The Universe Within - The Complete Online Guide To OBEs

By Synergie

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The Universe is much more than the galaxies, the stars, the solar systems, moons and planets. It is much more than we can see, hear, touch, smell and taste. The physical senses do not allow us to experience the Universe fully.

In order to understand the vastness of what lies �out-there�, we must understand what lies within; in the realms of our own consciousness. And in order to experience what lies within, we must go so far within ourselves that we actually find ourselves outside of the reality in which we have been trapped.

It is in these deeply personal experiences which take us so far into the realms of our consciousness, that our consciousness actually leaves the physical body and begins to explore unhindered by the physical senses. This happens without thought and to all of us though it is not always consciously remembered. The quest for self-knowledge is an inherant part of our true nature, and the out-of-body experience is nature's preprogrammed mechanism through which we can gain insight.

It is during these experiences which take place both within and out of the physical body that we actually begin to understand the Universe. We learn that what we see in our physical everyday lives is small and limited. We begin to experience the Universe Within.

�My body felt distant. I was being lifted higher and higher out of my bed. It felt like I was both falling and moving upward at the same time. I lost all sense of physical awareness, and was overcome with an inner calm and peace that I never thought possible. I was more relaxed than I had ever felt and I became lost in this magnificent feeling of warmth.

I also began to feel strange vibrations. Like waves of energy, they coursed through my body moving from my head to my feet and then back again gaining in intensity. The feeling was like floating upon the ocean on a calm day wrapped in the warmth of the gentle sunlight above. I found I could almost control them and move them throughout my body simply by thinking about them.

I also heard strange noises in my ears that sounded like loud, intermittent and rushing static. They seemed to be somehow connected to the vibrations and I can only describe them as being emitted in the very low frequency (VLF) range. The sounds seemed to come from within. They were actually very curious and unlike any sounds I have ever heard. It was like listening to pure energy, if you can imagine that.

I then recalled standing beside the bed. The room at first looked distorted or blurry as if looking through water. If I moved my head to look around the images took a second longer to catch up with my eyes. I could almost see a motion trail and it seemed as if time were somehow slowed. Though my surroundings were at first distorted, they eventually cleared.

I thought to myself that I might be dreaming. I tried to change the physical appearance of my surroundings to test this theory but they did not change. It was definitely my room and I was not dreaming. I felt more awake than I can describe in words.

I also tried to walk about my room but found that I was glued to my position. I did push a few steps but the effort felt like trying to walk through a pool of molasses and it was exhausting. I tried until I became completely frozen in position mid step. The only part of my body that I could move was my head.

I came to look back toward my bed, staring at a still shape laying there. The motionless figure was me, but how could it be? I was standing here beside the bed, not in it. In that instant, I felt feelings that I can not comprehend even to this day. It was completely overwhelming and confusing at the same time. It was like a curious child being shown all of the secrets of the universe at once.

The confusion caused panic and the panic flooded through me, causing everything to become disorienting. My vision became blurry once again. I felt an immediate spinning and felt like I was being pulled by some unseen force. I tried to fight it so that I could learn more, become more. It was without success.

My next memory would be the feeling of being slammed back into the reality of my bed. I was laying in the same position that I had just witnessed from some other perspective. I laid there awake the rest of the night trying to make some sense of what had just happened.

The whole event took maybe a matter of minutes but seemed like much longer. It all seemed so vivid, too real to be a dream. It was like I had just lived through some science-fiction story, but I know it was real. I can�t describe how I know. I just do.

With the sinking feeling of utter �awe� in the pit of my stomach, the realization hits me. �Could I have just had an out-of-body experience?�
- Synergie (My first ever conscious OBE)


The Out-Of-Body Experience
The Out-Of-body Experience (OBE) can be described as the process by which the human consciousness leaves the physical body and can travel and function independently thereof, while the physical body remains still and passive throughout. This happens almost every night and to all of us though we tend to not remember the event.

The reason we do not usually remember is that while out-of-body, we function through a part of our consciousness called the sub-conscious (which is governed by intuition and will instead of rationality like the waking consciousness). Since the waking conscious mind has trouble interpreting sub-conscious images from an OBE, only dream images are remembered by us in the waking world� if anything at all.

Sometimes however we are able to gain full waking consciousness during the experience, and remember the event in every detail upon returning to the physical body. Mostly this happens without any forethought by complete surprise, and more often than you might think. There is a good chance that if you yourself have never had a conscious OBE, someone you know has. It is a very common occurrence but one which is not widely spoken of.

