Meditation of the Four Magical Weapons

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It has come to our notice that very little spiritual or mystical practices are being taught to the average devotee of God in churches, temples, mosques and in devotional gatherings. Hymns, and songs of praise are sung; however, without the mystical element of sacred practices such as spiritual attunement and meditation, the acquisition of divine gnosis, and the experiences of the various heavens, the expansion of consciousness whereby one attains the "unio mystica," or mystical union with Allah--or whatever one may called the Supreme Being, including the formation of the Kingdom of God within our lives and the general comprehension in a mystical, esoteric sense of Cosmic Laws as taught in the scriptures are not easily attained. Our hope is to fill this void, to supplement exoteric religious teachings with these series of articles dealing with simple meditational, magickal, and spiritual practices that would elevate a person's consciousness and state of being. It is a divine mandate of God that each man and woman should seek the Kingdom, and to seek it within their spiritual being. The spiritual exercises in this series may be engaged in by those of any religious persuasion, according to their own conscience. They are of especial use to those who have transcended religious dogmas and bigotry.

Meditation is a method par excellence for directing the consciousness within, that Reality and Truth may be realized, that the Kingdom may be apprehended. In one of the parables of Christ, the Kingdom is liken to a thing that grows--like a mustard seed into a tree. This would indicate that from a certain aspect, the Kingdom of God is not a place to go to, but a state of being to grow into. This growing or unfolding is of our spiritual nature and is to be done here and now. We are advised by Christ to be perfect; but to perfect or improve human nature and consciousness is seemingly impossible to some; nevertheless, there is an aspect of our being that is, was, and always will be perfect. This aspect is our god-Self, as declared in the scriptures, "know ye not that ye are gods?" Our task is to express perfection by manifesting this divinity within us--this is one of the main purposes why we are here on Earth. Though we were made in God's image we are hardly reflecting the Supreme Being; nevertheless, this we should do--we should reflect all of the Great One's beautiful qualities. Creative meditation is one of the power-tools for bringing this about.

Being the children of Light, we should seek to advance our evolutionary status; by moving onwards from being a mere listener or believer of the Word, of Christ, and of the Holy Spirit, to being a disciple of spiritual principles and Laws that knows having had experienced; from being a passive listener to being an active doer. In this manner we gradually attain the gnosis, the required sacred knowledge, experience, and understanding that would manifest the kingdom upon earth. The kingdom is not something that we wait for; it is not an establishment that will occur on some unknown date in the unforeseeable future. The Kingdom is a state of being that we are obliged to manifest here and now. We have heretofore wasted precious time and energies on frivolous matters, with preoccupations that does not benefit the Soul, but which, on the contrary, degrades it; or in the very least, stalls its progress towards the Light. There is no such thing as having no time or opportunity for carrying-out spiritual work. It is simply that we attach more importance to other matters--we prefer playing with baubles, with appeasing excessive carnal appetites rather than devoting some time each day to spiritual labour. We often make many self-centered, and egoistic excuses for avoiding spiritual responsibility. This condition is not praiseworthy, and does not facilitate mystical enlightenment and soul-unfoldment.

The purpose of the Soul's journey on earth is to grow into the image of God, into that Primordial, Pure Consciousness that the Creator has established in our Spirit as an archetype, as a blueprint. A mature Soul will not wait to be saved, or allow others to deny the personal privilege, God-given, to save himself from what is falsely called "eternal damnation." Lofty Souls will seek to save themselves with the moral and spiritual strength bestowed upon them by the Holy Spirit; by the power of Nur Illahi and Nur Muhammad; by the vibrating power of Shiva. Man and woman must learn to carry their own spiritual burden, to be responsible for their own karmic mistakes and sins. It should be understood that spiritual work and worship are not solely the affair of a Sabbath day. Our whole lifestyle and attitude towards Life should be one of praise, prayer, gratitude and glorification of the Christ within humanity regardless of race, religion, creed, or sex. We should learn to change our orientation toward life and create a healthy balance between the outer and the inner, between Heaven and Earth.

