The Act of Creation

By Franz Bardon - Extracts from Initiation into Hermetics Sacred Magick Edition

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If the magician is able to manage the projection of elements to the outside so that he knows how to project any element he chooses out of himself or directly from the universe, he will e able to create elementaries for his own and other people's profit too. He will succeed in creating beings that will be his faithful servants not only on the mental level but on the astral and material one as well, according to his producing or condensing these beings in a mental, astral or material way. I have already talked about the deliberate or conscious creation of thought forms or elementals. The difference between an "elemental" and an "elementary" is that an elemental is produced on the basis of deliberate thought forms with the help of the magician's imagination and willpower, and works mainly on the mental plane for the magician's or other people's benefit. An elementary, on the other hand, is far more penetrating and subtle in its effect because it is being created from one or several elements. In the light of practical examples, I will explain the real procreation of an elementary as thoroughly as possible, demonstrating the manner in which the magician has to create an elementary. The intuition acquired by the previous training certainly will help the magician to contrive his own practice, responsive to the purpose he aims at. According to his ethical development, he will never dare to create elementaries for evil purposes; the invisible world would certainly vow ferocious revenge on him, because through the knowledge of how to create elementaries, the magician has got a plenitude of power which allows him to achieve anything on the mental, astral and material level he chooses. He must always consider that it is he himself who is responsible for his deeds, and not the elementary he has created. The elementaries are compliant tools in the hands of the magician, following his orders blindly and granting every desire to him regardless whether a bad thing has to be turned to good account or the other way around.

In the same manner as you cannot expect a baker's job to be done by a carpenter, you cannot demand that an elementary created for a certain purpose will accomplish a second task for which it was not intended. For this particular reason you must never give two or more orders to any of the elementaries, for it will not be able to do either job well. Apart from that, the analogy to the elements is to be considered. It would be quite wrong and illegal if the magician created an elementary that would not be in harmony with the analogous elements.

There are no limits to the shape of the elementary, and it is up to the magician to choose the form according to his liking and intuition. However, avoid picking the form of living or deceased people you have known or with whom you have been or still are connected. By doing so you might easily slip into the reach of the mental or astral body of the respective human being and consequently do him great damage. Apart from that there is a danger that an elementary might turn against the magician at any moment in consequence of its inbred intelligence. It would understand perfectly how to vampirize him or to influence him indirectly when asleep, and to do any possible amount of mischief. Therefore every magician is advised to take this warning very seriously!

Each elementary has to be given a name at the very moment of its creation. It is opportune to choose less common names because the mere utterance of a name will be enough to bring the elementary near the magician at once. Supposing that one has created several elementaries, it is advisable to take notes of the names in order not to forget them. But these names must not be mentioned to anyone else because another magician, being clever enough, could easily seize the elementaries and work with them without any effort.

The power and effectiveness of an elementary depends entirely on its loading. The stronger the willpower of the magician, the projection of the elements to the outside will be all the greater, and an elementary loaded to such an extent becomes all the more pervasive and far more effective of course. Sometimes an elementary can be condensed so much that it is visible even to an untrained physical eye. It is therefore up to the magician himself whether he wants the elementary to work visibly or invisibly as the case may be. The duration of life of an elementary depends on the purpose for which it has been created, and this purpose has to be fixed right at the beginning of its creation. As soon as the purpose is fulfilled, the magician must dissolve his elementary into its original element with the help of the imagination. Never omit this process of dissolution, because, having performed its task, an elementary can easily become independent due to its instinct of self-preservation, and if you forget to do so, it will escape from your sphere of influence and become a vampire. In this case the magician would have to face all the resulting karma caused by such an elementary transmuted into a vampire. Therefore carelessness and conscientiousness are seriously recommended when you are handling elementaries. Many magicians determine, right at the birth-act, the kind of disintegration of the elementary by destroying the name of the elementary in question, burning it, performing a certain rite, a sign r a gesture, or using a formula which they fixed in advance. All this is individual and is left to the magician's choice. Special attention has to be paid to the act of disintegration. Provided the magician is equal to the task, he will be able to force his elementaries to absolute obedience at any time by threatening them with disintegration. At all events, he should imprint on his mind that he is able to bring the elementaries under his will and to have complete command of them. This is very important if the magician does not wish himself to become the plaything of the beings he created. He will make the experience all the better and the elementary will serve him all the more faithfully and reliably; it will become all the more engaging and he will hate to dissolve it at all. But the magician must never give way to this sentimentalism, because he would get into the thrall of elementaries. For this reason it is more opportune to destine elementaries for a short life, and to create new ones for the same purpose if need be. This does not mean, of course, that a new elementary should be created every week, but it is a disadvantage to keep the same elementary for years for one affair only.