The Signposts Of An OBE
Having a recollection of strange static-like or buzzing sounds, vibrations, sleep paralysis, and feelings of floating or flying upon waking, very well could have been signs that an out-of-body experience took place.

The most commonly reported events occurring before, during, and after OBEs:
Before Seperation:
Complete relaxtion, detached awareness from physical body, sleep paralysis, feeling of vibrations (these can be mild to very strong), feelings of falling or spinning, and rapid Eye Movements

At Separation:
Feeling as though being lifted up, loud static-like and intermittent sounds - OBE imminent

After Separation:
Blurred visions of physical surroundings at first, ability to move by thought and with fluid motion, seeing a silver shimmering cord attached to your body, seeing other people go about their business and apparently having no idea that you are there

Upon Return To Physical Body:
Feeling of being 'slammed' into bed and hearing a loud static-like, intermittent sounds

Upon Full Waking:
Recollection of images that seem too vivid to be a dream, memories of physical places that you've never been to and strong feelings of being somewhere, or interacting with a person that you know you had no interaction with.

Keeping Track Of Experiences
The best time to remember is in the few moments as you are waking up and a good idea is to write the details down in a dream / OBE journal as soon as you can because the memories fade rather quickly. Over time you will learn to recognize when you have had OBEs and learning to control them is just a natural progression.

�I woke up one night and found that I was floating above my bed. I was looking down at my bed and I could see myself still asleep laying there. I thought to myself �How could this be?�. I felt a bit frightened and wanted to go back to my body, and I did almost right away. I woke up thinking it was just a weird dream.� - Amy M., 25

�I was flying above the streets and houses near my old neighborhood and then I started to fly higher. I heard a voice calling to me, wanting to know why I was there [where?]. The voice told me to go back now. The next thing I remember was waking up in my bed.� - James M., 52

�I was floating in my room and then upstairs. I saw my Mom and Dad still watching t.v. I tried to talk to Mom but she acted like she did not see me. I went right in front of her but she looked through me and still watched her show. I tried to talk to my Dad but he did not see me either. I started to go back downstairs and then I woke up in my bed. I went upstairs again and asked Mom and Dad if they had seen me just a few minutes ago. They told me that it was a dream, but when I told them what they were watching on the t.v. they thought I was spying on them from around the corner.� - Todd N., 15


Learning To Gain Control Of Experiences
If you have ever had any spontaneous OBEs, learning to induce them at will and control them is not difficult, but it takes patience and practice. The same can be said for those who have never experienced a conscious OBE at all. The goal is to attain a state called 'Body Asleep / Mind Awake', and there are many methods that you can use to help induce the experience.

�I learned that I was able to relax to the point where I could just will myself to leave my body and I did! I let go of everything physical and I found myself separating from my physical body. Unfortunately, I would get excited a lot and if a single muscle twinged with my excitement, I did not have an OBE.� - Chris P., 28

There are many obvious advantages in learning such a skill as inducing OBEs. The first and foremost is gaining the understanding that we are much more than our physical shell. We can also explore places we never imagined possible in even our wildest dreams as we remain oblivious to that fact. We can affect positive change first on a higher level and then as a result, the material level. For most, it is proof of life beyond physical death.

Exploring The Different Types Of OBEs
The term �Out-Of-Body Experience� is used as a more broad description which includes all of the different types of conscious experiences that fall under it. It simply describes the perspective of being consciously outside of the physical body. There are however different types of OBEs that can occur, but to explain them we need to understand the concept of our existence on multiple levels. The Universe is not solely the physical realm that we can see, hear, touch, taste and smell. It is made up of different levels of reality. These levels are known as the planes of existence.

The body is also much more than the physical part, and it is these other parts which enable us to interact with the higher planes of existence during life and to continue to survive there after physical death. These levels are connected to each other and to the planes of existence through energy fields or conduits called �chakras�. Just as the planes vibrate at different levels, so do the chakra energy centers and they can be seen or sensed as different color emenations.

The seven chakra centers when in balance are thought to provide a free flow of the life energy in us all. They influence health, well being, emotions, and help form a connection to the nonphysical world as well. That is why chakra balancing exercises are often performed before attempting to induce an Out-Of-Body Experience.