Although this introduction is presented perceptibly in the context of Christianity, the meditation itself is non-sectarian, non-denominational; therefore, it may be practiced by persons of other religious convictions or beliefs. The Divine Names used in this meditation are appropriated for their vibrational value only--we do not wish to give the impression that we are secretly partial to any religious system. The benefits of this particular creative meditation are among others :

  • Relieving of stress

  • Attunement with higher intelligences (angels, cosmic beings, saints, spiritual masters, etc.)

  • Expansion of consciousness

  • Unfoldment of spiritual faculties, such as intuition and creativity.

  • Protection against negative forces

  • Evolution of one's spiritual being

  • Attainment of mental, emotional, and physical health

  • A greater mastery of one's lower being

  • Spiritual oneness with the Source resulting in the manifestation of godhood.

  • Cleansing and healing of the aura

  • Regeneration of the blood-cells (resulting in youth)

  • Gaining of spiritual merit

It is not our purpose here to offer any explanation on the mechanism and rationale of the meditation with which we are about to convey whereby the above benefits may be gained. Such technical matters are available elsewhere for those with a scientific bent of mind and those wishing to delve deeply into such matters. Although such a deep interest is commendable, we are here concerned solely with laymen, with average seekers or devotees of God. Their spiritual welfare is what interests us, thus we seek to be as practical as the great Law permits, avoiding explaining factual matters of which to those with spiritual eyes still closed, only appear to be hypothetical, theoretical, and unfounded. We waste not time with unfruitful disputes, we would, however, appeal to the Soul within seekers of Truth to test the validity and the helpfulness of the spiritual practices that we offer.

On the other hand, we may be accused of casting pearls before swines--for feeding the flame when it would be wiser to control it at its safety level; however, we trust that our readers are sincerely seeking the Waters of Eternal Life and will tend to it responsibly. We, therefore, figuratively speaking, shout from rooftops the Way, as much of the "secrets" of spiritual development that will allow the practitioner to walk through the strait and narrow gate. Many of these secrets have been conveyed or hinted at in our various articles and papers.

It is needful for us pilgrims on the spiritual path to free ourselves from all limiting conditions of our thoughts and mind, of our beliefs and feelings. Religious sentiments, fanaticism, bigotry and pride should give way to humility and a sense of spiritual unity with our fellow men, and with Nature as a whole. Dogmas should be transcended when they are found to be socially or spiritually divisive. The first step towards spiritual freedom is to realize the prison walls surrounding us, and then to tear it down by perceiving their illusory or false nature. That which is illusory does not have the power to bind us, unless in our ignorance we give it our own power by believing the falseness as Reality. We are to awaken to Truth. The present meditation will help us to attain this stage, to help us take the first required steps towards the everlasting principle of the Cosmos. Our spiritual practices will aid us in understanding the unspoken plea of the Holy Spirit within our hearts: "Be still and know that I AM God." If God be willing, in the later series of these ebooks and articles on spiritual and magickal practices we will elaborate and clarify many of the above concepts.


Our present creative meditation is a synthesis of various mystical practices that have been combined into one powerful tool for spiritual transformation. In the days of yore, these practices were considered esoteric, that is, something meant for the few; for those courageous Souls who sought the Light at all cost--even to the cost of their lives. Mature Souls are those ready for the meat of the Word, having already assimilated the milk of the teachings that was given to them at an early stage of their spiritual evolution. The meat of the Word are esoteric teachings given to those duly prepared for them.

Notwithstanding all of the persecutions by the officials of State and Religion in past ages--the cause of which was the fear of those who gained unusual powers and understanding by virtue of their spiritual discipline and training--the secret methods of soul-development have been preserved, and passed down from mouth to mouth, from age to age, from Master to disciple. The meditation of the Four Magickal Weapons is just one of the many transmissions conveyed to those who knock, to those who ask at the right time and place. The instruction of this practice is given with the sacred blessings of the Holy Spirit to those who will accept it..

