By Brother Moloch 969
Copywrited January 2000-2005

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In Occult-oriented literature, especially those circa 1980s-present, there are many books that touch upon the subject of 'raising power' or 'raising energy' for spells and what not. Some of these techniques are rather unique while others are quite ancient (re: Chakra energizing) but still there tends to be few books that ever expand upon what is behind these rituals and why. We'll attempt to go over that topic here briefly.

Quantum Physics 101

One of the first laws of physics is: "All matter is energy"

Got that? Matter is in the form of gases, solids and liquids (and now plasma too). These forms are nothing more than complex associations of atoms which are the building blocks of the universe.

When we crack open an atom we find there is a tremendous amount of force released. It's been said that if scientists could create a machine that transforms the human body from its present state of matter to pure energy, one average sized adult human could supply enough energy to power the entire city of New York for a week. That's roughly about $100 billion dollars worth of energy. (Didn't know that you're worth so much did you? Next time you get any feelings of those �I�m worthless�, remember that you are a walking goldmine of kinetic energy!)

The universe around you is pure energy. Yes, you are living energy! Even the air around you contains energy. If I sound excited, you're right. Why? Because energy is there for you to tap into. Seriously though this is one of the fundamental reasons why all Occult literature tells you to begin a regimen of daily exercises that include deep breathing. The influx of oxygen into your lungs causes your glucose in the bloodstream to activated thus giving you a boost in energy. Yes it is very short term and that's why simple, direct and to-the-point spells are generally the most effective. We need to focus our minds to pinpoint accuracy with what it is we desire then release the pentup or stored energy within us to help us achieve our goal. And since these �volts� of energy (as the late great Hermetic Magician, Franz Bardon, called them) are weak, they should be either stored up in a tool such as a wand, athame, staff, gris-gris bag, talisman, etc. for later use, or more than one person should combine their wills and focus their energies for the singular goal.

When we anoint a purple candle with Power oil for the purpose of adding extra Oomph! to our spell, we are in effect volting the candle while the energies of the oil and candle's color merge their energies to help filter the power towards our goal. And one of the better ways to absorb this energy all around us is to breathe it in from the air around you. To do this you need to relax and focus on deep rhythmic breaths.

One note of cautions however is that in Occult lore, if you breathe in ten volts of breath energy into your being, even though you discharge it fully into a wand or charm bag, you should still ground yourself with ten exhalations thereby releasing any remaining pent up energies. Why? Because pent up energies can be dangerous to your mental well being as they can agitate you in different ways. There are a dozens of ways to visualize energy leaving your body to do your spellworkings - by your hands, feet, eyes, third eye, finger tips, chakras, etc. Grab any basic book on Creative Visualizaiton and give them a try.

A simple method is to visualize energy coming down from above you thru the crown chakra of your head and filling your body - slowly - with energy as you breathe. Now breathe fully & slowly filling both your upper lungs as well as your diaphragm in your belly. With each in-breath you draw energy into your body and hold it within yourself. And with each outbreath, you exhale stale air only. Keep this up for several breaths.

Always remember: You Are energy! A willed spell is simply the desired manipulation of energy




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