The projection of the consciousness to different planes of existence and interacting using the body�s corresponding nonphysical parts called �subtle bodies� is what makes up the different types of Out-Of-Body Experiences. Some of the planes are accessible through an OBE, while others are very much above our limit of reach. There is said to be seven steps back to God or creation, and so there are seven planes of existence, and also seven chakra energy centers; Seven really IS a magickal number!

The Physical & Etheric Planes
The Physical Plane is the lowest plane of the seven, and is where we all consciously exist. It encompasses the world we see with our physical eyes and interact with. It also includes the other planets, the stars, and the galaxies. It is the physical universe as we know it. It corresponds to a chakra energy point known as the �base, or root center� and is found to be located near the base of the spine. The energy vibration for this chakra and level is represented by the color emanation of red.

Included within the Physical Plane and laying just above it, is the Etheric Plane which is like an overlay on top of the Physical Plane. Though it is so closely connected to the physical, it is not visible using physical senses. It is what connects everything in the Physical Plane and also everything which is beyond our normal physical senses. The Etheric Plane can actually be explained and understood through modern science, even though we can not see it with the physical senses.

The Theory Of The Ether
We know that physical matter which appears to be solid is actually the opposite. If you look at any physical object up close you will see that it is made up of an immense number of electrons which are in vibration and revolve round a central point which is known as a neutron. Matter consists of atoms and these atoms are composed of electrons and protons which are held together by electromagnetic forces. Matter is built up of tiny electric charges, both positive and negative which are not moving at random, but are connected together in an orderly fashion by the invisible universal elements called the Ether.


There are many varied vibrations of the Ether. One form of this ethereal wave motion can be seen in the physical world as light. There are other forms which give us heat, colour, electricity, ectoplasm, etc. This unseen Ether gives us the ability to live and to think and to interact.

The Ether is never at rest. It is a cosmic link which is always in motion. It cannot be sensed using physical senses, yet if it did not exist we would all be blind, deaf and cold as there would be no medium to carry the sound and light and heat waves. Matter itself is essentially etheric. Electrons in the atoms are particles of negative electricity and the protons are considered by scientists as being electric in nature. Both are etheric which means that physical matter is simply Ether in a state of constant and varying vibration.

This Ether is our connection between the physical senses and the higher cosmic forces, or the nonphysical world. Our physical senses only respond to a very limited range of these vibrations however. Beyond this, the universe is teaming full of life and energies which respond to higher ranges of vibrations, beyond what we can normally hear or see or feel. Our ordinary senses (sight, smell, touch, taste, and hearing) are greatly limited. We only experience a small amount of what exists in the universe out there. For example, we see only a limited range of light but we know through the advances of science and an instrument known as a spectroscope that beyond that limited range also exists ultraviolet light and infrared light.

The ethereal forces influence and control the Physical Plane in many ways. They create form and hold together. They have the ability to give matter life, vitality, and power. The Ether is the conduit of essential life forces in the universe.

The Etheric Body & Etheric Projection
Living organisms (both animal and plant) are surrounded by and influenced by the Ether just as inanimate objects like rocks and metals are. The ethereal forces are gathered and concentrated in living organisms and form what is called the Etheric Body, which exists within and beyond the Physical Body and is an exact duplicate of it, even down to the tiniest cell.

 The Etheric Body which is also known as the vital body, extends beyond the dense Physical Body just as the ethereal region of earth extends beyond the dense physical part of the planet. The distance of this extension is about an inch and a half past the Physical Body and is visible to some people as an energy emanation which is called the Aura. It corresponds to the chakra point known as the �sacral center� also referred to as the spleen center. It is found midway between the root center and the mid chest, and the energy vibration found in the Etheric Plane and the sacral center chakra emanates as a subtle orange.

The Physical and Etheric bodies are both made up of physical energy, and are both left behind when physical death occurs. The essentially function together as one, but the Etheric Body can also function independently.

The Etheric Body plays a very important role in physical life as well as developing nonphysical and psychic abilities. Nearly all those who find themselves in a spontaneous out-of-body experience will be in Etheric Projection (projection to the Etheric Plane and consciously working through the Etheric Body) which is why they can identify physical objects, people and places. Most of my own excursions out-of-body were ethereal in nature. Most descriptions of Out-Of-Body Experiences are actually describing Etheric Projections.

During an Etheric Projection, you may encounter others who are also out-of-body and communicate with them. I have also read that earth-bound entities reside on the Etheric Plane unable to ascend to the Astral, and you may also encounter them. (I must add though that in all of my own experiences I have never encountered one.)