It may be of interest to briefly relate the nature and symbolism of the Four Magickal Weapons. The magickal weapons in our meditation are not weapons in a physical or metaphysical sense; we appropriate them here as symbols for the various phases or steps of the meditational technique. These weapons in magickal lore are called "the chalice," "the pentacle," "the wand," and "the sword." They are related to the four lower chakras as well as to the suits of our playing cards: hearts, diamonds, clubs, and spades. The four implements of power also corresponds to the four elements as well as to other quarternary principles. Psychologically, they may refer to love, intelligence, wisdom, and will, or to the four lower principles in the microcosm: the physical body, the emotional vesture, and the concrete and abstract mind. Traditionally, certain archangels are assigned as rulers of the four elements and thus the weapons. Archangel Michael is said to be the ruler of fire; Archangel Gabriel, the ruler of water; Archangel Raphael is the ruler of air; and the last of the foursome, Archangel auriel, is the guardian of the earth element.

Mastery of the four elements composing one's being--the negative traits represented by each element--is a prerequisite for the ultimate metaphysical union and direction of the elements to be found without us--the elements to be found externally in Nature. The fickled mind of air, the stubbornness of the earth, the fiery temper of fire, and the self-pitying nature of the water element are just some of the negative traits that we should all overcome and master. A person with such a mastery eventually becomes a "miracle" worker. The mystical processes of our meditation may offer us a greater control of the four elements composing our lower being. This fact can only be proven by our personal effort and experience. Like every talent or ability that we wish to develop, it is by continual application of the law, principle and teaching that would ultimately help us to develop the qualities that we wish to unfold. We can only urge the would-be-disciple of the Spirit to persevere in their meditations and spiritual practices. It is truthfully said: "In patience possess ye your Souls."


First of all, a place in one's home should be chosen as a sanctum for worship and for spiritual labour. It would be helpful to set-up an altar with symbols of one's religion. Candles and incense should be placed upon the altar; they should be burning before commencing ritualistic or meditational practices. This set-up would assist greatly in conditioning the mind for spiritual activities. The reason for this being that the subconscious mind associates images and symbols with certain activities and forces. The subconscious mind complies heartily with the commands of the objective mind if it knows exactly what it has to do. There is perhaps nothing more powerful for influencing the subconscious mind than the projection of images and symbols for issuing commands. When a person enters his sanctum and visually sees his altar, he will automatically slip into a meditative mood. It is also for this very same reason that the time of the meditation should be consistent, whether it be morning, noon, or night; however, dawn, dusk, and midnight are said to be the best periods for meditation. Certain basic rules should be adhered to, for instance, never meditate or engage in any spiritual exercises immediately after a meal. This would cause drowsiness and is a condition to be avoided. Drowsiness and the wandering of the mind are two major obstacles that have to be overcome during any meditational session. It is also deemed necessary in the early stages of one's spiritual activities to refrain from speaking about the practices that one is engaged in to anyone else--this is to avoid being bombarded with bad vibes; by doing this, we protect ourselves from the needless thought waves of others impinging upon our minds while we meditate. We also avoid the unnecessary resentments and discouragements that thoughtless individuals prey upon our feelings. Also make sure that you are undisturbed by unwanted occurrences during meditation. It is a good idea if the material of the meditation were to be familiarized. Read and understand the steps that the meditation may flow smoothly and without any interruption in the energy flow.

Begin with a cleansing wash before entering the sanctum. The room should be in total darkness except for the candles and the incense burning. Sit crossed-legged or in the lotus/half-lotus position on a prayer mat. You may put a cushion underneath your buttocks if you find this more comfortable, or you may sit on a chair with both feet on the floor. The vital point is that the spinal column be straight, erect, but relaxed. Clasp your hands and place it on your lap with palms facing upwards, right hand upon the left with thumbs touching. Relax your body and mind. Close your eye-lids half-way. Have the tip of your tongue touch the upper palate.


