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Pseudomonarchia D�monum

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from Pr�stigiis D�monum by Johann Weyer

No. Name Rank Appearance Powers & Attributes (Devil Legions Commanded, where a legion is 6 6 6 6)
1 Baell or
Ba�ll or
King Man with 3 Heads (Toad, Man, & Cat). Makes Men Invisible & Wise. (66)
2 Agares Duke Fair Old Man, riding a Crocodile, carrying a Hawk. Teaches Languages; Returns Runaways & makes still People run; Overthrows Dignities; Makes Earthquakes. (31)
3 Marbas or
President Lion. Reveals Hidden Things; Brings & Cures Diseases; Promotes Wisdom & Knowledge of Mechnical Arts; Changes Men to Other Shapes. (36)
4 Pruflas or
Prince & Duke Flame outside Tower of Babylon with Raven's Head. Author & Promoter of Discord & War & Quarrels & Falsehood. (26)
5 Amon or
Marquis Wolf with Serpent's tail breathing Fire, or Man with Dog's Teeth & Raven's Head. Understands Things Past & Future; Procures Favours; Reconciles Friends & Foes. (40)
6 Barbatos Count or
Appears with 4 Kings & many Troops. Understands the Languages of Animals; Finds Hidden Treasures; Knows the Past & Future; Reconciles Friends & Powers. (30)
7 Buer President [not given] Teaches Moral & Natural Philosophy & Logic & Herbs; Heals Diseases. (50)
8 Gusoin or
Duke Xenophilus Answers all Questions of Present & Past & Future; Reconciles Friends; Distributes Honours & Dignities. (45)
9 Botis or
President Viper, or Man with Great Teeth & two Horns, carrying a Sword. Answers all Questions of Present & Past & Future; Reconciles Friends & Foes. (60)
10 Bathin or
Bathym or
Mathim or
Duke Strong Man with Serpent's Tail, riding a Pale Horse. Understands Herbs & Precious Stones; Transports Men from one Country to Another. (30)
11 Purson or
Pursan or
King Man with Lion's Face, carrying a Viper, riding a Bear, heralded by Trumpets. Knows Things Hidden & Present & Past & Future; Assumes a Human or Aerial body; Answers truly Things Earthly & Secret. (22)
12 Eligor or
Duke Handsome Knight, carrying a Lance & Ensign & Sceptre. Answers of Hidden Things & Wars & Soldiers meeting; Knows Things to come; Procures FAvours of Lords & Knights. (60)
13 Leraie or
Loray or
Marquis Handsome Archer, carrying Bow & Quiver. Authors battles; Putrifies Wounds caused by Arrows. (30)
14 Valefar or
Malephar or
Duke Lion with Barking Head. Befriends People before Leading them to the Gallows. (10)
15 Morax or
Earl & President Bull. Makes Men cunning in Astronomy & Liberal Sciences; Knows Herbs & Precious Stones. (36)
16 Ipos or
Ipes or
Ayporos or
Earl & Prince Angel with Lion's head & Goose's feet & Hare's tail. Knows the Future & Past; Makes Men Witty & Bold. (36)
17 Naberius or
Naberus or
Marquis Crow with Hoarse Voice. Make Men Amiable & Cunning in Arts, especially Rhetoric; Procures the Loss of Prelacies & Dignities. (19)
18 Glasya Labolas or
Caacrinolaas or
President Dog with Gryphon's Wings. Knows Arts; Understands the Present & Future; Gains the Mind & Love of Friends & foes; Makes Men Invisible. (36)
19 Zepar Duke Soldier. Makes Women love Men & Changes their Shape & Makes them Barren. (26)
20 Bileth or
King Rides a Horse accompanied by Music. [not given] (85)
21 Sitri or
Sytry or
