Why Metaphysics?

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What is metaphysics, and why should we bother studying it? What benefits does it have for humanity? What is its purpose? How will its teachings help advance society? How will it assist our civilization and culture to progress? How will our lives be re-created individually and collectively with the application of metaphysical principles? Questions abound concerning metaphysics, for people intuitively feel that it may have something precious to offer in terms of facilitating personal growth and self-empowerment. Among those spiritually inclined, it has become a "prime directive" to understanding their lives in terms of metaphysical principles and concepts such as multi-dimensional realities, the Higher Self, love, karma, reincarnation, etheric energies, psychicism, oneness with all, cosmic beings, the ascension, etc., and some of the causes of this higher thinking and awareness is the thinning of the cosmic veil between dimensions; the increased contact with invisible forces; the influence of intense electromagnetic cosmic energies bombarding upon our planet and solar system at this time; the influx of higher spiritual beings incarnating in the physical realm; the discoveries of many ancient secrets left hidden in monumental structures and time capsules; scientific developments in hyper-space technologies, and shifts in its paradigms, etc. All of these are occurring on a global scale, in every nation of this planet, and it is affecting every human being. So it would seem that humanity is awakening from its long sleep of forgetfulness and ignorance. The Tree of Life of immortality, enlightenment, and illumination will be found hidden in the seeds of the Tree of metaphysical knowledge--using the word "metaphysics" in its most spiritual, gnostic sense.

For thousands of years we have sought for truth, and most of the time from the wrong persons and in the wrong places--what we received were man-made opinions and beliefs which were forced upon our minds to be accepted as the "word of God," or the way that Nature had decreed, and that there is nothing that anyone can do to change it. While in our infancy, physically and spiritually speaking, we accepted everything told to us by organized religion, elders, and pedagogues as gospel and truth and we based our philosophy of life on the indoctrination imposed upon us and which subsequently formed our false sense of "conscience," and a poor understanding of spiritual values. This caused us great soulful sufferings and torment in succeeding years in our everyday life--an intense sense of shame, guilt, fear, and sin whenever we "violated" any so-called law of God formulated by theology; and it never occurred to us to question the systems, the mechanisms, and their origins that brought about our morbid condition. This naturally lowered our self-esteem. Conscience is not similar to the concept of the "still, small voice." The latter is the silent voice of the Spirit, whereas conscience in part, is simply the engrams or programs imprinted upon the subconscious mind. Conscience is also partially our memory of the negative consequences of our past actions impinging upon our conscious mind whenever we are about to act in a negative way resembling that of the past.

But to return from our digression: in past centuries we were told lies by false prophets and the ministers of religions that mediators between God and men were necessary; that theirs was the only way to God; that their race or sect were the chosen one of God; that everything that God would reveal to humanity lies in a single book; that God punishes us for sinning and perhaps in the afterlife casts us into hell; that illness, old-age, and death were a natural part of life; that one no longer receives any new revelation from God, etc. We were told to fear God, to see everything as separated from us, to believe that we were born in sin, that the sexual act is shameful, that we were simply mortals subjected to the whims of God for the determination of our fate, that we were inherently bad--and even more--that the world was flat! While at the same time heinous crimes against the Holy Human Spirit were being committed by those very same representatives of religions such as the crimes of persecution, torture, and murder of innocent human beings who simply were more spiritually and psychically inclined or conceived the universe from a different viewpoint--and all these atrocious acts were carried-out in the name of Religion, Love and God. The Crusades and the Inquisition are dark chapters in the history of man.

One of the points that we wish to put forth here is that since time began the dark, retrogressive forces have infiltrated or have tried infiltrating every institution that have sought to improve the condition of the soul, and the expression of the human spirit in our mundane lives. They have always opposed and attacked the true representatives of God and steered seekers of truth away from them. Their purpose is to stall human evolution and progression indefinitely, that human beings cringe and cower under their manipulative control, that humans be made into slaves and automatons answering to their every whim. They work openly and subtly, physically and psychically. They make us believe that we need them--their services and wares--and we are psychologically controlled to be dependent upon them and return to them again and again for their assistance--usually for a large fee or with some loss on our part. We will not be too specific here, we simply caution our readers to "be wary, be very, very wary!" Treading the spiritual metaphysical path will assist one to be more discerning as to the understanding of what is True and what is false, what is Real and what is illusory.