Should the magician intend to create elementaries for his own use, he had better form them by the projection of elements through his body. Elementaries destined for other people, however, should be created by the projection of elements directly from the universe. The magician knows very well that there is an invisible connection between him and every elementary that could be misused very easily if he started to create elementaries by physical projection for other human beings as well. The way to manage it will be quite understandable to every magician without any doubt.

It is necessary to talk about the places where elementaries should be deposited. In the Orient, elementaries (there called Yidams) are banished into a "Kylichor" where they are preserved. A kylichor is a diagram built from stone and corresponding to the yidam to which no stranger will ever be admitted. The well-trained magician, however, needs no separate place for it, but he will hide the elementary in a spot in the wall, realizing that an elementary is not limited to time, nor does it claim a special space. Hence it will be quite alright in the wall as well as it would have been accommodated in an open space. It is even more suitable to keep it in a wall or any solid big object, because it is better to avoid banning it to places where other people are about all the time. Should a human being happen to come to the same place where an elementary is kept, the person would suddenly feel restless and other bad consequences might occur.

Furthermore, it has to be fixed right at the beginning how the elementary ought to be called up. This can be done by whispering the name or thinking of it, or by a gesture of the hand, or a ritual. The magician is at liberty to do as he pleases.

Before I particularize the practical part, the proper act of creation, I should like to remark that it is not necessary for the magician to restrict himself to this practice, this being only a small part of practical magic and a hint as to how the magician is to use his power. He should not specialize thereat; on the contrary, if he is able to manage these practices perfectly, further possibilities are at his disposal. This part of magic is to be followed only in the beginning, and it is up to the magician to utilize it to help himself and other people too. And last but not least, that is the purpose of this theme.

1. The Act of Creation ~

There are four fundamental methods devised for the creation act of elementary:
1. The projection of one element into a ready form, no matter whether the point in question be a mental, astral or a material form.
2. The projection of several elements into a ready form, which may be a mental, astral or material form.
3. The projection of one element without any direct form, which will be produced by the element in question.
4. The projection of several elements, which will produce their form successively.

I will explain all the four methods thoroughly in the light of practical examples.

Method 1:
Take any object of which you want to give the form to the elementary, and put it in front of you. Choose for example a ball, no matte whether it is big ball of wood or glass, solid or hollow inside. A rather large rubber ball will do as well. Draw the desired element from the universe with the help of your imaginative faculty and imagine it in the form that you chose, in such a way that the shape of the object is completely filled. Treat each element you want to work with in the same manner, except akasa, and always engage that element which best responds to your desire or idea. Repeat this projection several times, each time imagining the sensation that more and more elemental matter is forming, accumulating and compressing.

As soon as you are quite sure that this accumulation of the element is strong enough for the realization of your desire, impregnate this already completed elementary with the concentrated desire or purpose you aim at. Apart from that, give a name to the elementary, because it cannot exist without a name. At the same time, limit the period of its lifetime, during which it has to fulfill its task. Supposing that you operated with the element of fire, the outcome would be a fire elementary and you have got a fiery ball. If it has been created from the water element, the ball will be similar to a glass ball; created from the air element, the ball will have a bluish color, and when produced from the earth element, the elementary will appear clay-colored.

