Angels & Demons List

The Sarim (Chief Celestial Angel-Princes)

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Name Attribute
Akatriel or
Revealer of the Divine Mysteries & Angel of Proclamation.
Anafiel Chief of the Crown Judgement Angels of the Merkabah.
Azbuga or
One of the 8 great Throne Angels of Judgement who clothes with the Garment of Righteousness those deemed worthy among the new arrivals in Heaven.
Barakiel or
Barkiel or
Ruler of the Order of the Seraphim; Governer of February and one of the 7 Archangels.
Camael or
Chief of the order of Powers; one of the Holy Sephiroth; personification of Divine Justice; among the 7 that stand in the presence of God.
Chayyiel Chief of the holy Hayyoth (Cherubim).
Gabriel Angel of Annunciation, Resurrection, Mercy & Vengence; ruling Prince of the 1st Heaven; Chief of the Angelic Guards over Paradise.
Galgaliel Eponymous head of the order of Galgalim (chariots of the Merkabah); Chief Angel of the Wheel of the Sun.
Haniel or
Chief of the orders of Principalities & Virtues; one of the 7 Archangels; Governor of December; reputed to have transported Enoch to Heaven.
Iofiel Preceptor Angel of Shem; a prince of the Torah (like Yofiel, Zophiel, Yefefiah); one of the 7 Archangels; Chief of the Order of Thrones.
The Irin Twin Angels who, together with the twin Qaddisin, constitute the Supreme Judgement Council of the Heavenly Court; among the 8 exalted hierarchs that enjoy a rank superior to that of Metatron.
Jehoel or
Mediator of the Ineffable Name, Prince of the Prescence
Metatron Chancellor of Heaven, Prince of the Ministering Angels; Sustainer of Mankind.
Michael Chief Angel of the Lord; Deliverer of the Faithful; Tutelary Prince of Israel; Angel of Repentance, etc.
Phanuel or
Archangel of Penance; Prince of the Prescence; Identified with Uriel & Ramiel.
The Qaddisin Twin Angels who, together with the twin Irin, constitute the Supreme Judgement Council of the Heavenly Court.
Radueriel or
The Recording Angel; Leader of the Celestial Choirs; Creator of the lesser Angels.
Raphael Angel of Healing, Science & Knowledge; one of the Princes of the Prescence; Regent of the Sun.
Raziel or
Chief of the Supreme Mysteries; One of the Archangelic governers of the Briatic World; Perceptor Angel of Adam, Herald of Deity and reputed author of The Book Of The Angel Raziel.
Rikbiel Chief of the Dvine Chariot; Prince of the Merkabah Angels.
Sopheriel Mehayye &
Sopheriel Memeth
Two of the Supreme Angels of the 8 Merkabah; Keepers of the Books of Life and Death.
Soqed Hozi Keeper of the Divine Balances; One of the 8 Supreme Angels of the Merkabah; appointed by God to the Sword
Sandalphon Angel of Power and Glory; Twin brother of Metatron.
Shemuil The Great Archon, Mediator between the prayers of Israel and the Princes of the 7th heaven.
Suriel Benevolent Angel of Death; Instructor of Moses; Also a Prince of the Presence.
Tzadkiel Angel of Divine Justice.
Uriel Archangel of salvation; Regent of the Sun; Overseer of Tartarus.
Yefefiah or
Angel of the Torah; Instructed Moses in the Mysteries of the Cabala.
Zagzagel Angel of Wisdom; Chief Guard of the 4th Heaven; Angel of the Burning Bush.





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