cold (about 8� to 10� Celsius), with a light breeze (the wind chimes outside my window were tolling).
Personal feelings/attitudes, etc: Suffered from a mild flu during the day, but curiously it has been receding since the fall of night, practically

A) Preliminaries:
- Temple setting:
The Temple was set in the following manner: At the center of the Temple, a table on where to scry, covered with a black cloth on which a sigil for Saturn was drawn. This table replaced the altar, as the temple room has no space for both. The table was set in such a manner that the scryer would look towards the north while working, at the elemental tablet above the elemental altar of Earth while in the middle of the two Pillars, which stood to his right (refer also to the photograph). At the center of the table, a scrying mirror (black mirror) built some weeks before performing this working was placed. Behind it, so as to not reflect its flame upon the mirror, the first of the black candles, referring to Kether. A second one to the right, referring to Chokmah, a third to the left, referring to Binah. To the west of the table, a reading stand was placed, in which the text of the rite of approach was to be placed and read (regarding this rite see the facsimile included below)

- Preparation of the magician:
A planetary lamen suggested by Denning & Phillips in their book �Planetary Magick� was used. This lamen was worn hinging from the neck, resting over the Tipharet center. Before the working a cleansing shower was taken, repeating the adoration of Earth suggested by the Ciceros� in their book �Secrets of a Golden Dawn Temple�. (The magician has no access to a bathtub, so only a shower was taken).

- Preparation of the space:
Before taking the shower an incense stick (Patchouli) was lit in the Temple, as to fill it with its aroma before starting. The candles of the four elemental altars where also lit. The rest of the candles remained unlit until later in the ritual.

B) Procedure
- Rituals performed:
Banishings: After entering the Temple, a relaxation ritual was performed. After it, a LBRP and BRH. For the LBRP an elemental wand was used which as been used for the whole of this year. For the BRH, a dagger was used, which has been used exclusively for this purpose since 2000.

Invocation/Attunement: In order to connect better with the sphere of Saturn, the rite of Approach in Saturn, of the Order of the Aurum Solis was performed in its entirety.

- Scrying:
Once the approach to Saturn was finished, the reading stand was put away, and a chair brought forth. The three black candles atop the table were lit, and the magician sat in front of the table cloth, staring at the sigil for Saturn inscribed upon it. After a while the gaze was turned towards the black mirror, and attention was placed on the images to be beheld there.

C) Results:
- Images beheld:
With the mirror: The astrological symbol of Saturn was seen in the surface of the black mirror, shining in white brilliance. My own reflection was also seen there, but it seemed to me quite older, a little bit fatter, and in general advanced in age. Two white rays seemed to gather in this image from above the mirror, as if coming from the Kether of the Temple. In order to stop seeing my own reflection I decided to step back a bit, and move the mirror so that it would reflect the blackness of the Temple. As I did this I sensed the contour of the black mirror disappearing, as if it had been absorbed by the Temple. At this moment some vapors and fumes seemed to be forming inside the reflecting surface of the mirror. The face of an old man seemed to take form in the mirror�s surface, reminding me of my own aged face of a while before. After a while no new images seemed to appear, so I decided to close my eyes and scry not with the mirror but with the closed eyelids.

With closed eyelids: When closing my eyes, the astrological symbol of Saturn appeared as a sort of portal painted over paper, human-seized. I ripped it apart, and I could see a scene that resembled a haunted house. Behind the portal another boundary, this time of thick cobwebs, was seen. I ripped them apart too. I was in a second story of an abandoned, old house. It was full of cobwebs, dust and abandoned furniture. From the stairway, as I descended, I could see a male figure of an old man, short, a little bent over. I descended towards it, giving the sign of Earth when in front of it. It did not reply to the sign. So I showed it the Banner of the West, which seemed not to frighten it, as it remained in its place. I had a short conversation with this entity, which I now transcribe:

Frater H: Who are you?

Entity: I am Arathor.

Frater H: Show me the sigil of Arathor.

Entity: (does it. The sigil shows perfectly clear, in a white brilliant color)

Frater H: Why didn�t you reply to the sign of Earth I gave earlier?

Entity: I am not initiated into that element.

Frater H: What place is this?

Entity: The house of Assiah, the house of 3.

Frater H: Do you live here?

Entity: No.

Frater H: What are you doing here then?

Entity: I am waiting.

Frater H: (At this point I took a look at the house: it was empty, dark and cold. No one was there, except this entity calling itself Arator and myslef).
I am Frater H:.

Entity: (nods as if it already knew this information)

Frater H: I believe I will be coming here often. I just wanted to introduce myself and let you know.

Entity: (Nods and seems to smile) I know.

Frater H: I would ask you to please help me in seeing the images in the black mirror more clearly.

Entity: I cannot do that.

Frater H: Why not?

Entity: It is not one of my attributions.

Frater H: Who can help me with this then?

Entity: Phul can help you.