�I was floating around my room, and I could see all of it from up there by the ceiling. Everything looked the same as it did when I went to sleep. I could also see myself sleeping on my bed below me�� - Clay D., 29

�I was able to recognize the houses on my block, and I could see a car driving down the street. I also heard a group of teens talking as they passed by me, apparently not even noticing my presence.� - Sherri Q., 34

People who have experienced Etheric Projection and looked into a mirror have reported that they could see through themselves, as if they were a ghost. This likely due to the ethereal nature of the Etheric Body which is normally beyond the physical senses. Since these people have become conscious in their Etheric Body, they are able to see beyond the limits of the physical senses and they describe it as looking transparent and 'not-quite' physical.

I remember during one of my own Etheric Projections I had raised my arm to look at it. I had thought to myself that if I was in fact outside my physical body, I should be able to see some sort of difference in the appearance of my arm, or have no visible arm at all. My arm which I assure you was still there, looked pale and translucent, and I could see an object on the other side of the room through it. It was the major validating point in that experience, which was also the first one I had ever successfully induced on my own.


Since the Etheric Plane resides so near the physical and basically the Physical Plane is part of it, the Etheric Body tends to retain some of the properties of the physical. It is made up of ethereal substance (the Ether) which is somewhat dense in nature as compared to the energy of the higher planes. During Etheric Projection, at first the Etheric Body may also seem heavy and it may be difficult to move about. Vision may be somewhat hindered and sounds may be distorted.

From my own personal experiences, I found that each time you are out-of-body it becomes easier to move around freely and fully observe your surroundings. I believe this is because the more you project, the more you are willing to let go of your stronghold to the physical as you begin to lose your fears associated with being in this state.

�I was thirsty so I got out of bed and started to walk downstairs to get myself a drink of water. When I got a few feet away from the bed, my feet became stuck to their position. I tried to move but the rest of my body was quickly becoming frozen as well. I looked back towards the bed and saw myself there. Then I remember waking up [physically] and went to get myself the drink.� - Rick M., 26

�I tried to walk to the door but I felt really heavy. It took quite awhile to get there like I was working in slow motion and I felt exhausted. When I tried to open the door handle, I could not grip it. It was like my hand went right through it. I tried again and could barely lift my arm. Then I woke up in my bed.� - Michael L., 23

�I could see my that I was in my room but my vision was blurred. I saw my bed, my dresser, my bookshelf and tried to move around but it was hard [to move] at first. As it became easier, I seemed to float where I wanted to just by thinking about it and I tried to go out of my room. I only made it to the door when I felt like I was pulled back to my bed.� - Avery B., 29

The Astral Plane & Astral Projection
The third plane, the Astral Plane exists above the physical and Etheric Planes and thus has a higher vibrational frequency. It is not made up of matter in a physical sense and time and space are distorted as compared to the physical. As a result, time can pass differently than in the physical. Thought also plays an integral part to function in the Astral Plane, and simply imagining something while there can cause it to form.

Since this is where all of our hopes, desires, and dreams can essentially become reality, it is also known as the emotional plane. Residing here are many beings including people who are out-of-body both consciously and sub-consciously, people who are dreaming, the deceased, and even beings who never existed on the Physical Plane at all. Communication with all of the above is possible while Astrally Projecting.

 An Out-Of-Body Experience in which the traveler finds their way to The Astral Plane, is referred to as Astral Projection. People who have successfully consciously projected to the Astral Plane have described vivid colors and sounds, breathtaking landscapes and scenery, and even some things beyond our comprehension.

In my own few excursions to the Astral Plane, I saw exquisite beauty. Everything including inanimate objects had obvious auras of energy emanating from them in vivid and bright colors; something I had never witnessed on the Physical Plane or even during Etheric Projection.

�I knew I was not in the normal world anymore. I also knew this was not a dream. I saw beautiful fields and mountains and many people. The scenery reminded me of an old farm house from where I grew up. As soon as I thought about the farmhouse something amazing happened� It started to appear in front of me!� - Tracey D., 44

�I saw my 6 year old son who passed on recently of an illness. He waved to me and told me he was very surprised to see me there completely aware of what was going on. He told me that I was not in the physical world anymore and that I often visit him there, but I do not remember it as more than a dream.� - Evelyn F., 29

The Astral Body
In our physical world our mind works with our Physical Body, using the physical senses. Therefore, our Physical Body is a vehicle that we use to interact with the physical world. The same principle applies for when we are experiencing Astral Projection.

