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Angelic Leaders Who Led 200 Angels To Choose Human Wives (Chiefs of Tens)

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from 1 Enoch

Translation 1 Translation 2
Semjaza Samjaza
Samiazaz Samyaza
Arakiba Urakaba
Rameel Rameel
Kokabiel Akibeel
Tamiel Tamiel
Ramiel Ramuel
Danel Danel
Ezeqeel Azkeel
Baraqijal Saraknyal
Asael Asael
Armaros Armers
Batarel Batraal
Ananel Anane
Zaqiel Zavebe
Samsapeel Samsaveel
Satarel Ertael
Turel Turel
Jomjael Yomyael
Sariel Arazyal




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