By Brother Moloch 969
Copywrited January 2000-2005

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Let's put down all the spellbooks and look at everything in its proper persepctive shall we?

First off you really need to know yourself. Gnothi Seauton is Greek for "know thyself". Clint Eastwood's infamous police officer character - Dirty Harry Callahan - succinctly said it as "Man's gotta know his limitations". I couldn't agree more.

The easiest way to do this is to first take a clean sheet of paper and draw a line down the center. On the left side, write a heading entitled "My Shortcomings" and on the right put a heading called "My Gifts."

Now, if you're honorable, you'll be blatantly honest with yourself. You can lie to others but you know you can't lie to yourself. (Unless your psychotic!) Spend at least an hour total just meditating upon your weaknesses and strengths. It doesn't matter much which outweighs which but rather how much about yourself do you really know.

Socrates said, "The unexamined life is not worth living". So examine it already! Where have you been in your life? Ups? Downs? Embarassing moments? Triumphs? Victories?

In your self-analysis, make sure you cover the following mental, physical, emotional, Spiritual situations. Now once you have an idea of who you are, now let's explore where you want to go.

Another sheet of paper and divide it into three sections and title them:

1. Personal Goals

2. Professional Goals

3. Social Goals

Subhead each with the following:

Long term (10-20 years)

Medium term (5-10 years)

Short term (1-2 years)

List everything you've ever wanted to do in the appropriate location. Be frank & honest with yourself.

Finally, write out a short essay of why you want to be a Witch or Magician, Sorcerer, or whatever. Make it at least one page long, single spaced. What are your aims in the Path? What do you wish to gain?

Why go thru with all this rigamarole? Well in Neuro-Linguistic Programming this is called determining your Outcome. If you want something to happen, you must have an outcome of some type in mind in which to plan for. If you wish to persuade your brother to stop wearing your running shoes without bashing his brains in, then you need to determine what your outcome really is. In this case is to leave your running shoes alone. That is your outcome.

Ever read Alice In Wonderland? Remember what the Cheshire Cat said to dear Alice when she met him at a crossroads? "If you don't have a particular destination in mind then any path will get you there". Goals and Outcomes will save you a lot of headache and misery.




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