By Brother Moloch 969
Copywrited January 2000-2005

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In our day to day lives we encounter many personal obstacles on our paths. These encounters for the most part are positive and they can teach one, if s/he chooses to learn from the experience, very much. However there are times when it seems that overwhelming odds come into play to stop one from succeeding.

What Is A Jinx?

Typically, a jinx is where you get the odd sensation that every thing you do is going down hill and I'm not talking about dropping the full egg carton on the sidewalk either! If one takes the time to follow a trend or pattern of ill circumstances backwards, s/he will usually find a root cause to its source. It's not always apparent what the root problem may be but be sure it is there staring you in the face none-the-less!

Most jinxes (or crossed conditions) are self imposed by the victim. I generalize and say 'most' but this is not always the case. We are a complex human being with bundles of nerve fibers which intercept a wide variety of stimuli or signals that influence our thoughts and reactions.

When we feel down in the mouth, we generally keep feeding ourselves pain. This happens to all of us at one time or another where we get into a rut and either are too hard on ourselves for circumstances beyond our control or from our own feelings of guilt associated with the root cause.

These feelings only prosper the negative patterns we're setting up in our ethereal double. The patterns get deeply rooted in and they begin to fester like sores. Eventually these sores will need psychic release from the pressure and Voila! they manifest as all manner of bad circumstances in our lives.

Most often, our self-inflicted crossed conditions are very old and deeply rooted. Thus it takes a considerable amount of the following to effectively deal with them:

1) Therapy - here you spend lots of money for a therapist to uncover the layers of emotions and to sift among them so you can find out what it will take to live your life happier

2) Self-Help Books - like Dr. Wayne Dyer's "Your Erroneous Zones" and others. Do these books and tapes help? Sure! Of course that is IF you will set aside time and work thru them!

3) Seminars & Retreats - these like the self-help books can be a tremendous release but often times they are too expensive for the average working person to afford. The benefit is that you will meet others in like situations that you are in Curses From Another

We understand that the majority of Wiccans and even other Occult practitioners out there do not go around slinging curses at one another. This is because it is in bad form to do so. Once you get branded, it is extremely hard to remove the stigma associated with it.

Practitioners generally have a healthy respect for their actions and it's only the stupid who brand themselves 'black magic practitioner' or 'satanist' or some other drivel. I've said it many times that I am a Sorcerer and I will heal or hex at my discretion without guilt. Like a master martial artist who can punch out the toughest rednecks but who stays away from trouble, I do not go around looking for magical fights. It is a waste of time to involve yourself in this as it is merely an ego game. We'll talk in future lessons about the 'ego' and ethics.

The Uncrossing Ritual or Jinx Removing Spell is quite effective in undoing the nastiest curses. This is because in Magic, nothing is permanent. All is change. All is flux and re-flux. Will a curse go away? Sometimes. It depends upon the will of the caster versus the will of its victim.

In other words if the initiate casts a spell against a mortal (non-initiate) then generally the spell will work against the mortal. However if the will of the mortal is great, such as a very charismatic person or highly spiritual individual, then the curse will be much less effective and may not even materialize at all.

An Uncrossing Ritual


1 white jumbo candle
1 purple jumbo candle
1 candle representing yourself
Uncrossing incense
Uncrossing oil

Starting on a Sunday, go to your work space and perform a general cleansing. Setup your altar with the incense in a censer to your front left; the white candle center towards the back; the purple candle in front of the white candle; and the personal candle in front of the purple candle. Your altar candles should be white and are located in the back of your altar on the left and right sides.

Anoint all candles with the Uncrossing oil. Anoint your forehead's third eye with the oil too. Light the incense in the censer on hot coals.

Visualize yourself in a mire of muck. You're dirty and filthy. Now look inward and upward and see a tiny star high in the sky. A single shaft of light comes down and strikes your forehead. This is your star. The light is its power and as it strikes you, feel its warmth filling you up from head to toe.

AS this warmth travels downward, see the dirt and filth falling away. Say something like:

"O Infinite Spirit! Hear me your pupil! I am unclean and desire to be rid of my bad luck and unfound fears and phobias!"

Then this light changes from a pure crystal transparent light to a golden glow as now you feel a greater surge of power in your body. This is the healing energy filling you up. Bask in its radiance and enjoy the feeling. Say something like:

"My soul is cleansed! My body is alive and I feel a renewed sense of peace, happiness and harmony within my soul!"

Finally this light will change to a deep violet color. This is raw power and its function is to protect you. Wrap your soul, your ethereal body and physical body in it and say something like:

"Great is the Bornless One who reinforces my defense against all unclean things! O Infinite Spirit! Mighty One! You who made the heavens and earth! Wrap me in your blanket of protection so that I may conduct my affairs free from guilt and outside harm! As I will, So Mote It Be!"

Meditate upon any sensations you feel from this exercise. Allow the candles to burn for about another fifteen minutes and extinguish. Perform this ritual again the following eight days for a total of nine consecutive nights in all.

It is extremely powerful and will help you see more clearly.

Benefits of Uncrossing include:
* old enemies falling by the wayside leaving you alone
* hanger-ons who act like psychic vampires will fall by the wayside
* increased feelings of love and tranquility will surround you
* old habits no longer have as much control over you
* unexpected paths of success open up
* blockages become removed
* etc. ad infinitum!

Try it!




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