Provided that you followed all these instructions, draw the elementary out of the object and send it on to the job you selected to be done. But beforehand, order the elementary to go back into its shape immediately after having fulfilled its task. In this manner, you have the possibility of checking the elementary, whether or not it has done its job, by approaching the form with a pendulum. If the elementary has returned into the original form after finishing its work, the pendulum will present vibrations because such an elementary has a remarkable magnetic as well as electrical radiation. The pendulum test is very important for you, as it demonstrated whether your order has or has not been executed. Later on, after having acquired the maturity, you will be able to watch the work of your elementary by clairvoyance. If the pendulum does not show any vibration, it will prove that the elementary still is working because the job is not yet finished. When sending off the elementary to do its piece of work, do not forget that there are no bounds for an elementary. Neither time nor space can put obstacles in the way of an elementary, and it would be able to go around the globe in an instant if necessary. You have to be firmly convinced that it will execute your order and obey your will within the time you have fixed, without any exception. Not the slightest doubt about the success must ever enter your mind. As soon as you have forwarded the elementary, cut off the connecting link between you and it as suddenly as if you had used a knife, and stop thinking of it instantly after sending it off. You may have to transfer yourself into a state of vacancy of mind, or give your attention to quite another matter. In short, you must forget your elementary altogether. The more skillfully you manage this, the more pervasively and undisturbed the elementary will work. If the time you had fixed beforehand has expired, make certain with the help of the pendulum that the elementary has returned into its form. If so, you can then dissolve the elementary in the way you previously determined, namely by burning its name, with the help of a special ritual, or by spelling its name backwards in an undertone.

This disintegration or dissolution also can be performed through the normal imagination, similar to the method we recommended for the projection of elements. You may use the elementary for the same purpose somewhere else too, if you like.

If your elementary has not returned to the form it is preserved in, after the time you set, and if you suppose that your order has not been fulfilled satisfactorily, just call back the elementary.
Produce a more intense accumulation of the element by reinforced imagination and projection of the respective element, and then send the elementary off once more to do the required job. You may repeat this loading as many ties as you like until the desired effect has been accomplished. Such a repetition of the loading will be necessary when you brig your elementary up against a problem that would exceed its tension and power. Moreover, you have to consider that the effectiveness of an elementary depends on your own mental maturity and consequently on your ability to condense an element. It also depends on your will, your conviction and your emanative faith which is able to move mountains.

This is the most artless and easiest method of creating elementaries which the magician is using for simple effects only, narrowly limited ideas and influences that do not require any special intelligence, for example, to give an order to another person, to offer protection in simple affairs, etc. As mentioned before, mental, astral and material effects can be achieved with the help of elementaries.

In the manner quoted here, an elementary can be produced without any material shape as well.
In such a case one has to project the desired element into a form of thoughts, operating in exactly the same way you did in the material production. This kind of creation of elementaries is more difficult, it is true, but it has the advantage that the form also can be transferred somewhere else, where a material body would not have enough space, for example, into a corner of a wall and into such spots where the meddling of other people is quite out of the question.

This practice offers so many possibilities for the magician that it is left entirely to his intuition to what purposes he likes to use the elementaries he creates. He can, for example, shield his house or apartment from injuries with the help of an elementary, produce a more favorable atmosphere for himself, and similar things. All of us know that every science can be used for noble purposes as well as for evil ones, and so I am sorry to say, this practice likewise can be misused for egotistic and malevolent purposes. For example, a merchant can create an elementary that will aid him in increasing the number of his customers. All the haunted houses, discredited as such by spiteful magicians, may be interpreted as a production of elementaries deliberately created for such malicious purposes. A respectable magician will never degrade himself to such kind of machinations.

Method 2:
Although, according to this method you may choose any object whatever, such as a statue, doll or such as a suitable form for your elementary, I shall also acquaint you with a very ideal secret practice Take two parts by volume of loam and one part of wax. Stir the loam with some warm water to a thick pulp and add the beeswax, either completely melted or warmed to softness. Knead both ingredients until they are very well mixed. Do not use too much water to prepare the loam, or else the mass will turn out too soft and it would be difficult to operate with. If genuine beeswax is not available, any other fatty or waxy ingredient will do, such as tallow and the like which are generally used for making candles. This would be a last resort, because beeswax is much better.

