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Olympick Spirits

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from Arbatel Of Magick

Name Planet Powers & Attributes Commands (a legion is 490)
Arathon Saturn Converts Anything to Stone; Converts Treasures into Coles [Soup or Money] & back again; Teaches Alchemy & Magic & Physics; Reconciles Subterranean Spirits to Man; Makes Men Hairy; Makes Men Invisible; Makes the Barren Fruitful; Gives Long Life 49 Kings
42 Princes
35 Presidents
28 Dukes
21 Ministers
14 Familiars
7 Messengers
36000 Legions of Spirits
Bethor Jupiter Opens Treasures; Reconciles the Air Spirits; Transports Precious Stones; Makes miraculous Medicines; Prolongs Life to 700 years 42 Kings
35 Princes
28 Dukes
21 Counsellors
14 Ministers
7 Messengers
29000 Legions of Spirits
Phaleg Mars Gives Honours in War-like affaires  
Och Sun Prolongs Life to 600 years with Perfect Health; Gives Great Wisdom; Teaches Medicine; Converts all Things into Gold 36536 Legions of Spirits
Hagith Venus Makes People Fair & Beautiful; Converts Copper into Gold & back again 4000 Legions of Spirits
Ophiel Mercury Teaches all Arts & the ability to convert Quicksilver (Mercury) into the Philosopher's Stone 100000 Legions of Spirits
Phul Moon Changes all Metals into Silver; Prolongs Life to 300 years; Heals Dropsy  




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