The Vision of the Holy Guardian Angel

by VH Frater Justificatus, 5=6

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The following represents one method of attaining Knowledge and Conversation of the Holy Guardian Angel. It may be incorporated into the traditional Abramelin Operation, or it may be practised as a method in its own right. The present author chose to do the latter: it is thus theoretically possible to attain KCHGA without undertaking the austerities required by the Abramelin operation, though it will take somewhat longer (e.g. several years, as opposed to just 6 months).

The method is based on the fact that, according to "777" the Spiritual Experience of Malkuth is "the Vision of the Holy Guardian Angel". Now it so happens that once, I was reading Aleister Crowley's "Confessions", in which he tells of one conversation he had with his Golden Dawn mentor, Allan Bennett. Crowley happened to mention that he had heard that there was a particular method of vibrating the name of "Adonai Ha-Aretz" (hebrew - "Lord of the Earth") which summoned the Holy Guardian Angel: however, apart from this brief reference, he never said if Bennett actually told him - and if so, Crowley never to my knowledge said what it was. "Adonai Ha-Aretz", of course, happens to be the Grand-name of Malkuth.

It therefore occurred to me that this method of vibration to which Crowley referred was in fact the very method of achieving the Spiritual Experience of Malkuth. But what was it? Not knowing, I just filed the matter in the back of my mind for the time-being and concentrated on other things.

Some time later, and one night I was in the middle of a Lucid Dream. It is my practise to use Lucid Dreams to perform my morning rituals: the Middle Pillar Ritual, the Invoking Pentagram and Hexagram Rituals. I started the Middle Pillar Ritual ... and quite spontaneously discovered THE METHOD, which I describe below. I was so surprised this first time that unfortunately I woke up, and had to do my Rituals waking.

How do I know that my experience was genuine? Firstly, it was exactly what Crowley suggested it might be: a method of vibrating "Adonai Ha-Aretz". Secondly, it has the precedence of being essentially an authentic Golden Dawn magickal technique - it just so happens this particular form of it is not in fact mentioned anywhere in the literature of the Golden Dawn.

But thirdly and most importantly, when I first performed it, I experienced a sudden and overpowering burst of energy, which was exactly like the way the "Kundalini" phenomenon is described. I had been practising Yoga for a long time before this, and had from time to time experienced momentary samadhi, so I was able to recognise the manifestation of Kundalini, which is its by-product. I had also suspected that KCHGA was in fact a kind of Samadhi itself. Up til that moment this had been purely speculation: yet here I was, experiencing something which tended to prove my previously held view.

Moreover, I tried repeating the same procedure in subsequent Lucid Dreams, and I experienced like results. I even tried doing it whilst awake and Astrally Projecting: again, similar results. I should point out that as I became more used to this, I was able treat the kundalini-like phenomenon with equanimity, so I could thus maintain my Lucid Dream or Astral Projection state afterwards. This is very important, because it allows one to develop what start off as one-off visions into actual Knowledge and Conversation of the Holy Guardian Angel.

One final word, before I get down to the juicy details: it is possible that this Method is not exactly what Crowley or Bennett had in mind when the former wrote "Confessions". However even if it is not "The" method it is certainly "a" method - and it has the benefit of having the most trustworthy provenance imaginable - IT WORKS.



Step 1. First learn the art of Lucid Dreaming.
This is probably the most important point. I had developed this faculty over a period of four or five years before I first Invoked my HGA. I go into more detail about Lucid Dreaming in my essay of the same name.

Step 2. Follow the curriculum of "The Golden Dawn", until you are an Adeptus Minor.
This may or may not be significant - I mention it because it is what I did, so perhaps there is a link between the fact of my success and my particular Magical path. Perhaps the link in question is The Etheric Link itself! I would certainly not rule it out.

Step 3. Learn how to Project Astrally.
Again, this may or may not be significant - but it is certainly highly useful to not be limited to performing this method in your sleep. Of course, if you are following the curriculum of the Golden Dawn, as I said you should in step 2, you should have learnt or should be learning to project Astrally anyway.

Step 4. Study, and meditate on, the following Egyptian God-forms: Horus the Elder, and Harpocrates.
Unlike steps 2 and 3, this is really essential to the success of the method. It is helpful to draw pictures, in full colour, of these God-forms as they are described in the Golden Dawn Z-1 documents. It is vitally important to be able to accurately visualise both of them at Will. Practise Assuming these God-forms. You should realise also the connection of these two God-forms to the Neophyte Signs of the Enterer and of Silence.

Step 5. Learn, and physically practise, the "Vibratory Formula of the Middle Pillar": also "The Middle Pillar Ritual"
Essential. These must be like second-nature.

Step 6. The Nitty-Gritty:
(a) Induce a Lucid Dream. Or Project Astrally. In any event your awareness should be completely in your astral body and unconscious of your physical body. This is Important.

(b) The rest of the instructions in this step are like the Vibratory Formula of the Middle Pillar, but with important modifications: begin by holding your arms straight up, and firmly visualising Kether above your head as a sphere of incandescent power.