Prince Man with Leopard's Face & Gryphon's Wings. Makes Men love Women & Women love Men; Discloses Women's Secrets & Mocks them to make them Naked. (60)
22 Paimon
accompanied by
Beball & Abalam
King Effeminate Man riding a Camel, wearing a Crown, preceded by Men with Trumpets & Cymbals. Teaches the Disposition of the Earth & Water & Wind; Gives Dignities & Confirmations. (200)
23 Bune Duke Dragon with 3 Heads (?, ?, & Man) Moves the Dead & Gathers Devils upon Sepulchres; Makes Men Eloquent & Wise. (30)
24 Forneus Marquis Sea-monster. Gives Men Rhetoric & Knowledge of Languages; Makes Men Loved by Friends & Foes. (29)
25 Ronove or
Marquis Monster. Gives Men Rhetoric & Faithful Servants & Knowledge of Languages; Procues Favours of Friends & Foes. (19)
26 Berith or
Beall or
Berithi or
Bolfry or
Duke Soldier in Red wearing a Red Crown, riding a Red Horse. Reveals Things Present & Past & Future; Lies; Changes Metals to Gold. (26)
27 Astaroth Duke Foul Angel with Stinking Breath, riding a Dragon, carrying a Viper. Reveals Things Present & Past & Future; Speaks of Fallen Angels; Gives Knowledge of Liberal Sciences. (40)
28 Foras or
Forras or
President Strong Man. Knows Herbs & Precious Stones; Teaches Logic & Ethics; Makes Men Invisible & Witty & Eloquent & Long-lived; Recovers Lost Things; Reveals Treasures. (29)
29 Furfur Earl Hart with Fiery Tail. Lies; Raises Thunder-storms. (26)
30 Marchosias or
Marquis Female Wolf with Gryphon's Wings & Serpent's Tail, spitting (urine / faeces?). Fights well; Answers Questions Truly. (30)
31 Malphas President Crow. Builds Houses & High Towers; Brings Artificers Together; Destroys Emeny's Buildings. (40)
32 Vepar or
Duke Mermaid. Guides Ships laden with Armour; Creates Storms at Sea & the Illusion of many Ships; Kills Men by Putrifaction & Maggots. (29)
33 Sabnacke or
Sabnac or
Marquis Armed Soldier, with Lion's Head, riding a Pale Horse. Builds Towers full of Weapons & Castles & Cities; Gives Men rotten Wounds for a Month. (50)
34 Sidonayor or
Sydonay or
King Man with 3 Heads (Man, Bull, & Ram), belching Fire, with Goose's feet, riding a Dragon, carrying a Lance & Flag. Teaches Geometry & Mathematics & Astronomy & Mechanics; Makes Men Invisible; Reveals Hidden Treasures and Guards them. (72)
35 Gaap or
President & Prince [not given] Teaches Philosophy & Liberal Sciences; Makes Men Love & Hate & Insensible & Invisible; Reveals Things Present & Past & Future. (66)
36 Shax or
Chax or
Duke & Marquis Stork with a Hoarse & Subtle Voice Takes Sight & Hearing & Understanding from Men; Steals King's Gold for 1200 years & Horses. (30)
37 Procell Duke Angel. Teaches Geometry & Liberal Arts; Makes great Noises; Causes Water to Roar & become Warm. (48)
38 Furcas Knight Cruel Man with Long Beard, riding a Pale Horse, carrying a Spear. Teaches Philosophy & Rhetoric & logic & Astronomy & Chiromancy (Palmistry) & Pyromancy. (20)
39 Murmur Duke & Earl Soldier, riding a Gryphon (or Vulture). Teaches Philosophy. (30)
40 Caim or
President Thrush. Teaches the Language of Animals and Waters. (30)
41 Raum or
Earl Crow. Steals King's Possessions; Knows Things Present & Past & Future; Reconciles Friends & Foes. (30)
42 Halphas Earl Stork with a Hoarse Voice. Builds Towns of Munitions & Weapons; Sends Soldiers to their Wars. (26)
