Cosmic Laws - Part 3

By Luxamore - IndoTalisman.Com

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The Law of Labeling
When we label anything, we exclude true information concerning it. "This is because the thing becomes obscured by other information (which may be false) stored under the label for the thing." It is then possible for misinformation to occur concerning the thing. Labeling does not define a thing nor explain its true nature. It results in confusion. It may offer a relative understanding, but at the same time it closes off further inquiry. Labeling is related to opinions. Opinions seldom reflect truth; if they were, they would be deemed as facts.

"If I were to say, 'I study magic,' this would immediately bring up all the associations and stored data under the label 'magic.' Some people would believe I am a stage magician; some people would think I am a Satanist, while still others would decide that I study magic as a historian. Yet none of these opinions actually has anything to do with what I would mean by the word 'magic.'"

"When you symbolize something, you impose the deep structure of the symbol system used on the way you perceive the thing symbolized." In actuality, nothing changes of the thing in itself; what changes is one's attitudes and reactions to the thing being symbolized. The danger lies here: one's attitudes and reactions as a result of one's belief concerning a thing might greatly damage the integrity of the thing if it chooses to conform to the lie of the label, and it also karmically affects oneself. For instance, calling someone "worthless" whether justified or not damages firstly, our own psyche in subtle ways; and secondly, it might harm the other person's psyche if he is not spiritually centered. In truth the label "worthless" does not reflect the reality where every creature is worthy in the eyes of God.

"People tend to believe that they understand something when they have a name for it. This is called nominalization. It enables people to take very ill-defined concepts and continuing processes and talk about them as if they were concrete things. The problem is that frequently even the users of these terms or names do not know what they mean.' For instance, we call a certain force electricity, and yet we hardly know what it is. "Nominalization is an important tool. However, we must realize when we are using," and misusing it, or to cause it to overpower us.

The Law of Energy Conservation
In Nature nothing is wasted. Nothing is destroyed. One thing transforms into another in a continuous flux. The potential energy of this universe has always remained constant.

Since Nature functions in a manner that conserves energy, so man must reflect her processes in order to fulfill his sense of oneness and harmony with her. Succinctly, the evolutionary progress of man lies in energy conservation. Man's essential substance or energy has to be increased, conserved, cultivated, transformed, sublimated, and circulated throughout the energy-structure of the microcosm. Such an alchemical process generates and regenerates man's life principle and offers rapid unfoldment of the spiritual faculties. The Law of Energy Conservation and its rich rewards may also be applied to other organisms as well such as a city, a planet, a business firm, etc. This law is related to the Law of Economy.

The Law of Association
"If two things, (A) and (B), have something in common, that thing in common can be used to influence both. Also, (A) and (B) have a mutual influence on each other" because of the similarity. "The more they have in common, the more influence they exert upon one another. The Law of Association may be divided into two sub-laws" :

Law of Similarity

"The cause and effect resemble, (or) have resonance with one another." As an example, a magical ritual "to cause a rainstorm might involve dripping water onto the ground. A ritual to fly might involve wearing feathers and chirping like a bird, etc." A poppet or doll constructed to resemble someone may resonate with that person; and any action exerted upon the doll with great emotional force may also affect the person. This is called "sympathetic magic," and is often abused by occult practitioners.

Law of Contagion

Things once in contact continue to interact at subtle levels after physical separation. "Anything once in contact with a substance, person, or object may be used as a 'witness'" or an etheric link for that substance, person, or object; and through that link influence them in certain ways. "A good example would be the traditional use of hair or nail clippings attached to a voodoo doll," for the purpose of influencing the person that the doll represents. "A witness could be thought of like a tuning crystal in a radio." Another aspect of this law functions thus: an object from a thing, such as from an animal, when worn imbue us with the animal's inherent qualities. Its magnetism modifies our own force-field. The application of this law is called "homeopathic magic," and is related to the Law of Connections. The laws of Similarity and Contagion work hand in hand.

The Law of Pattern
"Information can be viewed as a measure of the unpredictability of a message. The more unpredictable a message is, the more information it contains."

"In systems, the most probable state is rest (dispersion of available energy). Since systems tend towards entropy, the least probable state is that of potential work. Thus, we can think of the degree of order in a system as the amount of energy in it."