Now form a figure, giving it the shape you want the elementary to have, such as a human form. With a large nail or other pointed object, sink a wide opening while the doll is still warm and soft. Begin with the head and move down along the spine to the feet, producing a large hollow inside the figure. Now fill this space up to the opening with a fluid condenser, and stop the opening while the figure is still soft to prevent the condenser from leaking out.

Another way is to pour the condenser into the figure after it has cooled down and hardened, stopping the opening with liquid wax or with a candle. As to the treatment of magic condensers, I shall enlarge on this subject in a special chapter. If the magician intends to create the elementary for his own purposes only, he has to stop the opening of the figure with a cotton wool plug containing a few drops of his own organic prima material. This is the Alpha and Omega; therefore take a few drops of your own blood or sperm. In our case, one or the other would be sufficient, but if both "mumiae" of the first class were connected, it would be still more effective. Supposing a female magician is concerned, a drop of her own blood serves the same purpose. The cotton wool plug prepared in this manner has to be put first into the hollow of the figure, pouring the fluid condenser over it, only then, not before, and finally stopping the opening. According to the magic rules, a figure like this is the most ideal form to create an elementary. The size of the figure does not mater at all, although it is evident that the bigger the doll, the more fertile will be your creative imagination. But a figure approximately 4 inches will do for a skilled magician.

In case an elementary has to be created and a doll to be shaped for another person, the own prima materia is not to be mixed with the fluid condenser, otherwise serious damage will be done to the magician. The respective person in consequence of the mental, astral and material connection would obtain the opportunity to influence the magician directly or indirectly to good as well as bad effect. For example, a figure prepared with the mumia and put into cold water will cause shivering fits in the body of the magician who created it, and the other way around, if the doll were exposed to great heat, a high fever would result. A great number of possibilities are still granted by the mago-sympathetic bond, but I will not quote them so as not to seduce the scholar to do any bad things.

The aforementioned doll can, of course, be loaded with only one element, and an elementary can be created in the way described in the previous method, but I am going to particularize practice of the second method as well.

Take your wax figure in the left hand and rub it gently with your right hand, as if you wanted to animate it with your vital power. Blow your breath on it as if you wanted to resuscitate the lifeless figure. Give your developing elementary the name you have destined to it and speak this name several times into the figure. Religiously inclined magicians even baptize the figure in a way similar to the christening of a newborn child, and give the name to the figure while performing this ceremony. This of course is a matter of opinion of any magician and not absolutely necessary. In any case, ascertain for yourself in this experiment that in this figure you possess a perfect body appropriate to your elementary. After your doll has got its name, fill your whole body with the earth element and project it through your hands or the solar plexus outwards and fill the figure with this element, beginning from the feet up to the neighborhood of the genitals. The earth element has to be accumulated dynamically in these parts when filling the figure. Now concentrate all the specific properties of the earth such as gravity and the like into it with the firm will and conviction that the earth element with all its properties will remain in the figure and work there constantly. Proceed in the same manner with the water element, which you project into the doll's abdominal region. After that transfer the air element into the chest region, and the fire element into the head.

As soon as you have projected all the four elements into the figure, you may be sure to have created the astral body of your elementary, which has adopted the doll's shape but, in conformity with your desire, could also emanate from the doll whenever you like to, accepting the size you prefer. The astral body of your elementary will always remain connected by an invisible bond to the material frame, in our case the doll, and the life as well as the existence of the elementary depend on the physical doll, and are bound to reassume the size of the doll after the task is accomplished, reentering and reuniting into the doll's shape immediately. Up to this stage, you may repeat the experiment several times and reinforce its efficiency by deep meditation on the act of proceeding.

Provided that you have produced the astral body of your elementary in the manner described here, you may turn to form the mental body of the elementary as follows:

With the help of your imagination, produce in the doll the mental body, which you think is made from the finest etheric matter, and see how it surrounds and wraps the entire form of the doll. Concentrate into the head of the doll all the properties of the soul and the mind which you want your elementary to own, and deepen these qualities by meditation. Provided you are not interested in any special desires, you may concentrate on the four specific properties of the mind: will, intellect, feeling and consciousness, and deepen them by meditating on them. If you are sure that the figure has been sufficiently loaded and enabled to produce the intended effect, let us deal with the awakening of life in your elementary.