(c) Now do three things simultaneously: breathe in; imagine that the name "Adonai Ha-Aretz" is in fact a _Force_; smoothly lower your arms in time with your breath into a tau-position, whilst firmly Willing this Force to descend from Kether into Tiphereth i.e. your heart.

(d) Visualise an Angelic figure standing before you as you briefly contemplate this Force ("Adonai Ha-Aretz") within your heart (Tiphereth). Try to imagine that it is Tiphereth which is in fact holding onto and controlling this Angel...

(e) Let the Force descend with the breath past Yesod to Malkuth, immediately below your feet. Imagine the name "Adonai Ha-Aretz" is formulating in Malkuth. You should still be visualising the Angel all the while...

(f) Take your hands to either side of your head, and Assume the god-form of Horus the Elder. Actually, assuming a god-form whilst in the Astral like this is a powerful experience in itself - it can distract you from finishing this invocation. The solution is practice, practice and more practice, so you are not taken by surprise when it happens.

(g) Still as Horus the Elder, still visualising the Angel, allow the Force to rise up from Malkuth to Tiphereth. Make the Sign of the Enterer, whilst powerfully vibrating "Adonai Ha-Aretz" and projecting the Force toward the Angelic figure.

(h) Assume the God-form of Harpocrates and make the Sign of Silence (what I said about assuming God-forms in (f) applies here as well.

Step 7. Blimey! What was that?!
If this is the first time you have attempted this method, you will probably experience an overwhelming surge of energy, which whilst Ecstatic, is so surprising that you end your Lucid dream or Astral Projection prematurely. If this should happen, you should make the best of your efforts: physically make the Sign of Silence, whilst meditating upon Harpocrates; then record your results and try again later, or the next day.

Step 8. Success?
If on the other hand you are now experienced in this method, you should feel an ecstatic surge of energy, combined with emotions of peace, cathartic release, etc etc, but it is not so surprising - hence you are able to maintain your Lucid dream or Astral projection state. Therefore you now have standing in front of you an impressive Angel, who by rights should indeed be your own Holy Guardian Angel. You should now do what you should always do when meeting entities on the Astral Plane: test it by Signs and Names. Theoretically, the Angel will make the sign of a Zelator, and say it comes in the names of "Adonai Ha-Aretz", "Sandalphon", etc. If something is not quite kosher, banish it straightaway with a Pentagram - however, if you have followed the above steps correctly, this is unlikely in the extreme.

Step 9. Name.
Now the Angel has tested right, and has confirmed it is your Holy Guardian Angel, you should then ask it its name. This is very interesting, because the name by which your Holy Guardian Angel chooses to make itself known to you invariably contains an allusion to what the main thrust of your Magickal work is going to be. This could be by gematria; or it could be an actual word in e.g. Hebrew, Enochian, or perhaps Greek or Coptic which is significant by its literal meaning. Or if not by its literal meaning, then by some other association. Furthermore, a simple way of meditating is to call to mind your Holy Guardian Angel and repeat its name as a mantra - this can often be effective in its own right.

Step 10. Further work
Once you have found that this method works, you can use it to deepen your relationship with your Holy Guardian Angel, and thereby at length attain KCHGA. Here are my recommended tips:

(a) Remember that in the Abramelin Operation after meeting your HGA the next step is to confront all the demons of hell. Similarly, in the Adept's obligation in the Golden Dawn, it is not enough to contact your Higher Genius - you have to expel the Qlippoth from the Nephesh into the Evil Persona. Now it so happens that in my experience, after one has invoked the HGA, you will be forced to confront demons of one sort or another WHETHER YOU LIKE IT OR NOT. This can be unnerving at first, but the solution is simple: continue to invoke your HGA with even more fervour. And, of course, remember the various methods of magickal protection: Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram, Assumption of Harpocrates, Sign of Silence, Banner of the West, the name AGLA, etc etc.

(b) Whenever you meet an astral entity, firmly demand that it recognises the power and authority of your HGA. If it refuses, it is good for one thing: Banishing.

(c) It is always advisable to invoke your HGA by this method immediately before you are likely to meet an astral entity anyway.

(d) In Rituals based on the Z-2 formulae, your Holy Guardian Angel should be included with the Names and Powers you use. I like to put it at the head of orations to the various God-names, Angels, Spirits, etc.

(e) Of course, this Method can also be incorporated into the "Invocation of the Higher" part of the ceremony.

(f) Your Holy Guardian Angel can be consulted from time to time for specific advice.

(g) It is wise to invoke your Holy Guardian Angel before performing any Magickal act, ceremony or otherwise, unless of course invoking your HGA is part of the act itself. Still, it doesn't hurt...

(h) The significance of the HGA may be further discerned from how it is treated in occult literature - see bibliography.

(i) Finally, the very process of invoking your HGA is of benefit in its own right.

The Book of the Sacred Magick of Abramelin the Mage - (trans.) Macgregor Mathers;
Magick In Theory and Practice;
Confessions - all by Aleister Crowley;
The Mystical Qabalah - Dion Fortune;
The Golden Dawn - Israel Regardie.





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