In a different sense, pattern is information. Information is energy. The more information you have, the less energy you may need to expend depending upon the correctness of the information. Knowledge is power.

"Some people have defined life as negative entropy because it evolves; i.e., develops greater and greater complexities of pattern. In this sense, the universe becomes more intelligent every day," because the greater the complexity, the greater the intelligence.

Law of Intelligence
"Any (energy-) pattern of sufficient complexity will act intelligently when treated as an entity." As mentioned before, the more complex an energy-structure, the more intelligence it possesses. The universe is composed of energy-structures within a greater structural energy-pattern; and this goes on ad infinitum. Let us illustrate this: electrons are to be found within an atom; atoms are an integral part of a molecule; molecules may be part of a greater structure called cells; and a structure of cells ultimately form higher living organisms. The process, however, does not stop there. Man, for instance, is but a miniscule part of something larger. What is important here to know is that at every level, some sort of intelligence is evident and displayed. There is nothing that we can touch, feel, see, or interact with in any way that does not have an intelligence of some kind.

"A pattern more complex than ourselves could be said to be more intelligent than us. Keep in mind, though, that the human brain is still far more complex than the most advanced computer yet built."

In his smugness man may consider himself to be the epitome or acme of creation; however, the acme of creation has not been typified by any creature of God and never will be, for the process of evolution is eternal and the goal is never really reached. Poetically, we may say that although we may touch the outer fringes of a flame, we will never ever be able to reach its central core. The core always recedes from us.

The Law of Self-Preservation
One of the most important laws in immediate operation in the lives of all life-units, all organisms, physical or non-physical is the Law of Self-Preservation. Every life-unit is striving to maintain and sustain its existence at some level and attempting to exist on a higher spiral of being, a higher life expression. Going contrary to this law, as in suicide, for instance, where the desire is to terminate self-existence, is a crime against Nature.

At a lower level, the body of an organism is identified as the self; thus self-preservation at this level entails preserving the body from harm or extinction. Some strains of viruses, though inimical to man and struggling against the attempts of men to destroy them, are simply obeying the natural law of existence. Fundamentally, all life-units have a right to exist so long as they do not encroach upon the existence of other life-units and disturb the harmony of the Universe.

At a higher level, from the spiritual person upwards, although encompassing the lower aspects of preserving the physical vehicle from harm, self-preservation also implies preserving or maintaining the awareness of one's Real Self, one's true identity, one's Divine Spark at the level of one's mundane consciousness. In contemporary mysticism, this level of consciousness is called "Cosmic Consciousness," or the sankalpa samadhi of the Hindu Yogis.

The Law of Harmony
Every life-unit has to be in harmony with its surroundings, with itself, with the whole universe in order to evolve and to maintain its integrity at every level in which it operates. Harmony is a direct result of right relationship, which should be ingrained in our behavior and attitude towards our environment, towards others, and towards our higher selves. Inharmony with the universe and with one's natural being only results in pain, illness, suffering and misery.

Maintaining harmony within the microcosmic components and the microcosm's relationship with the universe are a fundamental purpose of life. It is a natural and simple way of life without the indulgence of any excess or shortages. Too much or too little of one thing causes problems. An excess of pleasure results in pain, for instance. Too little physical movement or exercise may cause an anemic condition. Equilibrium should be sought in all conditions. Harmony means peace, contentment, and spiritual awareness. Living in attunement and alignment with the laws governing one's being results in harmony. The Law of Harmony is also the Law of Balance. This law when applied help make us masters of ourselves and Nature, or conquerors over any agitated conditions which can occur in any dimension of Divine Existence.

Everything has a Yin and Yang aspect. Everything is balanced and harmonious in Nature. If there is an up, there is also a down; if there is an inside there is also an outside; if there are many, there are also a few; if there is fullness, there is also emptiness; what occurs in the north will also occur in the south, what occurs in the east will also occur in the west; if there is that which is far, there is also that which is near; that which is on the left, also that which is on the right, etc. This law aids us in reading the signs that Nature produces in understanding situations, conditions, and circumstances. This law is also associated with the Law of Synchronicity.