Accumulate in your right hand such an amount of light from the universe that the hand is shining fiery hot like a sun. Take the figure in your left hand and hold your radiant right hand some inches above it: Exhale your warm breath to the doll's navel region, and speak the name of the elementary aloud into it. When doing so, imagine that the light from your right hand is entering into the puppet. Right at the first blowing of breath into it, imagine that the doll's heart is beginning to beat and the blood to circulate. Your imagination must be so intense that you can feel the life in the puppet quite distinctly, as it were physically. A the seventh exhalation the light in your right hand will have completely disappeared, having passed into the doll; the astral form of your doll is throbbing and alive. At the eight breathing into it, think that the astral body of your figure is accepting your breath and beginning to breathe regularly. At the ninth blowing of your breath into it, call your elementary by its name and at the same time, shout aloud and ecstatically, "Live, do live, be alive!" The last "be alive" must be exclaimed enthusiastically and convincingly in the unshakable faith that the desired elementary has been created. Be positively sure that, according to the analogous laws of nature, a perfect being has actually been brought into the world.

Having arrived at this point, one can either go on or wrap the figure in a piece of silk for further use. Silk is known to be the best magic insulating material. The figure is to be kept in a favorable spot, inaccessible to anyone else; no foreigner must ever come in touch with the figure. Any further work is already a matter of imagination.

Provided you with to advance, put the figure in front of you, imagine the astral body together with the mental body emanating from the puppet. You have to imagine your elementary very much like a tiny, complete human being. It is entirely up to you to see in your elementary a male or a female being, depending on the kind of task it is expected to fulfill. The same is true for the clothing for it; your fantasy may decide. According to the task ahead, you may link the elementary by imagination to a self-selected ritual. Impress on your elementary right from the beginning the command that it should adopt the size you choose for it. You can have your elementary shrink to a dwarf or grow to a giant. It depends absolutely on your will and your liking whether you want to give the elementary an attractive or less beautiful form. The purpose on which you decide also plays a part here. As every astral and mental body is independent of time and space, matter being no obstacle for it, it is necessary for you to communicate this property to your elementary by imagination right from the beginning. It is therefore advisable for every magician, when operating with an elementary, to link important occurrences to a self-chosen ritual, because this wished-for occurrence will become a routine matter, the ritual connected to the respective occurrence producing the necessary power and effect and liberating the magician from using his will or imagination. When working with the elementary for a longer period, the elementary may automatically be condensed to such a degree that it becomes visible even to an untrained physical eye. It is better, however, to make the elementary work in an invisible manner, which has to be established by instructions to the elementary. At the beginning such an elementary first will fulfill mental, later astral, and eventually material tasks. All depends on the purpose to which the magician has created it. The purpose or the task is to be incorporated into the elementary at the moment of its creation. Afterwards it would be more difficult to impress new qualities on it. Hence, before creating an elementary, one ought to write a plan of action in which everything is carefully considered before starting the creation.

Never permit an elementary to out-maneuver you, though it may have developed to such a degree as to set free grand mental, astral or physical effects. After it has done its duty, always confine the elementary to its own body with the aid of your pre-established ritual; never allow it to pursue its own will. Always be aware of your own authority and magic power and always make sure that the life and death of the elementary are in your hands in the form of a wax figure representing the body of the elementary. The destruction of this figure or the flowing away of the fluid condenser will cause the elementary's death or its decomposition. As the wax figure must always be wrapped in silk, one may be certain the astral body will neither enter the figure nor slip out of it, because the silk will stop it. It is most important to know and remember this. When you separate the elementary from its body to send it away or order it to produce any effects, the figure must be unwrapped. If by any chance you have wrapped the figure in silk when the astral body happens to be outside of it, you might be killing the elementary, dissolving it instantly, in the same way as if you were touching a magician whose astral body is outside his physical body, killing him at the same moment because the linking thread between the astral body and the mortal frame has been torn by the touch. As you see, you will have to treat a created elementary n exactly the same way as if you were dealing with any human being.