Generally speaking, a portion of humanity is now more experienced in the ways of men and the world than in bygone days, and they seek for that which will release them from all their mortal limitations and errors, from that Gorgon we call "the human ego," from concepts that bind one to personal illusions and glamour, and from that state of human mortality. Many of us are beginning to realize the existence of different dimensions and multifold realities. We seek ways for improving the human condition, for perfecting human expression, and the generation of a new type of Homo sapiens whose intelligence and heart matches those of the immortal gods.

Human beings are basically seekers. Some of us thirst for that which we know not what. The "curiosity instinct" impels every one of us to learn everything we can of our environment, of ourselves, of the universe, of Nature, and of God. What fascinates and intrigues us most are the phenomena caused by forces and powers that transcends the perceptual capacity of the physical senses and the apprehension of the human mind. Humanity is intensely interested in the Intelligence that shapes human destiny--whether this "Intelligence" be considered as a being, a force, a Universal Mind, an omnipresent energy, or a collective consciousness. People are seeking explanations to their "inexplicable" experiences in the field of psychicism and the paranormal. Such occurrences as coincidences or "synchronicity" also baffles the mind as it begs for enlightenment. Those of elderly years wonder what lies for them in the "after-life," as the youthful ones wonder of their place in this world. A questioning being is a thinking being and it denotes, whether consciously realized or not, as a desire to seek, to know, and to be aware of Truth. The curiosity instinct mentioned above could well be the primitive stirrings of the divine will of the highest aspect of Man seeking to be aware of Its essential nature. The teachings of the Ageless Wisdom as taught in metaphysical, esoteric, occult and arcane schools are filled with principles that would help us understand ourselves and our omniverse.

Humanity as a whole, is jaded and sickened by the constant wars and conflicts; with the materialistic and hedonistic life that do not offer any permanent peace and happiness or solutions to the various problems facing us as we approach a new millenium with its tremendous supernal and mundane challenges. Many seek for a more profound meaning in life, for they see through their mundane activities as a brittle illusory facade presenting itself as reality. We often ask "why am I here?" "why do I exist?" "where will I go from here?" Our present systems of religion, philosophy, and science offer no real solution, consolation, solace or comfort to our hearts and soul-search, instead they tend to mislead, confine, and circumscribe the soul and mind to a certain area of life; to a limited way of living and thinking; to a sense of separatism; to a dualistic judgmental attitude; to a sense of fear and helplessness; and to a state of external dependency--it especially confines man to a mortal sense of existence--and we say this not from a sense of judgment but from an observational standpoint.

Conversely, metaphysics as a repository of "New-Age" concepts, the Ageless Wisdom, divine energies, power-centers, and angelic and cosmic support, seek to liberate us from self-imposed limitations as it offers answers to questions that troubles the human soul. The soul loves freedom for freedom is ingrained in the soul. God gave man the liberty to choose, and this privilege should not be taken away from man by any being for it is a violation of the natural order of things.

Freedom may be considered as an instinct for it is to be found in animals as well. No creature enjoys being confined in a cage. Every creature love to be free and to express the genetic joy programmed in its DNA. Nature has granted all creatures their freedom of expression but some of us would impose our will upon Divine Will by creating cages of man-made laws and regulations that do not reflect the laws of Heaven. Man-made laws may easily be manipulated by the unscrupulous for their own heinous purposes. Crimes may be committed that are "lawful," that goes undisciplined in our courts of judgment. In the laws of our society, the innocents are often made to pay for the crimes of another. Where is the love (religion), and rationality (science), and justice (philosophy) in that?

We are writing intuitively here and our statements may be interpreted and applied in various ways. In fact, statements in our literary works may seem to lack any logical structure or sequence. They may appear to be non sequitur. Logic may appeal to the thinking mind, however it is more than conceptual reasoning that we have to develop. There are higher faculties of the soul that should be cultivated and made used of, such as intuition. The clich� "reading between the lines" may seem irrational to the scientific type and yet it is this particular mode of perception that has to be practiced as a spiritual stimulus to the Soul.