Harmony may also be defined as the submission of one's will to Cosmic laws, to God's unfolding Plan and to the Cosmic Intelligences that cooperate with Cosmic laws in bringing God's Plan into manifestation.

The Law of Love
Love is one of the aspects of God, of the Cosmic. Love is the motivating force that causes motion, attraction, and growth. In its essence Love is divine like everything else; however, metaphysically speaking, Divine Love vibrates at a very high frequency, and is an active expression of God-Consciousness. Any being that loves truly and impersonally is divinely-centered. Love gives one access to spiritual and divine energies. There is a power in love that may subjugate even the wildest beast (literally, and figuratively speaking). Every creature on the evolutionary path has an instinct to love.

One's spiritual growth is dependent upon the unfoldment of love within one's heart. The greater our unconditional and impersonal love, directed by wisdom and understanding, the greater our spirituality. Love has to be expressed wisely and not foolishly in a self-centered, sentimental manner. Where there is emptiness and depression in a person's life, you can be sure it is caused by a lack of love. A person who does not know how to give love or to receive love is spiritually sick. Love must first be generated within if we are to experience it coming from without. "Love increases as judgement decreases." Before sending love out to the world we must first possess it within ourselves. We cannot give what we do not have. However, it is more important to love than to be loved--the former is essential, the latter less so--not even necessary for spiritual advancement. When one is full of love one does not go seeking for it.

Everything in the universe is directed by the Law of Love. In Christianity, Love is synonymous to God. People normally associate love with emotions; however, love is more than sentimentality. At man's present stage of evolution, it is clearly felt as an emotion because within the microcosm, the feeling, astral body, is one of the most responsive to its influence. The physical body is likewise very reactive to the love force, it does so through the desire for sexual union. As man progresses he will respond mentally and spiritually to the love force as he now does in a physical and an emotional way. When man loves, he should do so through the exercise of his will and not be prompted to express its imitation at the call of the base instincts. This should not be interpreted to mean that sex is solely an animalistic act. The expression of the sexual force may be divine or it may be otherwise depending on how we channel it through our energy-structure.

The ancient Greek philosophers classified love into three different categories: Eros, Philos, and Agape; or sexual, brotherly, and divine love, respectively. Love is a powerful remedy to many mundane problems, although one must clearly know the difference between personal, selfish love, and impersonal, divine love. Basically, there are two expressions of love that holy, masterful beings express: unconditional and impersonal love. Unconditional love is love expressed to and for another without any thought of self, without any expectation or hope for a return of that love, or for any reward. Spiritual beings are aware that they are the embodiment of love itself and thus need nothing in return. For loving another is loving oneself. Impersonal love is loving another or others without any undue attachment to the object of one's love or affection. One gives freedom to others to be themselves and one is not too upset if one ends up being a victim of a sour relationship. A higher aspect of loving is to express it with understanding and wisdom--through an enlightened mind..

The Law of Records
Every event that occurs in the universe is not lost. They are indelibly imprinted upon the Akashic Records. Akasha, literally means space; however, in this context it refers to certain substances of the cosmic dimensions. These cosmic substances and their impressionable nature are referred to in certain religions as the "Book of Records." And the law that records impressions as the "Recording Angel."

Whatever action, words, or thoughts expressed by beings, whether done secretly or openly, are recorded in Akasha. This law is a subconscious working of the Cosmic Mind, meaning that it works automatically without any angelic intelligence directing it. However, in some cases, as in certain important events of a solar, planetary, or human level, records are kept and well organized within the repositories in the spiritual realms by certain spiritual guardians. These repositories are called the "Hall of Records," and are looked after by beings of a high spiritual caliber. Advanced occultists are able to read the Akashic Records pertaining to a person, object, or place; however what low-calibre psychics often read are the reflections and distortions of the Akashic Records existing in the lower planes of Maya. Psychometry is an occult art of reading records impressed onto objects. Most haunted houses are the result of imprinted events of the past. In such cases, although no real "ghosts" are involved in the haunting, the emotional impact of past events were strong enough for psychic images to be impressed and live in the Akashic substance of the environment and be re-played during the right environmental conditions for the average person to experience, or read by the genuine psychic.

