Sensitivity Manual - How to Spark it and Keep it Growing

by Gnome

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Today we will learn how to increase our sensitivity to psychic energies. Many a times, I see complaints about not being able to sense energy being vented around PsiPog. Since it is quite a fundamental step to known how to handle the fabric of your creations in a successful manner, I thought I would step up to the plate and add my two cents worth.

There are numerous ways to increase a persons� sensitivity. Simply being in the working field on a day-to-day basis is a sure way to up it at least half a notch. But seeing as how a generally outlaid routine might not work for everyone, and added to the fact that a lot of you are far too lazy to stick with the program to see if it eventually will bear fruit, I�ll spoon feed you this time.

There are naturally other reasons why one might solely focus on increasing sensitivity without necessarily being lazy. One could just be more interested in a specific field of practice that demands a certain degree of sensitivity, such as telepathy. One could also have developed a personal quirk that makes them head blind, but otherwise quite capable of manipulating energy.

My method is simple, but does not magically raise your sensitivity in one stroke nor is it the be-all-end-all to the matter. It�s a routine I found successful but as of yet has not been tested by anyone else, so there is no guarantee it will work for you. That said, let�s start small.

The first steps
Have you ever noticed the subtle, but definite change in you when another person enters an otherwise empty room? It�s hard to pinpoint and describe, but it is relatively easy to relate to as it happens to everyone. Let us for simplicity�s sake call that your �awareness� picking up on their �awareness� to save us getting too technical. This is in my very humble opinion, a defence mechanism to alert us when possible friends and foes are heading in our direction. You could attribute this to hearing very faint sounds made from the approaching person, but when you increased your sensitivity, you will understand how hard it is to hear very faint sounds in a kilometer radius. I brought this up since I wanted to talk about your awareness of your immediate surroundings and yourself, our aim is to increase both the actual range of what this field can reach and amplifying it�s ability to make these signals picked up known to us. That is what we will work with.

When you feel someone else�s awareness you usually reach out a little, unconsciously or not, and try to �guess� who it is. If you do not know how to reach out to someone else�s awareness you should practice doing so, and for all to keep with the program I might as well go over that too. To learn how to reach out you must first realize your own sphere of awareness, easy enough as you are always aware of it � it is the part that you define as �you� and sometimes slightly outside this core. This is as simple as I can put it to you so if you can�t get it; you�ve flunked as three-year olds are able to recognize their own awareness. Now to push out, you just biofeedback your awareness outside your body, a few feet forward or half across the globe, but beginners should just stick to a few feet. Just feel a few feet forward similar to when you make a psiball but this time, you put your awareness in the place where the psiball would be. Don�t bother about �projecting� any physical part of your body, that blobbed mass of awareness is well enough. If this sounds too hard to accomplish I think you are making a chicken out of a feather. It�s not a real projection as you would in Remote Presence for example, but you simply pull some of your attention out of your head and put it the spot you see fit.

When I first started experimenting with this I found it easiest to feel my awareness like a fog that floats out to the desired spot. Now, I say �feel� because I prefer tactile visualization/guiding instead of the more visual visualization -- especially when working on areas that involve reaching out and working with your awareness, such as in telepathy. But you decide for yourself which method makes sense and produces a satisfactory result. Practice floating your concentration and part of your �feel� to a spot in front of you until you can do so in a matter of seconds.

Now you can move on to making your practice sessions a little more flexible since you can do them �on the spot� so to speak. Feel your way through your house, bend it around corners, put your awareness in one room and walk out of the room in question. Go upstairs or outside and feel the line that connects you to the room you put your awareness in. This is all easy children�s play, but sometimes we forget how to do it. Again, this is not a full on projection to the specific spot, so don�t expect any data to come to you as of yet, you are just getting used to leaving a little �beacon� of you behind. This in itself is an easy way to add to your overall sensitivity. Why is that? Well, seeing how I have not thoroughly tested it scientifically, and I doubt it�s even worth the trouble, my humble theory is this: When you extend your awareness that usually is situated in your body outwards, your body adopts accordingly. At first you might not get much out of it, but with enough time spent sensing things outside your body instead of inside, your mind invents ways to cope with this �new� state of being and hence you grow more sensitive to psychic energies. You might start hearing incoming telepathic signals; you might awaken to precognitive bursts or develop a psychokinetic geisting. While the latter is not the most popular, I believe it is a direct manifestation of your mind/body learning how to navigate in unfamiliar territory.

This is in a nutshell, a good solid way to increase your sensitivity, by tricking your mind into adopting in a new environment.