When we are out-of-body, we project our consciousness into a duplicate of ourselves, that exists outside of the physical world. The Astral body (also known as the emotional body or astrosome) is the vehicle we use to interact with the non-physical world called the Astral Plane. Its� chakra connection is found as the base of the sternum and is so called the �solar plexus� center. The color of the energy vibrations from this chakra center emanates as a bright yellow.

People who have experienced Astral Projection have reported being able to see their Astral Body just as they would see their Physical Body. So it seems that the Astral Body is made up of a substance that can interact with the Astral Plane just as the Physical Body interacts with the Physical Plane. The reason for this is that the frequency of the astral body is higher than that of the etheric or physical bodies and is in vibratory sync with the Astral Plane. This substance which is lighter than the ether, is sometimes referred to simply as �astral substance�. The appearance of the Astral Body can be changed by will, however most of the time it appears to be the same as the Physical Body. This is called residual self image, however it should be the opposite. After all, that is where we came from.


�My body felt lighter and freer than I can describe. I felt as if I were flying and I could see the landscape as I could never have imagined. I came to a river, and put my hand in it and felt the water. It felt so good. I could see my reflection in the river because it was so calm. When I pulled my hand out, it was dry. I thought this was strange�� - Gregory P., 32

The Mental Plane & Mental Projection
The next plane above the Astral Plane, is called the Mental Plane. It is a plane full of rainbows of vivid colors. It would be an impossible task to try and rationalize this place. This plane as can be described from its name and is full of thoughts, dreams, and ideas, which are manifested as real objects. Those who find themselves here could be traveling through and witnessing their own thoughts, or the thoughts of others. It is a place of peace and utter bliss.

The Mental plane is divided into two parts, the Lower Mental Plane and the Higher Mental Plane. Since the Lower Mental Plane overlaps the Astral Plane, they can often be confused for one another. The boundary between the Lower and Upper Mental planes is also the boundary of what is referred to as the Lower Self and the Higher Self.

Time here is distorted even more than it is in the Astral Plane and it is possible to see future or past events. The Mental Plane is harder to reach than the previous two, but nonetheless it is achievable during an Out-Of-Body Experience. Traveling to and above the Mental Plane, is referred to as Mental Projection, the third and last type of Out-Of-Body Experience.

�I knew I was traveling higher. I felt so light , and like I was being pulled upward. I was in a place similar to the one where I had just been, but more like being in a living dream. I saw snippets of people�s thoughts all around me so real I could touch them. And there were sights and sounds which I can not describe in words.� - Kevin G., 42

The Lower Mental Body & Upper Mental Body
There are two subtle bodies that correspond to the Lower and Higher Mental Planes. They are known as the Lower Mental Body and the Higher Mental Body, and these are the vehicles one would use to interact with these sub-planes.

The upper limit of the Higher Mental Plane is also the limit of the awareness of the Personal Self and individuality as we know it, and so is also the limit of the subtle bodies. The corresponding chakra point for the limit of the Upper Mental Plane is known as the �heart center� and is represented as the color green. It is located in the middle of the chest.

The Buddhic Plane
The Buddhic plane which is also known as the intuitive plane, resides just above the Upper Mental Plane. It is the last attainable plane to humans while still living in a physical sense. There is no subtle body as such that corresponds with this plane and the reason for this is that it is above the highest limit of individuality, and exists as part of the Higher Self. It is a place where everything exists in unity. It is a place of universality and oneness; love and peace.

If you were to reach this place, you would likely not wish to return. It is a place where you would feel like you were one with everything; an understanding of your true nature with the universe and individuality would have no meaning to you anymore. You would still retain the awareness of the �Self�, though you would feel as if you were one with your own creation and being.

There are two chakra points which intersect the Buddhic Plane. The one which corresponds to the middle of the Buddhic Plane, can be found in the mid throat and is known as the �throat center�. It is represented by the color emanation of blue. The upper boundary of the Buddhic Plane is represented by the chakra point in the middle of the forehead called the �brow or third-eye center� and is emanated as the color purple.