There are many scholarly definitions of metaphysics and they are all valid; however, for our purpose, without explaining metaphysics in an overly-academic way, let us say that metaphysics in its more modern connotation, deals with cosmic laws and principles, with unseen forces and powers influencing ourselves and the circumstances and conditions of our daily lives, and how we may take advantage of those laws and principles by re-directing them so as to improve our holistic lives for the better. Metaphysics teaches us how to harness and apply the cosmic power lying latent within us. In its most profound spiritual aspect metaphysics teaches us the nature of Reality and how we and Nature relate to it. Metaphysics instructs us how to harmonize ourselves with the Divine Plan of God, and it reveals the true purpose of life. Metaphysics, therefore, has a dual function: it helps us to improve our lives secularly now in this physical dimension, and it also prepares us for a glorious life in the higher cosmic realms. Actually, as seen from a spiritual perspective, life has no divisions: life is one, as it is continuous. There is no death only a constant change.

The application of certain metaphysical principles assists the acceleration of one's evolution and the quantum leap to a higher level of intelligence and spiritual awareness. We emphasize the word "application," for knowledge of principles or techniques alone is of no value. Knowledge of itself is not power, it is the application of knowledge that empowers one. Spiritually, it is not what we know or the psychic powers that we possess that counts, it is what we are. We know many people possessing a little knowledge or power feel themselves highly superior to their fellow men. This is arrogance and carries the seeds of peril. The saying that "a little knowledge is a dangerous thing" is literally and evidently true; we can well understand how insufficient knowledge and a disregard for life may result in catastrophes. It was the cause of destruction of previous high-tech civilizations, historically unrecorded, as it is the cause of our present social, political, and ecological unrest.

To understand the above concept of incomplete knowledge, consider for instance the knowledge that we have to construct nuclear weapons--how much do we really know of the impact that it will have upon us and the universe should we choose to detonate one? We may presently believe that the effects of a nuclear blast be localized causing the exploded area to be radioactive for centuries to come. This is an obvious effect, but what about the not-so-obvious rippling, chain-reaction that it would cause in the physical and not-physical universes to the very end of our galaxy?

Basically, arrogance is an inferior attitude masking as superiority. Inferiority or superiority complexes are both egoic expressions. The human ego often wishes the Self to appear what it is not. Even if we knew a lot, if we have read a thousand books, studied under countless Gurus, have permanent contact with a Cosmic Master, experienced a 1001 delights and terrors, meditate constantly, possess the world, or are powerful in some psychic way, it still does not give us a reason to egoically compare others with ourselves, or to judge them--by seeing others as inferior to us, by labelling them as bad, low, and vile. Many so-called spiritual teachers still do this. They criticize and condemn others without realizing that, spiritually speaking, there is no separation between others and themselves. What we see in others also lies below the conscious threshold within ourselves; what we do to others, we also do to ourselves, what we think of others, we also think of ourselves. What another is doing in the present we may well have done so ourselves in the past or perhaps will do so in the future. There is no need for judgment but a lot of need of mercy, understanding, and tolerance. Essentially, a spiritual being will not indulge in the judgment of dualistic concepts and the relativistic opposites such as good and bad, right and wrong, rich and poor, strong and weak, etc. These things are reconciled or transcended by the mage. St. Paul once said that if we owned the world and all powers and gifts of the spirit but lack love we were nothing. This is felt by all true spiritual teachers and practitioners.

Metaphysics should not be confused with the paranormal nor with parapsychology. The paranormal and parapsychology are simply aspects of metaphysics--using the term in its broadest sense..

In regards to metaphysical experiences we should keep in mind that metaphysics encompasses the two basic divisions of psychicism and mysticism, thaumaturgy and theurgy. Experiences in both fields may be considered "metaphysical," however, a psychic experience is dissimilar to a mystical one, and vice versa. One relates to the perception of events occurring in the lower planes or dimensions, the other to spiritual Self-awareness and the expansion of the consciousness encompassing the Whole.

As can be understood from the above, metaphysics has a transcendent value. It caters to both the physical and spiritual aspects of man. Metaphysics begins where traditional psychology leaves off, it goes where dogmatic religion is afraid to go, it extents further than mainstream science is able to reach with its laboratory equipment--although we must admit that many technological advances have been made in this direction, most of which have not yet been made available to the general public for reasons of censure. The release of such technology would dethrone the powers that seek to enslave the world and the Dark forces are trying very hard to prevent humanity from being empowered.