In the microcosm, or man in his totality, various components function as recording devices for the thoughts, feelings, actions, and level of soul-development of the incarnated soul. Such components are the seed-atoms, the aura, the causal body, the chakras, the blood-stream, and the skeletal bones.

The Law of Economy
This law refers to the right use of energy, force, matter, and space. It is the right use of thoughts, words, and actions; the right use of incoming impressions, inspirations and directions. A pound of force should not be used if an ounce of it is sufficient enough to do the job. Too much of anything is not always a good thing, it may affect one adversely. Assistance invoked and then rejected is a violation of the Law of Economy. Why should one be economical? For the reason that though energy be abundant in the universe, it is not always made available for our personal use. A lack of energy results in a lack of motion, and a lack of progress. The Law of Economy is that of survival, or self-preservation, of maintaining wholeness. It causes matter always to follow the line of least resistance.

To be economical refers to the right use of cosmic substance in accordance with the Divine Plan and in harmony with the Divine purpose--or in harmony with one's conscience and one's sense of responsibility. In the field of economics, the Law of Economy is usually applied through the processes of recycling, energy conservation, and the right use of Nature's resources.

The Law of Resurrection
This is a law that aids all life-units to transcend mortal limitations and barriers and ascend into higher states of consciousness, into more expanded horizons and into more glorious vehicles and relationships with divine beings. This law provides us with cosmic dispensations, techniques and principles that when taken advantage of results in rapid soul advancement.

Here the word resurrection does not refer to the rising from the grave at the trumpet call of the "last day," or the end of the world. Certain religions would have us believe this; from the metaphysical point of view this is a fallacious notion; however, there is an esoteric side to this: resurrection from the grave is symbolic of the soul rising from the grave of human consciousness into the light of Divine Consciousness. Resurrection, therefore, refers to consciousness-expansion, to spiritual transcendence of the mortal state of consciousness. Although one may "die daily" like St. Paul, one should also daily resurrect one's consciousness.

The Law of Sacrifice and Death
In order to progress spiritually a life-unit would have to sacrifice certain false beliefs concerning its life existence. It would also have to sacrifice its false ego with its many negative desires, emotions, thoughts, habits, and personal traits. Death to the false ego, or its transcendence, would cause the birth of the Christ Principle within one's consciousness. Severed heads in religious icons are symbolic of the elimination of the human ego. Generally, in order to rise to the higher, one would have to die to the lower. For instance, to attain god-status, human, mortal perspectives and understanding of life should be given up and be replaced with a spiritual, wider, and more expansive comprehension and view of things.

Sacrifice also entails giving up self-centeredness and self-importance for the good and welfare of the whole. Serving others instead of catering to one's lower self is one of the keys that open the portals of heaven. Surrendering one's egoistic will for the true will of God embodied in our Higher Self is an act of sacrifice; however such an act may be an act of joy depending on our perspective. Selflessness, sacrifice, service and surrender are the four keys that leads to spiritual attainment. They are the means to spiritual growth.

Each true sacrifice is a work that beautifies the Soul. It paves the way toward greater and greater glories and achievements in God's infinite universe.

The Law of Sacrifice is related to the Law of Submission where one simply allows the Higher Intelligence to do its work through our consciousness without any egoic interference and without moping about the results or outcome.

The Law of Supply and Demand
This is the applied will and spoken word with emotion that will supply any man that which he demands, if it is done in a correct manner. The power of the spoken word is applied through prayers, affirmations, invocations, and decrees coupled with the appropriate visualizations, consciousness-state, and energy to support it. When the demand is made with sincerity of motive, and with the correct attitude, beings or the intelligences of the universe capable of supplying our demand will respond and come to our aid in the name of the Most High. In most cases, one does not simply receive what one demands; there are many requirements that has first to be fulfilled. For instance, before receiving one has first to give. One has to build up one's account in the cosmic ledger. The Law of Supply and Demand is commonly applied in a slightly different sense in the field of business and economics.

The Law of Split and Divide
This is a law of generation. All life-plant life, animal and human life, and the life of corporate businesses splits, divides, and diversifies in the process of branching out. One of the apparent purposes for this is in the possibility of manifesting or perpetuating new life forms with a higher complexity and of a greater importance. The more complex a life-form, the greater the possibility for a higher intelligence or energy-system to embody. This law normally functions automatically in Nature. At some levels though, this law may be personally directed by man.