43 Focalor Duke Man with Gryphon's Wings. Kills & Drowns Men; Sinks Warships; Commands Winds & Waves. (3)
44 Vine King & Earl Lion, riding a Black Horse, carrying a Viper. Destroys Stone Walls; Makes Waters Rough; Reveals Hidden Things & Witches & Things Present & Past & Future. ([not given])
45 Bifrons [not given] Monster. Teaches Astrology & Geometry & Measurements; Knows Herbs & Precious Stones & Woods; Moves Corpses; Lights Candles upon Sepulchres. (26)
46 Gamigin or
Marquis Small Horse. Teaches Liberal Sciences; Gives Aerial Bodies to those Drowned or in Purgatory. (30)
47 Zagan or
King & President Bull with Gryphon's Wings. Makes Men Witty; Turns Metal into Coins & Water into Wine & Blood into Wine & WIne into Blood & a Fool into a Wise Man. (33)
48 Orias Marquis Lion, riding a Horse, with a Serpent's Tail. Teaches Astrology; Gives Dignities & Prelacies & Confirmations & Favour of Friends & Foes. (30)
49 Valac or
President Man with Angel's wings, riding a 2-Headed Dragon. Reveals Hidden Treasure & Serpents. (30)
50 Gomory Duke Fair Woman riding a Camel. Reveals Things Present & Past & Future & Hidden Treasure; Procures the Love of Women. (26)
51 Decarabia or
[not given] [not given] Knows Herbs & Precious Stones; Commands Birds. (30)
52 Amduscias Duke Unicorn. Causes Music to be Heard but not their Instruments Seen & Trees to Bend. (29)
53 Andras Marquis Angel with Raven's Head, riding a Black Wolf, carrying a Sword. Killer; Author of Discords. (30)
54 Andrealphus or
Marquis Peacock. Teaches Geometry & Measurement & Astronomy; Makes Men Subtle Disputers; Transforms Men into Birds. (30)
55 Ose or
President Leopard. Teaches Liberal Sciences; Transforms Men's Shapes; Makes Men Sane or Insane. ([not given])
56 Aym or
Haborim or
Duke Man with 3 Heads (Serpent, Man with 2 ?, & Cat), riding a Viper, carrying a Brand. Sets Fire to Castles & Cities. (26)
57 Orobas Prince Horse. Speaks of Divine Virtue; Knows Things Present & Past & Future & of Divinity & Creation; Gives Dignities & Prelacies; Favours Friends & Foes. (20)
58 Vapula Duke Lion with Gryphon's Wings. Teaches Mechanics & Philosophy & Sciences. (36)
59 Cimeries Marquis Man (?) riding a Black Horse Rules parts of Africa; Teaches Grammar & Logic & Rhetoric; Discovers Hidden Things; Makes Men appear to be Soldiers. (20)
60 Amy President Flame. Teaches Astrology & Liberal Sciences. (36)
61 Flauros Duke Leopard. Reveals Things Present & Past & Future; Lies; Speaks of Divinity & Creation & the Fall. (20)
62 Balam King Man with 3 Heads (Bull, Ram, & Man) and Serpent's Tail, riding a Bear, carrying a Hawk. Reveals Things Present & Past & Future; Makes Men Invisible & Wise. (40)
63 Allocer or
Duke Soldier with Lion's Face riding a Horse. Teaches Astronomy & Liberal Sciences. (36)
64 Saleos or
Earl Handsome Soldier riding a Crocodile. [not given] ([not given])
65 Vuall or
Duke Camel Procures the Love of Women & Friends & Foes; Reveals Things Present & Past & Future. (37)
66 Haagenti President Bull with Gryphon's Wings. Makes Men Wise; Changes Metals into Gold & Water into Winde & Wine into Water. (33)
67 Phoenix Marquis Phoenix. Reveals Sciences; Excellent Poet. (20)
68 Stolas Prince Raven. Teaches Astronomy; Knows Herbs & Precious Stones. (26)




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