One of the misconceptions regarding metaphysics is that it is unscientific and based upon superstitious ideas. This is not in our experience. Metaphysics is scientific, rational, empirical and pragmatic, or it could indeed well be "superstitious" depending on one's attitude, beliefs, and manner of approach, or how one would like it to be. This might seem as a paradox and yet it may be reconciled. We liberate our minds or impose limitations upon it by our beliefs and attitudes, and by those limitations we circumscribe our mental and spiritual growth. Our beliefs and attitudes form our basic interpretation of Reality. If a thing is of value, because of prejudice we will not see it. We will see what we want to see, and refuse to see what we refuse to see.

Metaphysics may be approached in various ways. If one has a background in mathematics, one's approach would be mathematical. If one has a psychological background one would naturally approach it from a psychological standpoint. And if one simply believes or disbelieves in metaphysical principles then the result would be in accordance to that mental condition. For instance, if we disbelieve that man may go to the moon we would not exert effort to putting him there. If we believe that we are doomed to failure we would never motivate ourselves to work for success. This concept relates to how we form our own personal experiences in life, our own personal reality. Intrinsically, however, personal opinions do not affect the natural laws operating in our universe. We may discount the reality of gravity, for instance, and yet the law still functions in our everyday experience. The same goes with the other natural laws like karma and reincarnation. Belief or disbelief in them will not affect their existence and operation. Just because these laws are not mentioned by prophets and written about in Holy Scriptures do not nullify their activity. Come to think of it, many scientific natural laws are not mentioned in Holy Writ, does this prove their non-existence?

Though certain aspects of metaphysics may be considered to be speculative, as it deals with the Ultimate Reality, the First Cause, creation, and ontology or the nature of being--what interests us is the application of its principles and direction of Cosmic laws in everyday life. The worth of a science lies in its value, relevancy, and applicability in everyday living. If it is inefficient in aiding humanity to create abundance, peace, health, etc., then it is impractical and worthless. Some people have this kind of misconception concerning metaphysics, they believe that metaphysics is impractical, too abstract, or that it violates natural law and hence, religion; however, the opposite is true. Metaphysics and its principles work in harmony with Cosmic laws and is extremely practical. Applied Metaphysics, as differentiated from Speculative Metaphysics, is wholly practical and essential to daily life. It empowers us with the tools and knowledge necessary to achieve a successful and fulfilled life.

Though the art and science of metaphysics is still in its infancy compared to what lies ahead, there is enough teachings, techniques and systems to assist us live a fruitful, productive and creative life in accord with the Divine Will. The more we know and understand, the more wisdom we possess, the more motivated, focused and confident we are--the more chances we have of fulfilling our mission in life.

There is an on-going electromagnetic regeneration occurring in our solar system in our present "time-period." The present interaction and interfacing of energy fields in the part of our galaxy that our solar system is entering are causing the transformation of worlds and all beings connected to them in an evolutionary manner. Electromagnetic energies radiating from power centers in multi-dimensional universes are affecting and transforming everything in its path or field of influence. These energies induce and impel all beings to rise in their awareness level. They stimulate Man and Nature to form a new relationship based on trust and healthy cooperation. St Francis of Assisi was a pioneer and a model for us in this regard. This friar considered all beings--trees and animals, included--as his brothers and sisters.

The transformations that are currently occurring politically and socially in the world are just a few of the physical effects of the cosmic bombardment of these energy rays. Changes will occur at every level lifting humanity to a new state of being, to a higher level of divine expression. The transmutational process currently operating is represented by the Water Bearer-the sign of Aquarius, and the Aquarian Age. The water flowing from the vessel represents the energies flowing from the Mental, Buddhic and Atmic realms. These are just some of the higher dimensions operating above the personality level. Collectively, these three dimensions are represented by the pail held by the Water Bearer from whence these energies flow, and the Water Bearer as the Higher Christ Self within each individual.

The New Age or the Aquarian Age can be interpreted as the "second-coming" of Christ, for His sign (Aquarius) shall appear or is appearing in the sky in an astronomical sense; he "appears" in the clouds or energies of the New Age, and every eye shall "see" him--that is, feel his influence.