This split and divide law can be observed at the cellular level where cells divide and multiply under the direction of an unknown intelligence. Why do cells divide and multiply? For the same reason that the One generated the many. This may not tell us much but an in-depth understanding of this law reveals much concerning the secrets of creation.

The Law of Transmutation
Man has the privilege of transmuting his environment, his reality, his being into something more glorious. The key to almost anything one can accomplish is the ability to transmute one's thoughts and feelings. The key to everything lies in the consciousness and its power to interact with the environment through physical and subtle means. The main force of transmutation is fire, whether cosmic, mental or physical fire. Alchemy is the art of transmutation.

Man's spiritual growth is dependent upon the degree that he transmutes his microcosmic principles into a glorious expression fit enough for the Lord of the Universe to dwell. This law like many others, is subjected to the direction of the will of man.

The Law of Numerology
All things depend upon numbers. All things are created by numbers and controlled by numbers. Cosmic waves, vibrations, cycles and radiations are measured in frequencies and numbers which are nothing more than numerical energy-patterns. The frequency of a thing determines its manifestation or expression. Change the frequency of a thing and we change the manifestation of the thing itself. Mathematics is a universal and inter-dimensional language. It is important to note that figures representing numbers are not the same as the numbers themselves. One are signs, while the other are principles. Numbers may be considered as Cosmic phenomena. Each number has a cosmic import and is in itself a Cosmic law. Every number has a philosophical significance and is applicable in almost every field of human endeavor. We, as metaphysicians cherish them for their occult value.

Though numerology is now promoted as an occult art of fortune telling, the real power and esoteric side of numbers remains as yet unknown to most occultists. This esoteric value of numbers was intensively studied by Pythagoras, one of the ancient Greek philosophers. Pythagoras referred to numbers in the following terms: Monad-1, Duad-2, Triad-3, Tetrad-4, Pentad-5, Hexad-6, Heptad-7, Ogdoad-8, Ennead-9, and Decad-10. The study of numbers is deep and profound and this brief description of the Law of Numerology does not do the subject any justice.

The Law of Assumption
Whatever a life-unit of whatever kingdom experiences, feels and thinks it is possible to assume its mental and emotional condition and to experience what it experiences. This is empathy. Conversely, by the same law, it is also possible to influence any life-unit with one's thoughts and feelings. Assumption is not restricted to the emotions or thoughts of a life-unit. One may also assume the power and characteristic of any life-unit.

To assume the feelings of a person or a thing is an outstanding action. To assume the feelings of a plant or tree brings oneness or realization that you are that which you assumed. Anything can be assumed: stones, plants, animals, spirits, human beings, gods, angels, and even the Cosmic Mind. By assuming a thing it is possible to acquire the virtues/vices of the thing. The Law of Assumption may also be called the Law of Identification.

One of the related laws of the Law of Assumption is the Law of Attunement. When two things resonate with one another they are said to be in attunement. In such a state there may be an energy-exchange between the two things.

The Law of Liberty
Humanity has been given the gift of freedom of choice; and this freedom should be appropriated in concord with the Cosmic laws if man is to reap spiritual harvests. The gift of freedom of choice should not be misused or abused as they result in negative consequences. Since the Cosmic does not impose its will upon man, likewise man should not impose his will upon others--this is against the Law of Liberty. Every creature enjoys its freedom. It is an instinct implanted in all life-units. No being likes being captive. Tyranny and oppression in any form is a crime against Liberty. The control and manipulation of another at any level is destructive to one's self-interest in the long run.

The Law of Liberty declares that all beings are free to express their pristine, innate nature so long as it does not harm anyone or anything; and anyone or anything that interferes with that expression violates the Law of Liberty and will be karmically responsible. It is believed by some that angels do not possess freedom of choice as do human beings; that they are spiritual automatons, doing only that what they have been programmed to do by the Creator. This is not entirely accurate. Certain classes of angels have evolved to the point where they choose to transcend their own personal will and carry-out the will of the Cosmic for the welfare of all. No egoism is left in them.