The dissolution of an elementary must not take place suddenly, because the power set free has its origin in the magician himself and the sudden drawback could cause severe damage to the magician, especially if his elementary is capable of producing strong physical effects which even the magician would not be able to accomplish. In such a case, the disintegration has to be performed gradually. Therefore be on your guard beforehand against the elementary growing to such an extent as to outdo the magician's physical, astral and mental powers.

Hence I recommend the following two methods to disintegrate an elementary. As mentioned previously, the destruction must not happen suddenly, for example by burning the figure, without unloading it. One should always consider that, according to the method described here, it's a part of one's own Self, of the own Ego that has been projected into the elementary, and that any sudden destruction would result in a strong magical drawback. Should the magician not be sufficiently resistant or otherwise protected against such drawbacks, he would certainly suffer severe damage to his health, such as dysfunctions of the heart, nervous breakdown, paralysis of different kinds, mental defects, and so forth. Therefore you are advised always to be careful where magic is concerned, and one must strictly observe the directions and instructions given here. Then you will never incur any danger with respect to your health or otherwise. Only a fool ignoring or disobeying the rules will injure himself or other people. A sensible, righteous person will do good deeds only for the benefit of mankind, thus achieving high grades in magic, because he will never affront the laws of nature and spirit.

In the case of an elementary, the process of decomposition is exactly the same as in the passing away of Man, unless the dissolving moment was fixed at the very moment of creation, thereby deciding on another process. Take the figure in your hand and imagine the usual breathing process of the astral body in it. You feel the beating of the heart and the throbbing of the blood. Now load your right hand with akasa, which you imagine to be of a black-violet color. Project the akasa pointedly to the heart of the figure, suddenly like a streak of lightning. By doing so, you have killed your elementary. The heart stands still, the breathing has ceased. Withdraw the mental body from the figure, because through the streak of the akasa, the bond between the mental and the astral body has been torn. As soon as you imagine the mental body being outside the puppet, dissolve it with the help of your imagination into the universal light, like steam evaporating. After that, pass on to the decomposition of the astral body by having one element after another evaporate. Begin with the fire element in the head, then the air element in the chest, the water element in the abdomen, and finally the earth element in the feet. Now open the hollow of the puppet - break its head off - and catch the fluid condenser with a piece of blotting paper, which you then have to burn. The puppet itself could be used again to make a new elementary, when kneaded and molded, but it is more advisable to destroy it by burning or burying it in a lonely spot. This would be the normal way of decomposition.

Apart from that, I am going to describe another method that is generally used when an elementary has been condensed to such a degree that it accomplished physical tasks or else had become so strong that it refused to obey the magician's power, having got beyond his control. To protect yourself from any magical reaction or the cunning of the elementary, keep exactly within the following directions:

Prepare a very hot bath, as hot as you can endure, and get in. Hold the figure wrapped in silk in your left and. The right hand is loaded with akasa. Now shake off the silk wrapping with your left hand. The very moment you are holding the naked figure immediately above the water, direct the destructive beam of akasa to the heart of the figure. At the same time, dip the doll below the water and while doing so think that all the power, all abilities, the whole life is passing with the help of the water into your own body, soul and spirit. This process represents a very abrupt destruction of the created being, your elementary. Your body, soul and spirit are accepting the life in a tolerable manner. The rest of the power remains in the water and you are protected against any magic drawback or reaction. Now leave the bath and dry yourself, but leave the puppet in the water until it has cooled down. The silk in which it was wrapped might also have fallen into the water. Let the cold water drain off, but make sure that nobody else comes in touch with this water. If your eyes are clairvoyant and you notice that the figure is still emanating an aura, throw it once more into hot water and the fluid condenser will mix with the water. You may perform this experiment in any case even if you don't see the emanation. At least you will be sure that all life in the elementary is extinct.

Burn or bury the remains of the doll together with the silk. With this last operation the elementary is dead and gone for you.