How can we appreciate the value of metaphysics? It takes careful study and analysis with a non-prejudicial mind before a true evaluation can be made of any science or thing. Metaphysics is of no exception. The problem is that too many people have preconceived the nature of metaphysics without having investigated the matter. Some consider it as the science of Lucifer or other such nonsense. All knowledge is essentially neutral in nature. Nothing is good or bad in itself. We attribute a thing as good or bad, right or wrong from the standpoint of our own moral standards or preference and this is constantly changing in consonance with the level of our spiritual awareness.

Metaphysical teachings help us in various ways. It teaches us the existence of the many Cosmic laws operating in the universe and how these laws function in the world of beings. If understanding just a simple Cosmic law like karma helps one to correct misconceptions and alleviate our struggles, and relieve certain psychological pain, can you imagine how the awareness and understanding of a dozen Cosmic laws would help improve the quality and value of one's life? It should be realized that if a person were to cry out in pain to God for an explanation to all of her problems and excruciating experiences, and that if she were confused and at a loss of knowing how to react or respond to certain situations, then it should be known that there are possible errors in that person's philosophy of life, in that person's understanding of the functions and laws of the universe, and the purpose of life, or of the person's personal mission. Since one's philosophy of life is associated with one's cultural and religious beliefs, then those beliefs should be looked into for possible false notions and dogmatic errors that do not reflect the workings of Nature.

True religion brings joy, bliss, understanding and wisdom to the heart, and is scientifically inclined. If it does not do so, and if it simply causes one to believe a thing without offering personal determination of its truth through experience, knowledge and understanding then it may be seen as a diversion from the true spiritual path. We state emphatically here that to be religious is not synonymous to being spiritual. A spiritual person may be religious, but a religious person is not always spiritual. A spiritual person knows whereas a religious person simply possesses faith, which at times may be expressed blindly in the condition called fanaticism.

In metaphysics we develop power, intelligence and wisdom. Wisdom is a blend of knowledge, understanding, and experience directed by the buddhic principle of love--unconditional love. It is thinking with the heart and feeling with the mind. This distinguishes the higher metaphysical development of spirituality from the lower metaphysical unfoldment of psychicism. In a lower metaphysical development we may solely possess psychic ability or power but no wisdom and understanding to use it. We unfold in an unbalanced way. When power exceeds the wisdom to apply it, the seeds of self-destruction is inherent and might be the probable outcome. Advanced metaphysicians have all three aspects of divinity in full development or unfolding in a balanced and harmonious way, these three are: the aspects of love/wisdom, power/will, and intelligence/activity.

The more Cosmic laws and truths we apprehend with our souls and apply in our every day lives, the more spiritual, divine, and powerful we become. The more we purify ourselves from all the dross and toxins in our energy-structures, and the more we liberate ourselves from preconceived human mortal limitations, the more we are able to access divine energies and express our divinity, or our divine attributes. We are able to manifest our Christ Self. The term "Christ Self" should be understood as a component within the microcosm, or Man--both visible and invisible, and as the True Self functioning at a certain consciousness level beyond personality functions and expressions. In metaphysics Christ is not conceived as a historical person but rather understood from a mystical and mythical standpoint. Christ is often apprehended as a state of awareness of man functioning at a spiritual level. This is real power: the power derived from one's own spiritual knowing, awareness and being. Most of the so-called powers claimed by some psychics are borrowed from disembodied entities and are basically illusory and impermanent. Such temporal and borrowed powers in the end may seek to control and obsess the person using them. This is one reason that one should be aware of the dangers in psychicism before embarking upon its development. It is always safer to first develop true spirituality and the taming of the false ego. The injunction is to first seek the kingdom of God that all things shall be added unto us.

In metaphysics we come to learn of many teachings of Cosmic laws and principles that aid us to deal with life, to master our lower self and express all that is divine in us. This is true mastery. The word Master does not mean being able to control Nature or others, it is the ability to effectively work in cooperation with Her and with our fellow man in creating harmony, peace, and abundance in our world, in our shared reality, in our conjoined dream. Real Masters are those who have mastered the animalistic and humanistic elements of their being and are now expressing their god-hood. Cosmic or Ascended Masters do not generally consider themselves as Masters for they realize that they themselves are in a state of learning. Such is their humility.


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