Daily Exercises
So, how do you integrate this into your daily schedule? I�ve listed a few easy exercises, which I also will go over, because I�m a nice guy, and filled with sugar.

Taking a walk-around in your house
Feeling the presence of people long before they arrive at your house
Getting peoples psychic signature
Finding your friends in large crowds
Scanning people
Easy telepathic exercises, pinging being one

The first one needs no explanation and is really just the same thing you did under your rudimentary training, but it keeps you from getting rusty and as it only takes a few seconds, you can do it wherever you are, so it fits an everyday exercise. The second one is also a no-brainer, it�s the same thing that occurs naturally when you feel people entering the area where you are, but this time you will probably be more aware of them and if you let your awareness expand, you can catch them quite some distance from where you are. The opposite, shrinking your awareness, is a good counter-measure along with shielding if the situation becomes stressful. More on this later.

Now, the third exercise would require some basic telepathy skills, and some explanation on my part. First of, if you do not know how to retrieve a person�s energy �id-print� there are lots of excellent articles on PsiPog that explains them or at least gives you a good general idea on how to obtain them. But in short, it�s that unique feeling you get about other people when coming in contact with them. If you have multiple friends, I bet that they do not �feel� exacly the same, now do they? If you take away your personal opinions about the person in question, and just try to feel them as a concept, you end up with their signature.

With your now flexible awareness, this is even easier. When you stretch out to someone you get their awareness, as well as their signature, their �sig�. Now it is easy to confuse the two, and at first they appear to be one and the same and can be used as such, but with practice you notice that there is a difference between their �here I am�-awareness and their individual �glow�. The reason why I brought up this exercise is because if you are familiar with your friends� signatures, and have a good idea on what their presence feels like, finding them in a crowd is a lot easier.

Scanning is a very useful ability, and it is just as easy as aquiring a sig, but it helps if you know how to aquire the aformentioned. Get the sig, stretch out to the target and feel your away around them. Float over their feel and touch it gently. With some practice, you should be able to gather a lot of useful information about your target. With your awareness you can see what the target is up to, what shields he/she has active and what psi activity is going on. You can also read the target�s own field which sometimes carry over surface thoughts, emotions, intentions, etc. Allthough you might find it hard to make sense of the blob of information on your first try, rest assure that it will become increasingly easy to sort that out.

The telepathic exercises. Now this will combine using signatures and the targets awareness. This calls for some abstract concepts so bear with me as I go through it. First you clear your mind and let your awareness stretch out a few feet around you; flex it some in case it is rusty. Take a few breaths and focus on your awareness and your conce ntration. Forget your body, as you won�t need it right now. Now decide on a target, preferably your patient and trustworthy partner, and retrieve their sig, their individual feel. Now when you have that to �zoom in on� you try to recreate their awareness and place it in your room. Now this can be hard if you�ve never done it with this partner before, so if you do not feel their awareness you should work with their sig for a few sessions until it reveals the target�s awareness. Sigs are good for a lot of things, one being that they can leak such information. However, for simplicity�s sake let us say you know what their awareness feel like. If you met people that day, you know what another person�s general awareness feels like. Or, if you have a close friend who you are used to feeling, you can base that as a blueprint for the target. So with this in mind you open yourself up a little further, and feel the target�s awareness in your room, but try to keep them at an arm�s length. It is very easy and tempting to let their awareness intermingle with yours, especially when you are already �connected� with them through their sig, but try not to. It can create a link, which can be hard to shake once the session is over and in all fairness is beyond the scope of this article. So just keep the target at an arm�s length or more. Pinging comes naturally when you reach out at the target, and if they are the least bit sensitive, they will feel you, and hopefully reach back at you.

So why use this method when telepathizing? Well, for a practicing telepath I found it hard to juggle the target�s sig and getting the message across. Most of the time I would drop their sig, the telephone line, while trying to project what I wanted to communicate, which resulted in a glitch and probably irritating experience in my target. But when I recreated the target�s awareness, I found it much easier to relax. Their awareness was like a foggy nightstand where I could place the telephone, while scribbling down my message. It basically makes the session that much easier to handle since you manage the connection with you awareness instead of keeping it alive with a picture in your head. That is as easy as I can put it, but since we are talking about familiar concepts most can relate to; hopefully you will have no trouble getting the picture.