One's spirituality grows as one liberates oneself from self-imposed mortal restrictions. One is free to believe, think, and act as a mortal as one will; however, it is the courageous soul that frees itself from such mental bondage. All beings that liberate themselves from the lower will attain the higher. Liberty is a precious gift that humanity ought to treasure. It is through this law that our character develops with the choices that we make in our mundane lives. Whether our choices are "right" or "wrong," it is all part of the learning process. Hindering someone making mistakes may stall the growth of that person. The mistakes we make should be our own and not another's. Progress at any level and in any form proceeds rapidly for all parties concerned when this law is applied.

The Law of Tithing
This is one of the Cosmic laws usually applied for prosperity, although it is not restricted to such. Tithing generally means giving or offering ten percent of one's income to an institution, organization or a person that represents the source of one's spiritual nourishment; however, it is not just money that we can tithe. We can also tithe our time, energy, knowledge, earthly goods, etc. Tithing or zakat is one of the pillars of Islam.

What is the value of tithing? By giving away a portion of our earnings or that which we have been blessed with, we ensure their continual supply in abundance. To use an expression: by casting our bread upon the waters, it returns to us manifold. What we give returns to us multiplied. The more we give the more we receive. So-called luck is the result of abundant giving. The Cosmic Intelligences adjusts the return of, or the "when," "how," and "where" of our tithing.

The vital attitude behind the whole Law of Tithing is that of sincerity. The law works truly if we give in all sincerity without actually expecting anything in return. To give without being sincere does not evoke the Law into operation. To crave for the fruit of one's action fails to bring the desired abundance into our lives.

The Law of Obedience
The more one obeys or aligns oneself with the way of Nature, Cosmic laws and one's true Will, the greater will be one's progress or evolution toward the Light. The lower principles of one's being must be subservient to the higher aspect of one's microcosmic being. The personality must obey the directions of the Spiritual Triad of the microcosm; the instincts must obey the dictates of reason. The intellectual force must serve the love energy emanating from one's highest nature. In general, the lower must serve the higher as the higher serves, or assists the lower. This applies to the Master-Disciple relationship, Archangel-Human relationship, as well as the relationship between the Spiritual Hierarchy and Humanity. It should be noted here too that although the higher serves the lower, it is not its servant. Spiritual Intelligences do not serve the ego but for the greater good.

The Law of Harmlessness
This is one of the laws pertaining to soul-growth. In Sanskrit harmlessness is called ahimsa; it is one of the requisite divine attribute or quality that the disciple has to embody. Generally speaking, the higher the being, the greater its expression of harmlessness. In order to possess perfect harmlessness one must be pure in body, mind, and soul; one must evoke the aspect of love and compassion of the Spiritual Triad or the Higher Self to dwell in the Personality, the lower self. Harmlessness as a result of love and compassion must also be directed by the wisdom aspect of the soul or else it may end up violating the Law of Self-Preservation.

The Law of Consecration
Wherever one focuses one's mind with intense thought and with a certain intention or desire in mind, one transmits energy to it. The nature of this energy may be beneficial or non-beneficial in accord with the nature of our thoughts and emotions; if the latter, it may be termed "a curse," or if the former, "a blessing." Consecration is the act of blessing an object with divine energy that it may be a center of spiritual radiation. To execute the Law of Consecration certain requirements must be fulfilled such as proper spiritual, mental and physical preparation of the consecrator; a working knowledge of rituals and their application; knowledge of manipulating energies; the ability to invoke spiritual beings for assistance, etc. Not only objects may be consecrated, but also places, people, purposes, etc. Consecration exalts the nature of the thing being blessed.

Consecration evokes a higher sense of purpose and being. It causes improved psychological changes in the person being consecrated; or if it is a thing, it gives it a value of spiritual significance. Consecrated purposes is the drive, the motivating force, the power of great achievements. Anyone wishing to accomplish something great in this world should consecrate or dedicate his work to the object of his love, most appropriately to the highest concept of God that he or she embraces. Living a consecrated life speeds up soul-growth. The Law of Consecration can thus be said to be a sub-law of the Law of Evolution.