The At(o)mic Plane
Above the Buddhic Plane lies the At(o)mic Plane, which is the highest limit of Material Being and where there exists no individuality. This is a very spiritual place, which is filled with radiant silver light that would be impossible for us to look at physically without being blinded. In reaching this plane however, it would seem very bright yet soft and filled with love. Some people have claimed to have had visions of this plane but I have found no reference to any live person reaching this place through conscious projection.

It is believed that only when we are finished with our life cycles on the Physical Plane and ready to ascend spiritually, can we actually reach this plane of existence.

The At(o)mic Limit & The Great Planes
The upper boundary of the At(o)mic Plane is also known as the At(o)mic Limit and the planes above this limit are referred to as the Great Planes. The upper limit of the At(o)mic Plane corresponds to the chakra center known as the �crown center� which is located just above the head and represented by a brilliant white color.

The Anupadaka Plane
The Anupadaka plane is part of the Great Planes, and the first plane of Non-Material Being. Therefore, if one could experience this realm, they would be only a point of consciousness in a place where everything is a part of everything else. It is said that this place is where all paradoxes are tied together and would be beyond our limited comprehension. It is the upper boundary of Essential Form. There are no chakra points that correspond to this realm.

It is also said that millions of beings inhabit this place, but to try and understand their nature would be futile. It could be compared to a bacterium trying to understand the nature of a human; an impossible task.

The Adi Plane & The 'God' Source
The Adi Plane is the highest plane of the seven planes of existence and encompasses the sub-planes of Essential Light and Sound, and Universal Intelligence. It is a place (like the Anupadaka Plane) which we could never comprehend. It is the plane of Non-Essential Form, and Completion. This plane is above the limit of �Self� or �I AM� and is infinite, timeless, formless, changeless, and indescribable.

This is the last of the seven planes of existence, and is also the last step back to the �God� source or the source of all creation.


Entities And Interactions
While out-of-body you may encounter and interact with any number of beings including:

1. Other people who are consciously out-of-body as you are;
2. People who are unconsciousloy projecting or dreaming;
3. People who are deceased;
4. Beings who inhabit the higher planes and who were never human.

As discussed before, you can communicate with others who are out-of-body quite easily, and also with deceased loved ones. You can also interact with someone who is dreaming but they will usually only incorporate you into their dreams, not knowing that the interaction 'really' took place. (In this same manner, a deceased loved one may even contact you while you are dreaming). You can also communicate with some of the higher beings, but not all of them. Some of them we can only marvel at due to their complexity. These higher beings have been referred to as angels, elementals and spirits.

Astral Sex & Relationships
If two people can project at the same time, they can meet out of body, and interact on an energy level, and enjoy much greater pleasure than is possible with purely physical sex. They can merge completely together, and become one with each other. This enables them to make fantasies become real shared experiences. They can experience a union that is more complete than what is limited by the physical. It is completely on a pure energy level.

I have also read that a woman who can project, can also interact with a man in physical form, and who is not projecting. She can take astral substance from him, and enjoy sexual pleasure. A man however is more limited. He can visit someone who is not out of body, and still gain a great deal of emotional pleasure, but he can't experience the sexual pleasure. He can of course still meet with a woman who is also out of body as explained above, and in that case he will benefit from both the physical and emotional aspects.

Astral sex can calrify a physical relationship, opening areas of communication unavailable to us when in physical form, and strengthen the bond between two lovers.

It is highly recomended that this union not take place without the consent of both people involved whether in the astral plane or physical. As discussed above, a woman can interact with a non-projecting partner, but to do so without their consent can be damaging to them emotionally even though on a subconscious level.

Fears And Overcoming Them
Probably the largest obstacle to overcome while learning conscious projection is fear. There are several reasons for this and the root of the problem goes back to what we were taught as a society, beginning straight on from childhood.

Some of the common fears:
*Not being able to get back,
*Encountering negative entities,
*Demonic or Spirit Possesions,
*Fears of Death,
*Fears of the unknown.

The Facts:
Many people have experienced conscious OBEs all of their lives with no negative effects,
It is believed that we OBE every night anyway, but just do not remember it consciously,
The vast majority of experiencers try to do it again,
For some it is proof of life past physical death!

Some ways to combat irrational fears:
Through nightly positive affirmations that you will overcome your fears,
Through knowledge of the facts presented above,
And Through Faith!

Here is an affirmation that you can recite every night before you go to sleep:

"I am a spiritual being and so I exist beyond my physical shell. I will not fear that which is a part of me."