Before I terminate this chapter, I would like to give a few hints to the magician who has to work with elementaries. These hints are of paramount importance for the practitioner. Exactly as the hours of birth and death of man are already predestined by fate, decide on the duration of life of your elementary in the same way at the very act of creation; fix the exact dying hour which you have to keep to the very minute, even if you have determined your elementary to live for years. It is therefore recommended to write down everything beforehand so as not to forget anything. If your elementaries have been created and condensed to such a degree as to be able to talk like human beings, they will try to beseech or even threaten you not to destroy them. On no account descend to promises of any kind, nor yield to bluffs or threats. Sooner or later you would lose the control of the elementaries and that would be disastrous for you, indeed. Even if the elementaries had served you faithfully and you had become quite fond of them, it must be all the same to you to destroy them, indifferently and in cold blood, as soon as their hour of death has struck. Start the act of decomposition without any pity just as if you were performing any kind of magic operation.

Just how important it is to fix the exact hour of death of an elementary, you may argue from the fact that, in case anything should happen to you and you die before the elementary's time has come, this latter would dissolve itself at the moment fixed by you. Though departed, however, you might perform your destroying work in the akasa sphere too, if you were yet interested in it. I am not going to describe here how anything like that could be managed, because it would be out of the scope of this book. Being however on the astral level, you would as a perfect magician understand that automatically. If in such a case the lifetime of an elementary were not limited to terms, if the hour of death had not been exactly fixed, the elementary would go on existing for hundreds of yeas after the producer's death and constantly be viable. In the meantime it would probably grow into a spook, a hobgoblin or vampire, and in akasa its creator the magician would be responsible for all the actions produced by the elementary.

Now the question will probably arise: how many of such or similar elementaries may be created by a magician? This problem is left entirely to him. He should decide how many he needs for his own purposes and how many he wants to create for other people. Some magicians have a throng of elementaries as their servants, faithfully fulfilling all the tasks they are ordered to do. Thus for example, the magician might have elementaries pointing out every danger to him in advance, others again will protect him. Or forward messages to him, etc. There is no need to quote all the possibilities, because all of them are individual and depend on the desires that the magician wants to be realized with the help of the elementaries. The speaking pictures, columns and statures in the temples of the ancient may certainly be interpreted as an outgrowth of elementaries' magic. The legend concerning the Golem, who is said to have been created by the wise Rabbi Low in Prague likewise goes back to the creation of elementaries. But in the case of Golem the creation has been produced with the rites of the Quabbalah. Anybody who knows of quabbalistic mysticism is informed about these facts. The synthesis remains the same as quoted in this method.

Method 3:
Before I explain the practice of the third method, I would like to remark that very little is known about it, and it is used only by a few oriental adepts. If any magician should decide in favor or this third method, he has of course to consider everything I have written about the creation of elementaries up to now. First of all, he must think out a schedule and reflect very intensely and get a clear idea about the purpose of the elementary, and its task.

Apart from that, he must have regard to the form that he intends to choose and whether he means to create a male or female or perhaps a hermaphrodite. Moreover, he has to determine the appropriate name instantly and make a note of it. Nor ought he forget to fix the duration of life of the elementary, timing the exact day and hour. Supposing the elementary is meant for his personal use only, he has to perform the loading through the projection of his own body. In case it is meant for somebody else, he has to execute the projection directly from the universe. Furthermore, he has to make sure about the manner in which he intends to call his elementary, whether by a ritual, a formula, or a gesture. He must know if he wishes to bind it to a puppet or any other object such as a talisman or a pentacle. He also has to decide on the place in which the elementary has to be kept in order not to be touched by strangers. Having considered all this carefully and written notes of it, he may begin with the practice. In this third method I will describe an elementary created with the fire element, which the magician may use for his own purposes.

Draw a circle on a piece of paper, in the middle of it two squares, one upon the other so that you get a regular octagon. This octagon indicates that we have to do with a symbol of the four elements in their positive and negative results. The circle itself represents the all-comprehensive akasa-principle from which the four elements derived. Mark the center of the octagon by any sign you like that indicates the symbol of the elementary. The paper you use for the drawing has to be big enough to allow the created elementary to stand on the sign in the center of the octagon. Now engrave the same sign on a very tiny round object, best on copper, silver or gold disk, though any other kind of metal will do, in a diameter of 1/2 inch.

