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The 72 Angels Bearing The Mystical Name Of God (Shemhamporae)

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The names of these spirits were obtained by combining the 72 letters of three verses from the book of Exodus in the Bible, (chapter 14 verses 19, 20, & 21). The name Shemhamporae is sometimes spelt Shemhamporasch. This word means the Divided Name. The "name" is Tetragrammaton: I.H.V.H., commonly called Jehovah. He is the supreme Lord of the Four Elements which fundamentally are the whole universe. There are three verses in Exodus, each containing 72 letters. By writing down the first of these, and underneath this the next verse backward, and under this again the last verse forwards, 72 columns of three letters each are obtained. These are read downwards, and the terminations "al" or "ah", according as they are male or female, appended. There is also an attribution of these intelligences, one to each of the quinaries or segments of five degrees of the Zodiac; but there are also innumerable other Angels, Demons, Magical Images, Lords of Triplicities, Lesser Assistant Angels and so on, with Demons to correspond. It is well to bear in mind that all Angels whatever their state of grace, indeed, no matter how christologically corrupt and defiant - are under God, even when, to all intents and purposes, they are performing under the direct orders of the Devil. Evil itself is an instrumentality of the Creator, who uses Evil for his own divine, if unsearchable, ends. Angels perform a multiplicity of duties and tasks. Preeminently they serve God. They also carry out missions from God to Man. But many serve man directly as Guardians, Counselors, Guides, Judges, Interpreters, Cooks, Comforters, Match-makers and Grave-diggers.

