Angels & Demons List

Demons Bound By Solomon To Build His Temple

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from The Testament Of Solomon

Name Appearance Powers & Attributes Bound To / Frustrated By Temple Work
Ornias Assumes the shape of a Woman to appease Men Plays with Men in their Sleep; Offspring of Uriel; Fears Iron Aquarius Cuts Stone
Beelzeboul or
  Ruler of Demons Destroys Kings; Aids Foreign Tyrants; Sets Demons upon Men; Makes Men Envious & Murderous & Warlike and commit Sodomy; will Destroy the World God Brings other Demons
Onoskelis   A Fair Woman with Ass's Legs Changeable Character; Strangles Men with a Noose; Lives In Caves Precepices & Ravines; Consorts with darkskinned Men; Born of an Echo Moon
Spins Hemp
Asmodeus   Plots against Newly-weds so they are Strangers; Makes Married Men Lust After Women & Commit Murder Dragon's Child (Ursa Major / Great Bear)
Raphael / Sheatfish
Carries Water
Tephras Dust-devil / Whirlwind Spirit of the Ashes Bring Darkness to Men; Sets Fields on Fire; Destroys Homesteads; Bidden to Restrain Convulsions of Hemitertian Fever Azael Carries Stone
Pleiades :
Seven Fair Women Bound Together Deceives Men & Weaves Snares; Whets & Excites Heresies Lamechalal Digs Foundations
Pleiades :
Brings Timbers & Stones & Hangers & Weapons Baruchiachel
Pleiades :
Klothod (Battle)
Causes Wars Marmarath
Pleiades :
Causes Men to Forget their Sobriety & Moderation; Splits Men into Parties (Factions); Splits Familes Balthial
Pleiades :
Raises Tyrants; Tears down Kings; Furnishes Rebels with Power Asteraoth
Pleiades :
Leads Men Astray so as to Pry into Graves Uriel
Pleiades :
"the worst of all"
(equated with Hecate)
Makes Men worse off than they are; Imposes the Bonds of Artemis a Locust
Envy Headless Man Makes Children Dumb; Haunts Crossroads; Emits Fire from the Orient; Mutilates Feet; Inflicts Sores Flash of Lightning (Kept with Beelzeboul)
Rabdos (Staff) Large Hound Supplies a Green Stone Tossed To & Fro in a Mountainous Region Brieus Cuts Marble
Rath Roaring Lion Makes Sick Men Weak; Casts Out Demons Emmanuel Carries Wood
"crest of Dragons" 3-Headed Dragon Blinds unborn Children & Twirls Their Ears & Makes them Deaf & Dumb; Makes Men have Fits / Seizures the writing of Golgotha Makes Bricks
Obizuth Woman's Head with dishevelled Hair without a Body Strangles Children & Makes them Deaf & Dumb & Mad & in Pain Afarot (Raphael) (Bound by her Hair)
"winged dragon" Dragon with Human Face & Hands Mates with fair Women & Makes them Fart Bazazeth Cuts Marble
Enepsigos Woman with 2 more Heads & Hands on her Shoulders Lives in the Moon; Invoked as Kronos; Foretold the downfall of Solomon's Temple & the Crucifiction Rathanael (Imprisoned)
Kuno(s)paston Horse's Front & Fish's Rear Greedy of Gold & Silver; Travels over Sea and Causes Waves to Smother Ships Iameth (Imprisoned)
[not given] Man with Gleaming Eyes carrying a Blade Lives in Cemetaries; Ambushes Men & either Kills them or Causes them to be Possessed by a Demon Christ (Imprisoned)
Ephippas   Sets Fires & Causes Death; Removes Mountains; Overthrows Kings; Withers Trees Christ Carries Stone
Abezithibod   Foments Plots & Hardens Men's Hearts    
The 36 Elements - World Rulers
Ruax Men with shapeless Heads like Dogs and the Faces of Assess Oxen & Birds Fills the Minds of Men with Idle Thoughts & Pillages their Brows Say "Michael imprison Ruax" Heavy Work / Imprisoned / Tends Furnaces for Metalwork
Barsafael Migraine Say "Gabriel imprison Barsafael"
Arotosael Harms Eyes & grievously Injures them Say "Uriel imprison Aratosael"
- - lacuna - - - - lacuna - - - - lacuna - -
Iudal Blocked ears & Deafness Say "Uruel Iudal"
Sphendonael Tumours of the Parotid Gland; Inflammations of the Tonsils; Tetanic recurvation Say "Sabrael imprison Sphendonael"
Sphandor Weakens Shoulders; Paralyses Nerves in the Hands; Breaks & Bruises Neck Bones; Sucks out Marrow Say "Arael imprison Sphandor"