If nothing else is available, a small piece of wood will do for our purpose also. It is however more profitable to do the engraving with a pointed object on a small metal disk, especially if the elementary is destined to have a long lifetime. Lamas in Tibet name the big drawing the great "kylichor" and the small engraving the little kylichor, which they sometimes have hidden in their clothing. The difference in Tibet is that the great kylichor is not drawn on paper but is built from stones, gathered and erected in a lonely spot where no human being will ever be admitted. The construction of a big kylichor has a diameter of 3-4 yards. For our purposes it is sufficient to draw the big kylichor on paper with red ink.

All these preparations being finished, let us begin with the real creation of the elementary. Sit down comfortably in your asana, spread the paper already prepared and put the small kylichor exactly into the center of the big kylichor. As soon as you take your hand of the small kylichor, call the name you chose for the elementary. The small kylichor now is serving as a starting point and as a stop for the projection of elements. Inhale the fire element by pore breathing and impregnate it with your desire, whether right away in your body, or animate it afterwards by imagination when it has been projected outside your body.

In order to achieve a quicker success, both possibilities may be used without incident. Now project the fire element out of your body and accumulate it to such a degree that the entire contents are compressed to a very small spark of fire. Confine the spark to the surface of the small kylichor. Repeat this experiment at least seven times so that the accumulated spark grows larger with each repetition. After repeating it seven times the spark might have the size of a candle flame. If you get tired, you may transfer the flame with your sending-off and guarding method into the spot where you intend to keep the elementary. Now remove the small kylichor from the big one, guard it well, or carry it with you if you find it more profitable.

Fold up the big kylichor and keep it well too, and the first task will be finished.
Next time, all you have to do is spread out the great kylichor in front of you, put the small one in its center, and call the being with the name given to it, and the flame will appear on the surface of your small kylichor. Repeat the projection with the fire element and let the small flame grow bigger and bigger with each accumulation until you have accumulated a flame that has the size and height of the wanted elementary. Transmute the flame into the desired shape by imagination, and your elementary will have been created. Moreover, you can still load it with the fire element for a longer time to obtain a greater intensity of the elementary. The more frequently you repeat this exercise, the greater will be the effectiveness of your elementary. The way of working with it is the same as described in the two previous methods, except that the loading always takes place I the great kylichor, and when calling the elementary, it will suffice to use your ritual or take the small kylichor in hand and give it the corresponding order.

This method is very popular in Tibet and the elementaries there are called "yidams". The destruction of a yidam is brought about by the decomposition process with the help of imagination according to the instructions mentioned in methods 1 and 2, provided that you have not decided on any other individual method of dissolution that you have decided upon. The use of such an elementary is of manifold that I am unable to quote all the possibilities here.

For example, there are yidams created for the treatment of sick people, others for transferring objects, bringing messages to scholars and friends, protecting the magician, and pointing out any dangers to him, influencing other people, and doing many other things of the sort according to the creator's desire. It will always be advisable not to give too many orders to a yidam, and what is most profitable is to develop a single ability and one field of activity in such an elementary. One has to observe exactly the appointed duration of life as we described it in the previous methods. It is entirely up to you to create several yidams if you like to. It is also remarkable that a yidam can be produced with the other elements and even with all the four elements in the same manner, the process undergoing a slight change insofar as one does not begin with the fire element, but with that of the earth, followed by the water element, the air element, and finally the fire element. Herewith all has been said about the handling of the third method.

Method 4:
Following this method, you may operate in the same way as described in method 3, with a big and a small kylichor, but with the exception that you imagine the complete shape of the elementary right at the beginning. The elementary created in this manner is instantly made ready and complete, its efficacy and power being increased by frequently repeating the projection of the elements. Although this method is somehow more difficult, an experienced magician possessed of a good imagination will manage it very easily as well. In the Orient, elementary yidams are created in this way, while pictures of demons and images of gods serve as patterns for their representation. All the other conditions such as duration, loading, naming, calling, preservation, sphere of activity, purpose and decomposition process are exactly the same as in the previous three methods.




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