The Law of Divine Circulation
Whatever resources, energies, abilities and time one possesses must be used to promote the welfare of all beings. By circulating one's energies, we have it returned to us manifold. Conversely, holding up energies, possessions, or resources for selfish reasons results in a lifeless conscious state. One's Cosmic treasure laid up in heaven does not grow when we live selfishly, or self-centeredly. Like the Dead Sea where its waters are unable to circulate because there are no channels for an inflow or outflow. Nothing grows in its waters. There is no life there. The same thing happens when we do not circulate that which is our privilege to direct but not to control, to possess but not to own. This law is associated with the Law of Tithing; the latter law is in fact a sub-law of the Law of Divine Circulation. Circulation of energy occurs between two dimensions, between two entities, two organisms, two conditions, etc. Each party circulating energy benefits from it. Einstein's equation E=Mc2 is also an expression of the Law of Divine Circulation. Energy organizes itself to form matter and then releases itself. This cycle is repeated endlessly.

The Law of Detachment
In Sanskrit, detachment is called Vairagya. This is another law governing soul-unfoldment and is a sub-law of the Law of Evolution. In order to progress spiritually, the mental and emotional body have to be mastered. The emotional or desire body is a vehicle that have to be controlled by the incarnating Soul if it wishes to unfold its innate divinity with its many faculties. The various emotions and desires simply act as a distraction to the Soul who has set its eyes upon spiritual perfection. The undesirable vibrations and energies emanating from lowly desires and feelings crystallizes the desire and mental vehicles making it difficult for the Higher Self to influence or to direct them. Soul-contact is therefore blocked or severed. Unstable emotions and thoughts are hindrances and obstacles on the spiritual Path.

The emotional body is susceptible to glamour, whereas the mental body is susceptible to illusion. Detachment is a way of mastering the mental sheath and emotional body. Whatever good or ill happens to one's personality, one's vehicles of expressions in this physical world, one should maintain one's calm and poise. One should be centered upon the Soul-level.

The Law of Discernment
Like the above, this is a law governing the evolutionary progress of life-units possessing human consciousness. It is a mental law like the Law of Detachment. In Sanskrit, discernment or discrimination is called Viveka. This usually means discerning or discriminating between what is Real and what is unreal; what is illusory and false, and what is true. Why should we exercise our mental power of discernment? To gain enlightenment.

Whatever is evanescent in Nature is unreal. The Real is immutable, it does not change. Forms are related to illusions, whereas the essence that brought forms into existence is the part of Nature that is Real. Identifying oneself with what is unreal is ignorance and prolongs one's consciousness in a state of slumber. The awakening liberates oneself from the mortal state. The application of Viveka is related to introspection, Self-inquiry and Jnana Yoga. This is reflected in such questions such as "Who am I?" "What am I?" By exercising the Law of Discernment we eventually transcend the lower planes and reach the spiritual dimensions.

The Law of Immortality
The Cosmic is eternal and immortal; and that which contains the essence of the Cosmic in its inner core is likewise eternal and immortal although its outward form, vehicle or expression is subjected to change. Energy is immortal. It cannot be destroyed, only transformed. Forms composing of energy may appear to die or vanish but, scientifically speaking, there is only a molecular or atomic mutation. In actuality there is no death. There is only transition from one dimension to another.

What is Real is eternal, or immortal. The false is ever-changing. Man is a mixture of both the Real and the unreal. A mixture of Truth and Maya. There is a part of him that is immortal and a part of him that is ephemeral; a part of him that is being and a part of him that is becoming. Identification with the part that is in a constant state of change causes a displacement in one's consciousness. This leads to a state of confusion regarding one's Self-identity and one's purpose of being. Amidst such confusion the false ego and so-called human limitation has its birth and is sustained until one breaks the barrier of mortal beliefs and identify with one's true Self, the part of us that is Real, immortal and divine.

Physical immortality is a possibility and has been demonstrated by some mystic masters throughout the ages. Though everlasting youth and physical immortality may be a dream to some, it is a reality to those who follow the path of spiritual and physical regeneration. Physical immortality does not imply that one will live in the physical body forever. It does, however, give one the divine right and occult ability to determine when one should leave this physical plane, whether it be ten years or 2,000 years from now. When that time comes, the physical body does not die in the customary manner. It is transformed into light. This is what Javanese mystics call "moksha," although the word has a different connotation in Yogic philosophy. This transformation adds a new dimension to the expression, "great men do not die, they simply fade away." The methods of acquiring youth and immortality though carefully hidden have been revealed to the spiritual disciples of this modern age. Some of the secret laws of these two prized conditions, everlasting youth and physical immortality, are actually revealed in these papers on Cosmic laws, though they are not openly declared as such. Those with eyes to see, let them see.

