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By Moloch

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If you do not have the ingredients or simply don�t know how to properly blend an oil, powder or incense, then do not hesitate to find a qualified metaphysical shop and have their herbalist concoct the recipe(s) for you. These recipes are tried, true and from the New Orleans Sorcery tradition.

I hope they help you in your workings.

Brother Moloch 969
Copywrite Jan 2005

+ + +

Power oil is a general oil that�s used to increase your own projective psychic powers such as telekinesis, healing, telepathy, etc., It also adds strength to your body�s aura to reinforce it from all manner of attack and malignance. It can be used on a purple candle or worn on your body when properly anointed. If you�re having a little trouble getting something materialized with your spells, then take a purple candle and dress it with this oil and add it to the spell.

sandalwood, orange blossom (or naroli) and pine oil with marigold buds in the bottle

+ + +

Having a bad week? Then Shi Shi will come to your aid! It�s ingredients will help you when things have taken a down turn in your life. Shi Shi will invoke blessings of prosperity, luck and general happiness. This isn�t one to be used when you�re up against the wall. Rather use it when things are more or less copacetic and you just want to increase the better things for the days ahead. Another way to look at it is that it can help to reverse disharmonious atmospheres. It is an old Chinese recipe.

clove, bay leaves and angelica

+ + +

Next we have "Tiger" which is said to be one of the most powerful psychic blends known in New Orleans Sorcery. This blend touches the primal animal levels of our natures to raise those forces and awaken psychic and clairvoyant abilities. I don�t recommend using this blend for long periods of time as it peels back layers to get to your deepest psychic centers. Those layers should come off gradually but if you feel as if you�re psychism is just stagnant, then try this recipe. Typically it�s worn as an anointing oil on your third eye.

wintergreen, gardenia, rose petals, peppermint, real cinnamon (NOT acacia), & bay leaves

+ + +

For general meditation practices, you can't beat the formulae of "Kabala". Use the rough ingredients on hot coals for a wondrous incense that will assail your senses and invoke peaceful meditative states of mind. Typically this is not worn as an oil but rather take myrtle leaves, cedar chips and grind them up to a find powder then put in a few drops of frankincense oil and stir up. If you don�t have frankincense oil, then you can use equal amounts of the ingredients to create a blend that�s very calming and soothing. I like to use this recipe when I�m having trouble making a decision.

myrtle, cedar and frankincense

+ + +

To attract powerful Spirits to aid your plea, make a concoction called "Drawing". To use it properly, you must use talismans, candles and etc., to define what it is you wish the Spirits to do in helping you because used by itself does little for you as it is non-specific. Meaning by just anointing yourself with it does nothing. And yes you make it using essential oils with a base oil such as grape seed oil and then anointing your talisman, candles, etc.

jasmine, violet & lavender

+ + +

Finally what do you do if you happen to come upon a Spirit or poltergeist that's getting to be a nuisance and won�t leave you alone or in the case of the poltergeist, quiet down? Create the following recipe and burn as an incense. Take it around first inside your home � meaning walk thru it holding a heat safe dish while this incense burns and then walk outside your home counter-clockwise to banish the offending Spirit. In the New Orleans Sorcery tradition, more often than not, banishment is performed widdershins aka counter-clockwise and yes there are exceptions to this rule of thumb.

bay leaves, cinnamon powder, red wine (any brand will suffice), rose petals, myrrh gum, and either seal salt or ordinary table salt

+ + +

The following recipe is one of the most celebrated banishment potions in Sorcery. Spirits, both good and bad, despise it! But of course the good Spirits won't bother you to begin with so why would you use it on them anyway? You can use this as a powder or incense. It�s not typically used in oil form. If you have a person that is really possessed, then this is not the oil formula to use. One of the traditional Exorcism blends would be better suited.

consecrated salt, hyssop leaves, bay leaves & vervain

+ + +

Another recipe I found in one of Tarostar's books has been useful for invoking power into my workings and that is King David Oil. Yes it�s a Biblical recipe but the ingredients are very traditional for a balanced recipe to increase one�s vitality and stamina especially when having to deal with someone who�s a psychic vampire.

sandalwood, bayberry bark, musk, rose petals, jasmine flowers & a few drops blue sonata

+ + +

Van Van is used as a blessing type of oil in the New Orleans Sorcery tradition. It�s used as a floor wash, candle dressing or spray in the air. Normally it�s not used as an incense but I don�t see any reason why it can�t be used as such. Use the essential oils of the ingredients to make the blend for use on candles or in a spray or floor wash. If you�re going to make a powder or incense then use the dried herbs.

lavender, bay, rose & verbena

+ + +

Here is a sacred blend that is used to draw general Spirits to your working. If you�re unsure on how to work with such beings, it is best if you leave this recipe alone. These Spirits tend to be the Gheude (Dead) many of whom were former Spiritual Workers in another life. They will assist you however you need to know how to thank them properly afterwards as well as how to instruct them to begin with. Typically this potion was used in New Orleans Sorcery as an oil to anoint candles, gris-gris bags, talismans, your altar, tools, etc.

clove, lime, mullein, myrrh, patchouli, pine & vetivert

+ + +

The following is typically used as an oil and anointed on a purple candle to lend power to candle spells. You can also wear this on your person by properly anointing yourself before going out for an interview, meeting, or having to deal with that schmuck who just irritates the living crap out of you. If you�re making the incense potion with this recipe, then use powdered brick dus � meaning take a small piece from a red building brick and powder it up in your mortar & pestle. If you�re making the oil, take a piece of the brick that�s small enough and place it in your bottle.

deers tongue, patchouli, red building brick

Brother Moloch 969





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