By Brother Moloch 969
Copywrited January 2000-2005

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You need to setup shop somewhere even if it's only a corner of the room you sleep in. Take some salt, bless it and pour into some spring water and then offer it up to the Gods to purify. Say something like, "I ask the blessings of the Gods to remove all impurities from this water that it may be used to purify all that it touches. So be it." Then dump this into a bucket of sudsy water and begin to clean your area. Scrub it down to remove the dirt and dust. Sweep it well too. You want to please the Infinite as well as yourself.

For an altar, I've used a plastic milk crate (plastic - HORRORS!), night stand, end table, coffee table, bureau, buffet, etc. Wash it down with the blessed water as well. Now get a small cloth that's a neutral color such as white or gray or black to cover your altar with. Make sure this cloth is clean too.

Tools: (most are optional)

Chafing Dishes - for salt and spring water

Incense: Frankincense or Rose is good to start with but any woodsy scent will do in a pinch. Pine is wonderful and brings prosperity to you as well. Use a dish with sand, gravel, or kitty litter for the incense sticks or cones

To start with you really don't need any candles or wands, athames, etc., especially if you are young and living with older folks who you know would freak at finding your tools for your Occult experiments.

Supplemental tools:

Color wheel - as an aid for visualizations of colors

Blank book - your personal grimoire (Sketchbook, 3 ring binder with notebook paper, diaries, etc.)

Special pen - to record your thoughts in your grimoire

Blank paper for drawing talismans, designs, etc., that the Spirits may dictate to you.


Face East. Visualize the Sun rising over the horizon and a brilliant beam of its light strikes you in the forehead. You feel it's energies pulsing down through your being into your ethereal body. You are being cleansed. Say something like:

"Hear me, O Thou Infinite(1) of the Cosmos! I am a child of yours and I desire to know you & all your mysteries."

Hold this visualization until you feel slightly giddy from the energies coming into your body. Point at your working space and say:

"By the power of the Infinite, be a working place for all of my Magics! Flee away all unwanted prsences! Flee from the power of the Infinite! So be it!"

Let the sunshine ray spray forth from your index finger and purify everything in the room. When finished, sit down and sit up straight to center your spine. Allow all of the pent up energies within you flow downward to the earth.

(1) Note that you are certainly welcome to address the Infinite as God, Goddess, Lord, etc., I opted to use the term "Infinite" as an expression of unending essence of the Universe.




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