The Silver Cord
Imagine millions of tiny strands wound together, infinately stretchable, carrying the precious cargo of your energy scource, nurturing you while in this physical existence. Some describe it as being silver and shimmering, and maybe even translucent. This is what connects you to you physical body while you are projecting.

This cord can not be severed while out-of-body and only loses its connection to the physical when death occurs.

You may or may not see it during a projection and whether or not you do is normal, however know that it is always there! If you want to look for it while out-of-body, look behind you. It will be connected to the base of your skull.

Sleep Paralysis & OBEs
There has been much discussion about a naturally occurring state called sleep paralysis and how it pertains to OBEs.

Each night when we go to sleep and enter the REM sleep state, a natural phenomenon supresses our ability to act out our dreams. This is the bodies own defense against dangerous actions that would be beyond our waking control.

Normally, it wears before we awaken, so we are never aware of the side effects. Sometimes though, a person can wake up before this happens and they become aware of the paralysis. This is called sleep paralysis.

"I was laying awake in my bed, but I could not move a muscle except for my eyes! It was terribly frightening, and there was a feeling of pure evil looming over me. I felt completely helpless." Troy T., 32

Sleep Paralysis can be very frightening even to those who know what it is. This is because the paralysis occurs usually in the state between sleep and waking known as hypnopompia. During this state, your mind may add hallucinatory images such as evil creatures (known in some folklore as the 'Old Hag'). Know though that no harm will come to you!

If you can overcome your fears, chances are you can use it quite successfully to induce an OBE just by 'willing' yourself to have one! The trouble is that nobody ever knows when sleep paralysis will occur and it can not in itself be induced. So if you are ever lucky enough to experience sleep paralysis (and please don't think I am crazy), don't waste a good chance to induce an OBE quite easily!

Still, if you find that you are too frightened to attempt an OBE, the easiest way out of the paralysis is to focus on your pinky finger and try to move just your finger, then your hand, then your wrist, and by then usually you've come out of it.


Methods & Techniques
There are many techniques for inducing fully conscious OBEs. Most focus on progressive relaxation of the physical body, visualization and recognition of the different states of awareness. Here I will attempt to describe the most common methods:

1. Progressive Muscular Relaxation - In order to achieve a fully conscious OBE, one must first attain the body asleep / mind awake state. The best way to do this is to start from the feet, working upward, flexing and relaxing muscle groups along the way. Flex, hold for 10 seconds, then release. Work your way to your head, paying particular attention to the neck muscles and the forehead (as alot of tension is usually stored in those two places). You can use this as a preliminary to other methods, or as a method by itself. Many people have achieved OBEs simply by this method alone.

2. Sleep Onset Suggestion - This method relys on the power of suggestion, at the time when it's most powerful; the exact moment that sleep takes over. You must become aware right until the exact moment that you fall asleep. The way to do this is to use visualization: Envivion a basic object in your mind and try to hold it. When you can no longer hold it, or other images start popping in, you are shifting to an altered state, and sleep will soon overtake you. This takes practice, but eventually you will recognize that exact moment where you fall asleep. Now, here is where the suggestion comes in: At that moment, you must give yourself the suggestion in your mind that you WILL project. This method is one of the most successful but takes practice to recognize the correct time to give the suggestion.

3. Chakra Alignment - This method involves visualization of the chakra centers, to help align the flow of energy throughout the spiritual body.  As discussed earlier in this guidebook, the chakra centers are alo links or gateways to the different levels or planes of existence.  Start at the crown chakra and work toward the root or base chakra, visioning each one as a sphere or ball of light hovering inside and emenating about 2cm outside of your physical body.

If you do this prior to progressive muscular relaxation and willed methods, you will have more success.  Also, upon completion of the meditation of the chakra centers and while you are performing the relaxation technique of your choice, for astral projection-  focus specifically on the solar plexus center, and for etheric projection- focus on the sacral center.

Name                 -     Color       -       Location                       -          Corresponds to

Crown Center          Violet               Just above the head               At(O)mic Limit (Great Planes)
Brow Center            Purple              Forehead (third-eye)              Buddhic Plane
Throat Center          Blue                 Center Throat                         Higher Self
Heart Center           Green               Middle Chest                           Mental Plane
Solar Plexus            Yellow               Base of sternum                     Astral Plane
Sacral Center          Orange             Spleen                                    Etheric Plane
Root Center              Red                 Base Of Spine                         Physical Plane




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