By Brother Moloch 969
Copywrited January 2000-2005

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Prosperity Magic is very important in the Magical Arts mainly because it is very difficult to be able to put your full faith and concentration on doing your Work when you�re worried about how you�re going to pay your bills. Now mind you, being financially secure is a worthy pursuit but don't make it your sole purpose in life. The Canannite God, Mammon, the ruler of worldly wealth, is a mean spirited Entity to be ruled by.

Sadly some Wiccans have this misguided notion that doing money or prosperity spells is somehow dangerous. This stems from silly superstitions & misguided notions about money and what money is & how it comes to us. Some of these misinformed individuals think that ALL spells they cast work ALL the time. Oy! This is most definitely NOT the case. Thinking your magics work all the time is not only silly but also borders you on being a megalomaniac!

First off, to gain money, it does help to have a job or be in a position where the Witch has opportunities to gather extra amounts of money without the worry of gaining their family's inheritance due to some relative dropping dead. When possible, you should have a job where you can get bonuses, spiffs or commissions or have upward mobility to gain raises. Perhaps you own a small business and then you can work your spells so you get more paying customers? Do you have a side business venture? Something you can do to make some extra lucre?

The main rule to consider when casting Prosperity spells, is �you want a lifestyle� to be supported. Be reasonable in that you can't expect the millionaire lifestyle if you don't have the capability of managing it or maintaining it. Prosperity is an ongoing thing not a one time wish such as a Money Drawing spell is. The Prosperity ritual is something you keep on-going.

Simple Prosperity Rite

1 Seven day green jar candle (get this from most any grocery store in ethnic neighborhoods)
1 bottle of Prosperity oil [1]
photo of yourself
small piece of paper with your intention written on it [2]

On a Sunday morning, just after sunrise, take and anoint the candle with the oil. Then anoint the rim of your picture with the oil and the piece of paper with your desire written on it. Anoint your forehead, your right breast, your left breast and then your forehead again with a dab of the on your forefinger. Lay the photo in the center of your altar. Then read your intention out loud. Lay this piece of paper directly on top of your photo. Then place your green, seven day jar candle on top of the piece of paper.

Light the candle and say: "O Infinite source, bring unto me abundance of money and a steady, prosperous income so that I may have enough and to spare. May that I never want for anything. As I will so shall it be."

Let the candle burn continuously until consumed. Usually this will be from 5 to 7 days.

* * *

Money Drawing Spell

1 green seven day jar candle
1 bottle of Money Drawing oil
1 small piece of lodestone
photo of yourself
piece of paper with your desire written on it

On a Sunday morning, just after sunrise, write out the specific amount of money you need on the piece of paper. Anoint the rim of the piece of paper with the oil, anoint your photo the same way and then anoint the candle with the oil as well. Place the photo in the center of your altar, the piece of paper on top of it and read aloud what your desire is and then place the candle on top of the piece of paper.

Light the candle and say aloud, "I place this invocation with you, O Infinite, to bring me the desired amount of needed money to me. You have dominion over wealth and finances. Teach me to not allow myself to get into this situation again. As I will, so be it."

Allow the candle to burn itself out.

* * *

Often you will read where Wiccan authors suggest you petition the planet Jupiter to help your finances and thus recommend you begin your ritual on a Thursday. This is not a good idea. Jupiter, who rules Thursdays, also rules "expansion". If you have money to work with, then yes do your money ritual on a Thursday but if you do not have any money to start with, then you do not want to expand a lot of �nothing�, do you?? Of course not! The Sun rules NEW money and so you should do your money ritual on Sunday.

Keep your eyes, ears & awareness open to new opportunities because you never know where they may be lurking. If you find a penny lying on the ground, do NOT walk by and leave it be. To do so is to show the Infinite that you only want what YOU think is prosperous. Also bear in mind, the penny may be a test of the Spirits to see if you�re worthy of taking advantages they may decide to send your way! And in this case, a snooty practitioner is a broke practitioner.

The above two spells will be a good, safe starting point for your prosperity to begin from. Do them without fear of reprisal or any sort of karma worry. Again you�re looking to attain and maintain a particular lifestyle and to get that, you need a source of income that will allow you to achieve and retain it.

It will also be worthwhile for you to get out of debt as quickly as possible and to not rely on credit cards as the interest rates will eat you alive. You want to be prosperous meaning having money to spare not be giving your excess to someone else for the privilege of borrowing their money. Right? You would be well advised to research ways to increase your personal wealth thru wise investing so that you can get to where you do not need to be nervous about finances.

End Notes:

[1] Alternate choice for Prosperity oil is Horn of Plenty oil.

[2] Write out what kind of lifestyle you desire.




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