The Law of Necessity
That which is necessary to fulfill the requirements of Nature may be said to be the Law of Necessity. Nature abhors a vacuum. She will always fill it with the best possible replacement at hand. When the personal will is discarded in favor of the higher will of God, of a higher design, this may be said to be the implementation of the Law of Necessity.

The Law of Effectiveness
Effectiveness is the measure of truth. Whatever works and is effective is of worth and is universal--applicable by all beings regardless of race, religion, sex, etc. Whatever system that creates results may be adopted for one's benefit so long as the Law of Harmlessness is taken into account. The best method would benefit all symbiotic organisms of an ecological system. The means determines the end, the end never justifies the means.

The Law of Power
Everything is energy, therefore everything has power--the power to influence, the power to create, the power to manifest, the power to sustain, the power to destroy. Though everything has power, no power external to us have control over us unless we allow it. We give our power away by fearing or having negative feelings over a thing. Power or energy may be received through external sources and also shared; however, basically all of an entity's power comes from within. Power is the result of energy, force, intelligence, and consciousness. The more we acquire or increase the degree or ratio of any of those four principles, the more powerful we become.

The Law of Now
Past, present and future are illusory phenomena conceived by the conscious mind. They do not exist in an eternal universe where there is no real framework or reference point where time may be based. Everything that is occurring in the universe is occurring now. All power, happiness, joy, peace, etc., that we seek should be sought now, not in some uncertain date. We have no power in the past or in the future. Now is the moment of power to implement change, not in the past or the present. Now is the only time that we can act. Why should we worry over a "future" problem that has not occurred and has the probability of not occurring? Why should we relive traumatic experiences of the past when we should be focusing on the now moment with its many opportunities and possibilities of expansion, understanding and growth? Ancient sages tell us to live a day at a time, that is, not to live in the past or in the future, for by dwelling in those two states we would simply miss the opportunities that are before us.

The Law of Infinity
The universe is infinite and eternal. The mortal, concrete, lower mind thinks in the context of limitation and separation. This is a useful world-view in certain situations as it helps us interact with the world in a variety of ways. It is a useful illusion; however, in the path of spiritual development this is a hindrance to enlightenment. In the spiritual, metaphysical evolutionary path one has to realize the Law of Limitlessness. In actuality, there is no limit to anything. There is always room for growth, always a higher peak to reach, always higher rungs on the ladder no matter where we stand on the evolutionary path, whether we be a human being struggling to survive or a galactic god striving to organize its constituent parts. There is no limit to anything unless we believe there are limits. There are no limits to what we can do. We manifest limitation by utilizing our creative minds in a narrow, negative sense. In order to properly conceive and apprehend the nature of infinity, of limitlessness, and eternity one would have to grasp the principle by using the higher, abstract mind and the higher faculties of the Soul.

The Law of Uncertainty
Life does not guarantee anyone anything. Although laws govern life and we may depend on the integrity of those laws, there are times when unknown laws come into play in our lives that we are not mentally, emotionally, or physically prepared for--factors that we have not taken into account. Nothing is certain in a relativistic sense. Everything has an unknown side or counterpart. Conditions and circumstances are manifested and influenced by various known and unknown factors; there is no guarantee that a seeming given set of causes would always have a single, sole effect. Laws are constants, however their behavior and effect in our lives are variable because of the influence of the X-factors mentioned. Therefore, related to this law is the Law of Probability. We can only determine probable outcomes to a given situation. The more data or information we possess, the more knowledge of the laws involved in a certain situation, condition, or circumstance, the more accurate we are in our prognosis. Analysis or evaluation of a given situation may evoke the Law of Averages. This is based upon the Law of Probability. For instance, to predict that a person would live to be 70 based upon a well-supervised diet and holistic health regimen is a prognostication governed by the Laws of Averages and Probability.


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