Angels & Demons List

Angels Who Taught Humans (The Watchers / The Grigori / The Irin)

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from 1 Enoch

Name Craft
Translation 1 Translation 2  
Azazel Azazyel Swords Knives Shields Breastplates Metals & Metalwork Bracelets Ornaments Antimony Eye-Cosmetics Precious Stones Coloring Tinctures
Semjaza Amazarak Enchantments & Root-cutting
Armaros Armers Enchantments & Sorcery
Baraqijal Barkayal Astrology
Kokabel Akibeel Constellations
Ezeqeel   Clouds
Araqiel   Signs of the Earth
Shamsiel Tamiel Signs of the Sun
Sariel Asaradel Course of the Moon




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