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Angels Of The Altitudes (Choras)

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from Ars Almadel - Book IV of The Lemegeton (Lesser Key Of Solomon)

Chora Colour Angels Appearance God-Names
East Lilywhite Alimiel Gabriel Barachiel Lebes Helison. Angel carrying Flag with White Cross, wearing a Cloud & Crown of Roses. Adonaij Helomi Pine
South Rose-red Aphiriza Genon Geron Armon Gereimon Young Child wearing Rose-red Satin & Crown of Gilly Flowers. Helion Heloi Heli
West Green & whitish silver Eliphaniasai Gelomiros Gedobonai Taranava Elomina Children or Girls wearing Crowns of Bay Leaves. Jod Hod Agla
North Black & green Barachiel Gediel Gedial Deliel Capitiel Boys wearing Black & Green, carrying Birds. Tetrgrammaton Shadai Jah




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