This section delves a little deeper into the subject of expanded awareness, and as such might be over the top of some people�s heads. Trances can be very powerful tools if you can operate them, and since you have a much greater control of your psi and your awareness from it, despite what the seemingly drugged physical exterior might show, they are very handy things indeed. I myself favour the overload trance for two reasons. One being that I feel I can operate in way that suits my current needs and second, because that is the trance I can do on the spot in a second or two. This is something I have always been able to do so I can�t vouch for anyone else. And since I�ve always been able to do them, it�s hard for me to explain exactly how to do it, but I�ll give it a try.

Visualize through your mind�s eye, an ant�s perspective. Do not just picture it in your head but see it, without using your physical eyes of course. Insert a common object. I preferred a screw when I was a kid, and look at it from your miniature perspective. Each part of it is absolutely huge and you can feel its enormous mass. Use your awareness to feel the huge dimensions of it, each crack it has. Now make it bigger, and bigger and bigger until it is as big as a house, but maintain your sense of dimensions, it should be swindling. Now just keep on zooming out, until you have a bird�s perspective, then zoom out even further, until you are outside of this planet. What you might feel now is your core, your awareness, spreading out in the room but not in the way you manually do. This is much stronger. Depending on how much you zoomed out you might start to pick up a lot of people�s awareness�s and feel waves of emotions that are not your own. You will feel very elevated, and have trouble forming that endless stream of thought that normally scurries around in your head. Now this might sound like a free trip to vegetable-state but it isn�t. While in this state your normal state of being is not concentrated in your body/head like usual, but instead, the state you are in when you have projected your awareness outwards, is the default state.

So what you have here is a projected state of awareness times ten, and it�s a no brainer that telepathy and energy work in general, is so much easier in this state. In fact, keeping stable connections in this state is very easy. It�s not a question of connecting to a line here; it�s being a mass of water and letting other puddles of water float into you. It might sound strange if you haven�t experienced it, but that�s as easy as I can put it. I�ll direct you to Kmiller�s article for further methods of inducing trance, but generally experimenting with projecting your awareness, makes it easier for you to fall into a self-induced trance as well as quickly switch from Beta to Alpha when you need it.



Pros and Cons regarding sensitivity
You thought getting sensitive was all good and ice cream? Well that�s what most people think, merely because they are not sensitive and don�t know any better. I myself was not very sensitive when I started out and like most was not fully aware of the consequences. But don�t worry. There are repercussions and counter-measures.

First, when you grow more sensitive you might start hearing people�s random thoughts. Now this might sound like a good thing, and it probably is if you can fully control the level of input, which I mostly cannot - if I am not shielded they come. Usually they are not full-blown thoughts unless the person in question projects it very clearly. It is often projected attitudes about you, their environment, and their family, whatever they are thinking. So stressful situations become even more stressful when you feel other people�s stress. Also, if people in your environment are particularly interested in you, you can feel their thoughts like a red-hot needle jammed into your head, which you are not always up for. It�s similar to being hugged when you really do not feel like it.

This is not limited to the immediate vicinity, I can no longer use chat programs without shielding first. I rarely get thoughts from random people, but I almost always feel the expressed intention when they write something, the intention being someone will read it and find it funny, interesting, rude, whatever. It�s more concentrated when someone says something directed to me and can only be described as the feeling of missing an appointment you made, it�s a feeling that yanks at you and if not shielded makes it impossible for me to concentrate on webpage reading. There are of course more full-blown results of being sensitive, such as hearing people�s expressed thoughts, their pain, their anger, etc. You may even awaken geistings, which might manifest into very minor things or big tornados. I have personally only geisted in minor, albeit annoying ways, such as blowing out light bulbs, crashing computer programs, shutting down my computer, interfering with radio and speakers. The easiest way to counter-measure is to center your awareness back into you, and shield. A general shield is all right at first but sooner or later you will want to learn how to program them so they filter out some people, but not all.

Since I mentioned trancing, I might warn you that trancing, seeing as how they are much deeper than the projected awareness exercise, might make your mind adopt a lot quicker, with side effects you might not like. Personally, precognitive abilities blossom and die in a cycle that corresponds to how often I trance. If I start trancing on a daily basis for a set period of time, precognitive messages will come to me the next day and fade after half a week. This might sound neat but I do not care much for it. Commercials are tedious enough without knowing their specific order and a boring day turns even more dull if you already know what is going to happen well before it does. Also, trances are harder to shake off and it�s not a pleasurable feeling to still be scattered across the room, unable to motivate yourself to form a thought for well over ten minutes.

Everything comes with a price, so be careful when treading on unknown grounds.

-Mazrim the Gnome





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