Begin by offering a prayer, an invocation to God for the aid of spiritual teachers and guardians to be your personal guides and protectors--that they lead you to the awareness of Reality and Truth. God interacts with men through intermediaries and his emmisaries. Therefore, call unto the spiritual teachers of the present and the past who are now living in higher spheres together with the archangels to administer your life. We invoke the presence of those beings in the name of our Higher Self. A model invocation could run as follows :

"O Mighty God Presence, I AM in me, in the name of my Holy Divine Self, do thou send unto me thy emissaries to direct, protect, and instruct me, to lead me from the unreal to the Real, from the darkness into the Light, from that which is false, to that which is True. O Issa--beloved Son of God, Muhammad--beloved Prophet of the Quran, Krishna, Mother Mary, and Archangel Michael, Gabriel, Raphael and Auriel, do thou protect and guide me. Do thou empower me that my spiritual efforts may bear fruit. Be with me now and forever. Amen."

The above invocation may be modified as you wish subtracting, substituting or adding the prophets and avatars of your personal religious beliefs.


In this step visualize a thin stream (like a thread) of white light rising in the center of your spinal column. It commences in the perineum, between the genital and the anus, and terminates for the time being in your early meditational sessions, in the center of your head. When a certain pressure or tension is felt, as in later sessions (for it may require practice and growth for the tension to be felt), this terminating point is to be shifted to the throat; and when tension is felt there, it is to be relocated to the navel center--about 2 cm below the navel and 2 cm from the surface of the body. Begin this visualization by inhaling deeply and slowly with your mouth while reciting "Allah." As you inhale, see the stream of brilliant white light rising up the spine, over to the top of your head and arcs to your forehead and terminating in the center of your cranium where it explodes into a small cloud of brilliance. As you exhale slowly, maintain your focus on this cloud of brilliance while reciting "Hu." The next inhalation is a repetition of the previous cycle. Breathe rhythmically. Remember: Recite "Allah." as you inhale, recite "Hu" as you exhale.

Each step commencing now and hereafter should take about a few minutes to execute. As you become proficient, the time factor may be increased. This stream of Light rising upwards is represented by the Wand.


The process of this third step is represented by the Sword. After several minutes work with the previous step begin by visualizing a cloud of energy, intense in its brightness, hovering about a meter above your head. The size of this cloud is about 50 cm in diameter. Realize that this cloud represents the storehouse of your divine energies. This nebulous energy is, in fact, the greater side of what we call "self." It is our Guardian Angel/Divine Self. Develop this cloud in your mind's eye and then focus on it giving it some substantiality with your acknowledgement of its existence. Concentrate on this for several minutes.

Next see a stream of light descending, not unlike the thread of light visualized in the previous step. See this stream of light emanating from this cloud and descending into your head and moving downwards into the area of your physical heart, like a laser beam. Fill your heart with this divine energy of the Spirit as you inhale deeply and slowly. See the light entering into your head and down into your heart as you inhale. As you exhale, maintain your focus upon your heart and the divine energy accumulating there. Recite "Allah while inhaling and "Hu" while exhaling--as in the previous step. See this divine energy growing in your heart like a scorching fire--small at first, like a spark but growing in magnitude as you repeat the inhalation and exhalation with the visualizations; eventually see it engulf your entire heart. The cycles of inhalation, exhalation, coupled with the visualizations are to be repeated for several minutes. The breathing should be done rhythmically.


Now we focus all of our attention on this flame in the heart. See it transform into a tri-colored flame, comprising of the colors blue, yellow, and pink. See them burning bright and intense for several minutes. The blue flame burns to your left, the yellow in the center, and the pink flame to your right. The blue flame represents the power aspect of your Soul; the yellow represents the intelligence aspect, while the pink flame is the embodiment of the love aspect. Your breathing should flow rhythmically at a normal pace. This concentration should take a few minutes after which, an intense vibration should be felt there.