Frater H: I will ask her. Thank you (I lightly bow towards the figure)

Entity: (Bows and makes the sign of the Fire).

Frater H: (I reply with the sign of Water and move on, opening my eyes)

Once with my eyes opened again, I stare at the mirror once more. I perceive three dots, as the ones used to indicate abbreviations in hermeticism and freemasonry, in the upper left corner of the mirror. After a while, the astrological symbol of Saturn appears again on the mirror. The surface of the mirror now appears very solid, as if made of black reflective rock and not of glass. After a while the edges of the mirror seem to merge again with the blackness of the Temple, not being easily discernible. A mist and fumes seem to gather inside the mirror, becoming heavier and heavier as time passes. A sort of elderly oriental face, very schematic, is seen behind the fumes. Looks simple, few lines: like a caricature. I again close my eyes and decide to scry in the inner planes. I see the figure that claimed to be Arator again. I greet it with the sign of Water. He responds with the sign of Earth. A conversation starts again:

Frater H: Are you Arator?

Entity: (nods) I am.

Frater H: Show me the sigil of Arator

Entity: (does it, producing a floating white image with the sigil)

Frater H: (I show him the banner of the west. He seems a little starteld by it, but keeps his ground. I smile at him). May the blessings of YHVH ELOHIM be upon you (I bless the entity in the catholic fashion)

Entity: (at the mention of the divine names, kneels down and bows its head).

Frater H: (I walk away from the entity. Then open my eyes).

I softly knock on the surface of the mirror with my index finger ten times, to �ground� it, and I silently thank it for its services.

Closings: I raise, performing a LBRP and a BRH.

D) Effects perceived: During the BRH I began to feel very very sleepy, not being able to fully concentrate on the ritual, but rather performing it automatically. But once in bed, I was unable to fall asleep, finally suffering from a very light, short and uneasy slumber. The next day not only did I wake up very late, but tired and with a sense of drowsiness. More interesting was the strong depression I suffered all of that day, which confined me to bed. I felt better only after sleeping from 2 PM to 6 PM.

E) Note from January 22, 2002: The day after performing this ritual I made a comment about my depression to Frater KKT, also telling him I had done a scrying in Saturn. He said �Ah, that explains it all: Saturn is very �heavy�� But I didn�t believe my depression was related to working with Saturn, as I had thoroughly banished both before and after the scrying. But on January the 18th., 2002, I received a book I had ordered from the U.S., entitled �Summoning Spirits, the Art of Magical Evocation�, by a certain magician under the pen name Konstantinos. While reading this book, which I found very serious and well fundamented, I found out that the use of the magical mirror to converse with spirits is considered in this book as a form of evocation to the Astral, and, just as an evocation to the Physical, the mirror must be placed outside the circle, in order not to be affected by the spirit evoked. So, in effect, what I performed in this session was an evocation of a random entity of the sphere of Saturn, and this newly acquired information made it clear that even if I did all of my banishings, the fact that the mirror was inside of my circle (as a matter of fact just in front of me, on the table) made me permeable to the energies of the sphere invoked. For future scryings using the mirror, I decided to put it outside the protection circle.

F) Final Assesment: It is my opinion that the fact of using the Aurum Solis approach rite worked as en evocatory calling, and so a spirit adequate with the sphere contacted was in effect summoned to the astral plane, where conversation could be done with it. The fact that I was not intending to evoke, and therefore had not made the preparations thereof (triangle of manifestation and mirror placed outside the circle, for example), made me vulnerable to the energies of the sphere so accidentally evoked, as the mirror and the conversation with the entity occurred inside of my circle.

Thinking about it, the communion with the Archangels is also a form of evocation to the astral plane, and for a while it was unclear to me why this type of evocation, which I have been performing for about two years, had not affected me in a negative manner thus far. After pondering on it for a while, it was clear for me that the communions always occur with the Archangels of the LBRP, which stand their ground after the completion of the LBRP, that is, outside the magical circle, and guarding it.

As the sphere of Saturn corresponds, among with other things, to death and old age, plus many other associations of great change and slow, heavy motions, the result of evocating an entity of this sphere inside my circle was the depression I felt for a whole day.

For future experiments, I not use the Aurum Solis ritual, which is intended as an invocatory ritual, mixed with scrying, which is used for evocation. The effect of using these techniques for opposite results one after the other seems to have transformed the invocatory ritual of attunement with Saturn into an evocatory call, thus summoning an entity of that sphere into my astral circle, effect for which the performer was not prepared.

The intention of using rituals and implements not specifically recommended by the Order in this ritual was to attune myself better with the energies I desired to contact, as my character is inclined towards paraphernalia and incantations. This solution proved inconvenient after analyzing the results and their possible causes.

For future scrying of the planetary planes, the method suggested by the Order will be strictly followed, or, if a scrying device and evocatory call is used, the focus of the entity will be placed outside the circle.




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