No. Name Quinary Powers & Attributes
1 Vehuiah 0-5� Helps Receive Enlightenment & Expand Consciousness; Dominates the Sciences; Influences the Shrewd.
2 Jeliel 6-10� Helps Repress unjust Revolts; Aids conjugal Peace; Dominates Kins & Princes; Influences all Generations.
3 Sitael 11-15� Protects against Adversity and Calamity; Dominates Magnanimity & Nobility; Influences Lovers of Truth.
4 Elemiah 16-20� Helps against Spiritual Torment; Reveals Traitors; Dominates Sea voyages; Influences Discoveries.
5 Mahasiah 21-25� Helps All to live in Peace; Dominates occult Magic & Ttheology; Influences Learning.
6 Lelahel 26-30� Serves to acquire "light"; Cures contagious Diseases; Dominates Love & Fame & Fortune;. Influences the Sciences.
7 Achaiah 31-35� Helps discover Natural Secrets; Dominates Patience & Temperance; Influences the spread of Light and Industry.
8 Cahetel 36-40� Serves to obtain blessing and protection against evil spirits. Dominates agricultural produce. Influences the hunt.
9 Aziel 41-45� Helps keep Promises & obtain the Friend-ship of the Great; Dominates Good Faith; Influences Sincerity and Faith.
10 Aladiah 46-50� Helps hide Secrets; Dominates Plague and Rabies; Influences healing.
11 Lauviah 51-55� Protects against Lightning; Serves to obtain Victory; Dominates Fame; Influences the famous Learned.
12 Hahaiah 56-60� Protects against Adversity; Helps those in Need; Dominates Dreams; Influences Wise & Spiritual people
13 Iezalel 61-65� Helps Reconciliation & Conjugal Faithfulness; Dominates Friendship & Affability; Influences Memory & Shrewdness.
14 Mebahel 66-70� Protects against those wishing to Usurp the Fortunes of others; Dominates Justice; Influences & protects Truth.
15 Hariel 71-75� Serves against the Ungodly & Defeatists; Dominates the Sciences & Arts; Influences Discoveries & new Methods.
16 Hakamiah 76-80� Helps against Traitors; Serves for Victory over Enemies; Dominates Arsenal; Influences Frankness.
17 Lauviah 81-85� Helps refreshing Night-time; Helps against Sadness; Dominates the High Sciences; Influences Musicians & Poets.
18 Caliel 86-90� Serves to reveal the Truth; Aids the Triumph of Innocence; Dominates Trials; Influences Witnesses.
19 Leuviah 91-95� Protects & Helps in obtaining Grace; Dominates the Memory; Influences Joviality & Intelligence.
20 Pahaliah 96-100� Helps Conversions; Dominates Theology & Religion; Influences Chastity & Morals.
21 Nelehael 101-105� Protects against Unfavourable Spirits & Slanderers;. Dominates Mathematics & Geometry.
22 Ieialiel 106-110� Protects against Storms & Shipwrecks; Dominates Business Fortunes; Influences Business Trips.
23 Melahell 111-115� Protects against Weapons & Perils of Travel; Dominates Medicinal Herbs & Water.
24 Hahuiah 116-120� Serves to obtain Grace; Dominates the Exiled; Protects against Thieves & Murderers.
25 Nith-haiah 121-125� Serves to obtain Wisdom & Dream Revelations; Dominates the Ooccult Sciences & the Wise.
26 Haaiah 126-130� Protects those Seeking the True Light; Dominates Peace Ttreaties; Influences Ambassadors.
27 Jerathel 131-135� Protects against Unjust Attacks; Confounds one's Enemies; Dominates Civilisation; Influences Peace.
28 Seeiah 146-140� Protects against Fire & Ruin & Collapse; Dominates Health & Longevity; Influences Prudence.
29 Reiiel 141-145� Helps & Protects against Enemies both Visible and Invisible; Dominates Mystic Feelings & Sacred Philosophy.
30 Omael 146-150� Helps against Desperation & Trouble; Strengthens Patience; Dominates the Generation of Men and Animals.
31 Lecabel 151-155� Casts Light on one's Job; Dominates Vegetation; Influences Aastrology.
32 Vasariah 156-160� Helps against False & Unjust Accusations; Dominates Justice & Jjudges; Influences the Word.
33 Iehuiah 161-165� Uncovers Plots & Traitors; Undoes their Plans; Dominates & Influences Just Rulers.
34 Lehahiah 166-170� Maintains Peace & Harmony between Countries; Dominates Faithfulness & Respect & Devotion.
35 Chevakiah 171-175� Recovers the Friendship of Those we have Offended; Dominates Wills; Influences Friendly Distribution.
36 Menadel 176-180� Protects against Slander; Releases Prisoners; Dominates the Return of Exiles.
37 Aniel 181-185� Helps Conquer & to obtain Release from Siege; Dominates the Sciences & Arts; Influences Meditation of the Wise.
38 Haamiah 186-190� Protects against Lightning and Infernal Spirits; Dominates Creeds; Influences & Protects Those who Seek the Truth.
39 Rehael 191-195� Protects from & Cures Disease; Dominates Health & Longevity; Influences Paternal Love.
40 Ieiazel 196-200� Helps Release Prisoners & Releases from Enemies; Dominates the Press & Books; Influences Artists.
41 Hahahel 201-205� Helps against the Ungodly & Slanderers; Dominates Missionaries; Influences Priests & Prelates.
42 Mikael 206-210� Helps & Protects the Safety of Journeys; Dominates the Powerful; Influences Curiosity & Politics.
43 Veuahiah 211-215� Helps Destroy Enemies; Frees from Slavery; Dominates Peace; Influences Prosperity.
44 Ielahiah 216-220� Helps win Lawsuits; Dominates Victory; Influences Courage in Battle.
45 Sealiah 221-215� Helps Confound the Evil & the Proud; Dominates Vegetation; Influences Education.
46 Ariel 226-230� Helps uncover Hidden Treasures; Dominates Night-time Visions; Influences Difficult Solutions.
47 Asaliah 231-235� Helps Those who wish to Raise themselves Spiritually; Dominates Justice; Influences Contemplation.
48 Michael 236-240� Helps preserve Harmony & Union between Spouses; Dominates the Ggenerations; Influences Love.
49 Vehuel 241-245� Helps find Peace against Trouble; Dominates Great Personalities; Influences Humility.
50 Daniel 246-250� Protects & Consoles; Inspires Decisions; Dominates Justice; Influences Judges.
51 Hahasiah 251-255� Helps Those who wish to Know the Occult Mysteries; Dominates Cchemistry; Influences Abstract Sciences.
52 Imamiah 256-260� Destroys Enemies; Protects Prisoners; Dominates Vigour; Influences Research.
53 Nanael 261-265� Obtains Enlightenment; Dominates the Higher Sciences; Influences Teachers & Men of Law.
54 Nitael 266-270� Obtains Mercy & Longevity; Dominates Dynasties & Stability.
55 Mebaiah 271-275� Helps in Consolation & Those who Wish to have Children; Dominates Morals & Religion & Piety.
56 Poiel 276-280� Obtains What is Asked for; Dominates Fame & Success & Ffortune; Influences Moderation.
57 Nemmamiah 281-285� Helps Prosper & release Prisoners; Dominates Generals; Influences Combatants.
58 Leialel 286-290� Helps against Trouble; Heals Eye Diseases; Dominates Iron; Influences Locksmiths & Knife-grinders.
59 Harakel 291-295� Protects against Female Sterility & Rebellious Children; Dominates Treasures & Archives; Influences the Press.
60 Mizrael 296-300� Heals the Ills of the Spirit; Releases from Persecutors; Dominates Men of Virtue; Influences Faithfulness.
61 Umabel 301-305� Obtains the Friendship of a Person; Dominates Astronomy & Physics; Influences the Sensitivity of the Heart.
62 Iah-hel 206-310� Obtains Wisdom & Knowledge; Dominates Philosophers & the Enlightened; Influences Virtue in Solitude.
63 Anianuel 311-315� Protects against Accidents; Maintains Health & Heals; Dominates Ttrade & Businessmen;. Influences Business.
64 Mehiel 316-320� Protects against Rabies & Fierce Animals; Dominates the Learned & Orators & Authors; Influences the Press & Books.
65 Namabiah 321-325� Aids against Sorcery; Obtains Wisdom; Dominates the Waters; Influences Sailors & Fishermen.
66 Manakel 326-330� Protects against & Heals Leprosy & Anger; Dominates Vegetation; Influences Sleep & Dreams.
67 Etaiel 331-335� Helps and Consoles in Adversity; Obtains Wisdom; Dominates Change; Influences the Occult Sciences.
68 Xabuiah 336-340� Helps Maintain Health & Cure Disease; Dominates Fertility & Agriculture & the Earth.
69 Rochel 341-345� Helps Find Lost or Stolen Objects; Dominates Laws & Judges; Influences Fame.
70 Jabamiah 346-350� Protects & Regenerates; Leads to Inner Harmony; Dominates Pphilosophical Knowledge; Influences Nature.
71 Haiel 351-355� Confounds Evil; Grants release from Enemies; Gives Victory; Dominates Weapons & Soldiers. Influences Iron.
72 Mumiah 356-360� Brings every Experience to a Happy Conclusion; Dominates Medicine & Influences Longevity.




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