Every Thought is a Prayer

by Link (Anthony)

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Psychic power. We use it every day. We cause things to happen; we shape events with our mind. We can do this, because every thought is a prayer.

Thoughts are a powerful form of energy. They are very real and very potent. Look for their energy not just in deep meditation or altered states of mind, but any time! In fact, your life is more likely to be shaped by what goes through your mind during your daily shower, than during meditation.

When we first discover magic and spirituality, we tend to clearly define when we are "doing it" and when we are not. We draw nice little lines that clearly separate religion from the rest of our thoughts and deeds. "Now I'm in Circle." (But afterwards, we're not?) "Now I'm working magic." (But otherwise our actions are merely mundane?) Over time, we might erase those lines and discover that we are always in Circle; we are always working magic! Erasing the dividers between religion and the rest of your life makes even simple events special -- and very, very powerful.

If you believe in the power of positive thinking, you can see that thoughts and words have real significance. Phrases like "with my luck" usually tend to focus on how we might fail. They actually add energy to the failure side of the equation. Sometimes we even begin planning what we'll do after this failure occurs. And thus, the possibility of failure becomes more real.

A very basic magical technique involves discussing what you want as if it has already happened. Think about what you will do now that you already have your new job, your good health, your happy mate. Doing so adds energy to the side of the equation that brings you success.

Remember that other people's thoughts are just as real as your own. When you hope for the best, tell someone who will sincerely hope along with you. This person becomes a sort of magical partner, adding their own energy to your wish. Your magical wishes are like great big balloons, filled with energy from your thoughts and deeds. Someone supportive helps fill your magical balloons by adding not just energy, but very tangible aid such as wise advice, experience, networking contacts, or other tools they might offer to help you succeed. Often magic occurs through truly ordinary actions. But choose wisely who you confide in. Your loving family might truly want to see you succeed, but would your jealous co-workers? This is one valid basis for magical secrecy. Some help fill your balloons, while others might poke leaks.

Do you believe in visualization? Is the apple in your mind as real as the apple in your fruit basket? If you can conceive it, and believe it, then you truly can achieve it! Visualization isn't limited to some complex yoga-style ritual. It can be as simple as making an analogy in conversation, because an analogy is like a canvass -- it helps people see the picture you are trying to paint with your words. Visualization can also be a simple daydream before you climb out of bed. In fact, what we do during that crucial snooze alarm period may set the tone for the rest of the day. Ever hear a song from your clock radio that sticks in your head all day? Can the same principal apply to other forms of thought energy besides music?

Be careful what you visualize. If every thought is a prayer, then what happens when you spend time thinking about crime and war and hate and violence? Now multiply the thoughts of one person times millions -- all visualizing the same thing at the same time. Sound powerful? Well, I've just described what happens each day when America watches the six o'clock news! Mass media helps millions to all visualize a common image. And what does TV news tend to dwell on -- the happy, or the sad aspects of life? (Perhaps in some cases, ignorance truly is bliss.)

We often say that Divinity resides within ourselves. If so, then when we talk to ourselves, we talk to the Divine. Living your everyday life is like having a constant conversation with the Goddess and God. Within your own mind, within your own heart, every thought is a prayer.





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