Belbel Twists the Hearts & Minds of Men Say "Arael imprison Belbel"
Kurtael Bowel Colic & Pain Say "Iaoth imprison Kurtael"
Metathiax Aching Reins [Kidneys but also the Heart] Say "Adonael imprison Metathiax"
Katanikotael Strife & Wrongs in Men's Homes; Hard Temper Write on 7 leaves of laurel the "name of the angel that frustrates you" with "Iae Ieo sons of Sabaoth in the name of the great God let him shut up Katanikotael"; then you must wash the laurel-leaves in water and sprinkle your house with the water from the inside to the out
Saphathora´┐Żl Partisanship in Men & Delight in causing them to Stumble Write on paper the names of the angels Iaco Iealo Ioelet Sabaoth Ithoth & Bae then fold it up and wear it round your neck or against your ear
Bobel Nervous Illnesses Say "Adonael imprison Bothothel"
Kumeatel Shivering Fits & Torpor Say "Zoroel imprison Kumentael"
Roeled Cold & Frost & Stomach Pains Say "Iax bide not be not warmed for Solomon is fairer than eleven fathers"
Atrax Fevers Irremediable & Harmful Chop up coriander and smear it on your lips then recite the following charm "The fever which is from dirt I exorcise thee by the throne of the most high God retreat from dirt and retreat from the creature fashioned by God"
Ieropael Convulsions in the Bath and the Road; Wherever a Man is found he is Thrown Down Say to the afflicted in their right ear three times "Iudarize Sabune Denoe"
Buldumech Separates Wives from Husbands & brings a Grudge between Them Write down the names of your sires Solomon on paper and place it in the ante-chamber of your house and write the following command "The God of Abram and the God of Isaac and the God of Jacob commands thee - retire from this house in peace"
Naoth The Knees of Men Write on paper "Phnunoboeol depart Nathath and touch thou not the neck"
Mardero Incurable Fever Write on the leaf of a book "Sphener Rafael retire drag me not about flay me not" and tie it round your neck
Alath Coughing & Breathing difficulties in Children Write on paper "Rorex do thou pursue Alath" and fasten it round your neck
- - lacuna - - - - lacuna - - - - lacuna - -
Nefthada Aching Reins [Kidneys but also the Heart] & Dysury [painful Urination] Write on a plate of tin "Iathoth Uruel Nephthada" and fasten it round the loins
Akton Aches in Ribs & Lumbic Muscles Engrave on copper taken from a ship which has missed its anchorage "Marmaraoth Sabaoth pursue Akton" and fasten it round your loins
Anatreth Burnings & Fevers in the Entrails Say "Arara Charara"
Enenuth Steals Men's Minds; Changes their Hearts & makes them Toothless Write "Allazool pursue Enenuth" and tie the paper round you
Pheth Consumption & Haemorrhaging Exorcise wine sweet-smelling and unmixed by the eleventh aeon then say "I exorcise thee by the eleventh aeon to stop I demand Pheth (Axiopheth)" then drink it
Harpax Sleeplessness on Men Write "Kokphnedismos" and bind it around your temples
Anoster Uterine Mania & Pains in the Bladder Make a powder into pure oil from three seeds of laurel and smear it on saying "I exorcise thee Anoster Stop by Marmarao"
Alleborith [not mentioned] Eat a fish and swallow a bone then take a bone from the fish and cough
Hephesimireth Lingering Disease Throw salt rubbed in the hand into oil and smear it on and say "Seraphim Cherubim help me!"
Ichthion Paralyses Muscles & Contuses them Say "Adonaeth help!"
Agchonion Lies among Swaddling-clothes and in the Precipice Write on fig-leaves "'Lycurgos" removing one letter at a time and write it reversing the letters "Lycurgos ycurgos kurgos yrgos gos os"
Autothith Grudges & Fighting Write down Alpha and Omega
Phthenoth Casts Evil Eye on every Man If your eyes suffer they must be drawn
Bianakith Grudges against the Body; Lays Waste to Houses; Causes Flesh to Decay Write on the front-door of your house "Melto Ardu Anaath"




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