By Brother Moloch 969
Copywrited January 2000-2005

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The Elements mentioned in western magic are not the same as mentioned in the oriental systems nor are they the same as you learned about in your high school Earth Science class. Rather the Magical Elements are forces of nature and are really the building blocks of the �Magical� Universe.

Earth is the most dense of all the elements. It has qualities that are cool and dry. The animal associated with it is the Buffalo. The color is a russet brown or black and its direction is north. The Elementals of Earth are called Gnomes and their ruler is called Ghob. She and her kindred rule land, real estate, construction, money, foods, foundations, stones, gems, metals, agriculture, etc.

Water is next & its qualities are cool and moist. The animal associated with water is the dolphin. The color is blue and its direction is the west. The Elementals of Water are called Undines and their ruler is named Nicksa. She and her kindred rule emotions, birth, fluids, the sea, friendships, beauty, swimming, boating, travel by water, clairvoyance, etc.

Air is next with its qualities of heat and moisture. The animal associated with this element is the eagle. The color is yellow (think rising sun) and its direction is the east. The Elementals of Air are called Sylphs and their ruler is called Paralda. He and his kindred rule memory, intellectual thoughts, tests, divinations, air travel, clouds, flight, storms, weather, etc.

Fire is next and its qualities are heat and dryness. The animal associated with this element is the lion. The color is red and its direction is south. The Elementals of Fire are called Salamanders and their ruler is named Djinn. He and his kindred rule sex, military, aggression, discipline, courts, law, war, terrorism, health & vitality, speed, anger, violence, etc.

Let's say you�re in school and desire to get better at math. Math is a subject and you should use the element of Air. To employ Air, you may end up taking a yellow candle and anointing it with Master oil and giving it as an offering to Paralda to help you learn the math fluently enough so that when you take your test, you pass it with flying colors. You could use a yellow cloth to cover your altar and face the east imagining the qualities of heat and moisture surrounding you as you make your verbal request to Paralda and his Sylphs.

To physically experience the four elements you may want to cover yourself in leaves, dirt, sticks, rocks, grass, etc., to connect better with earth. For fire, you can sit near a tended campfire and absorb the heat of the flames and barring that you could just stare into the flickering flame of a candle. For water, either lounge in a bath tub of water OR take a trip to a waterfall, lake, pond, ocean, etc. Finally for air, you could sit up in a tree during a breezy day or sit in front of a fan blowing on you.

As you grow in understanding and wisdom concerning the elements, you'll learn more ways to employ their powers and increase your own power.




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