When your heart center begins to tingle with energy, while still focusing upon it, recite the affirmation below :

"O Lord, My heart chalice runneth over."

Recite the above affirmation verbally several times. Then gradually visualize your heart emanating a pink, transparent light towards all beings. Visualize the whole world, all of humanity engulfed with your pink light, spreading love everywhere. Maintain this visualization for several minutes. In other sessions you may emanate a blue or yellow light instead of the pink light. As may be guessed, this step is represented by the Chalice.


After filling the world and the hearts of all sentient beings with your love energy, continue visualizing yourself surrounded by a cloud of scintillating energy--white, intense, and luminous, not unlike the cloud visualized above your head in a previous step. This cloud totally engulfs your physical body and extends outward from it for about three meters. You are in the center of this divine energy that you accumulate and attract from the surrounding ether. In later meditational sessions, the magnitude of this cloud may be increased. This cloud acts as a protective shield among other things.

During the formation and concentration of this cloud imagery, invoke the Divine Presence of God by chanting the Divine Names. For our present purpose, the Names that are found in the Qaballah, in the mystical oral and written tradition of Judaism will be used. These Names of God are potent, and are used for their vibrational and mystical value. They are to be chanted with respect and adoration. If you are so inclined, you may substitute these names with the words of power or the Divine Names of your own religion. Recitations or chanting is the application of the force within the throat chakra.

Chant the Names of God verbally, vibrating the syllables as much as possible. The chanting coupled with the imaging of the cloud should run for several minutes. Following are the Divine Names, and they should be chanted in the given order :

"Adonai, El Chai, Shaddai, Elohim Tzevaot, Adonai Tzevaot, Adonai, Elohim, El, Elohim, Yah, Ehyeh Asher Ehyeh, I AM THAT I AM."

Below is the pronunciation key :

Adonai : ah-doh-NIE (pronounce ie as the i in high)
El Chai : ehl khie (the k is pronounced softly)
Shaddai : shah-DIE (pronounce ie as the i in high)
Elohim Tzevaot : ehl-oh-HEEM tz-vah-OHT
Adonai Tzevaot : ah-doh-NIE tz-vah-OHT
Adonai : (same as above)
Elohim : (same as above)
El : ehl
Elohim : (same as above)
Yah : yah
Ehyeh Asher Ehyeh : eh-heh-YEH ah-SHAIR eh-heh-YEH

This step is represented by the Pentacle and a hidden weapon associated with the throat chakra (those wandering what a pentacle is, it is a five-pointed star. For occult purposes the pentacle is usually inscribed or engraved upon parchment, metal or in the air. It is an emblem of protection, and it also symbolizes man.)


After chanting and imaging the cloud for several minutes shift your focus from it and cease the recitation. Now project your consciousness above your heads. Identify yourself and become one with the Divine Self vibrating above you. Feel yourself nebulous, and as though existing above your physical form. Feel the bodiless state to be your reality. Realize that you are in essence, energy--Spirit. Remain passive in such a state of awareness. If thoughts or visions appear, do not follow or cling to them. Let them go. Forget about who you are or what you are. Do not dwell in the future or in the past. Simple be. Be alert and relaxed. As mentioned before, avoid mental wanderings and drowsiness. Unlike the previous steps which corresponds to the four (or five) lower chakras and the four magickal weapons, this step actually corresponds to the head centers and other higher weapons--these represent akasha, the fifth element.

After several minutes, the meditation may be concluded. Direct your consciousness back into your body. Then open your eyes and massage your face and body to ground your consciousness and your energies. After the light massage, give in your own words a prayer of thanks to God for the life in you. In passing, it should be mentioned that if at any time your breathing appears to stop, it is of no cause for alarm. This occurs as a higher breathing mechanism takes over the control of the respiration.

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