What is Necromantic Practice?

by S�och�in Crow

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First off, Necromantic Practice is NOT a Religion. You can be a Christian, Jew, Pagan, etc.and still practice Necromantics. (I prefer to use this term instead of the ever-tarnished "Necromancy") Death touches ALL Religions, therefore is not a religion in, and of itself.

Secondly, it is NOT Black Magick,. Almost anyone who utilizes magick will confirm that `color' is non-existent. The intent of the individual is what makes it "good", or "bad". The captains of the ships, which brought the slaves to the U.S, coined the term "Black Magick". It was used to describe the traditional rituals in which the native Africans took part. In modern society, the phrase has been adopted to describe the `miraculous' acts of the followers of Magick embracing paths, such as the "left hand" (for major lack of a better term), which includes Satanism, Demonolatry, Necromantic Practitioners, etc.. Does it mean their intentions are bane? Well, one can be a Satanist, and perform magick with no ill intent; thus, the directing of this energy cannot plausibly be called "Black" or "White". Whether Necromantic Practice is considered "Magical" or not, is basically up to the person who is utilizing it.

Lastly, there is a difference between Necromantic Practice, and Necrophilia. Though they are both extremely intimate, only one is sexually so. A Necromantic practitioner will NOT rape the dead. A Necrophile is in it strictly for the thrill. It is about dominance over another, and fear of rejection. A corpse can't say no. To Love Death is to forget the flesh, and concentrate on the spirit, Necrophilia is the exact opposite. To perform such acts on the dead is horrendous. Though some Necromantics do refer to themselves as "Necrophiliacs". To them, this simply means that they are attracted to the dead. yet they would not sexually act on that attraction. It is of a spiritual nature.

Followers of the Necromantic path attune themselves with the Death energy to gain balance, understanding, acceptance, and Love for the soul, it's purpose, and place in the divine plan. It's not "evil", and it has nothing what so ever to do with Demons, or Satan. Again, Death touches all, not just a single belief system. For the Necormantic, the veil of humanity does not completely cover the eyes. We strive to understand that which we fear, and embrace it, with open arms.

Death truly is a gentle force. The most beautiful Angel, he lifts our soul, and burdens himself with the sorrow, so that WE may feel the joy of being free from the flesh. We should never, ever be "sad" when it comes time to part. When we do, we find that it is the best thing that has ever happened to us. That is the beauty of transition. The wind may close one door, but it opens another.

So take a tip from the Irish, and celebrate the passing of loved ones. Be merry, dance on their graves, sing, and drink from sunset to sunset. chances are, that is exactly what they would want you to be doing.and remember to be wary of those who claim that "real Necromancy" is bothering the dead to give you some sort of silly information that you think you NEED to know. if there is something that you really do need warning for, the dead will contact YOU.





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