Servitors, Elementals, Egregores

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Grab08-20-2004, 10:14 AM
Are servitors, elementals and egregores bascially the same thing?

I have some intuitions. Elementals are constructed using one or more elements (FAWE), and given a name and then sent off. When they are done, they "dissappear". Egregores are similar except trapped into a clay figurine, so you must destroy it ritually when it's done. Servitors are similar to elementals, except they don't have a particular element, and are also given a sigil, so that you might reuse the same guy many times. (But all this might be incorrect.)


Wiseone08-20-2004, 10:51 AM
well im pretty good with elementals and what you say of them is right expect for some things. if you want to keep the elementals than you keep them in statues or something like an egregore until furthur need of them. and they can be used for other things as well like helping with defense against attacks or whatnot.

Watcher08-20-2004, 11:49 AM
These are all very different things. No offense to the chaotes around but a lot of the confusion is due to their end. Let the record show I have nothing against them, some people say my methods a bit like theirs.

an elemental is an earth spirit composed of a majority of one element. They contain only minimal bits of the other elements and are helped along by being in contact with the other elements through a mediator, usually you. a servitor is an all purpose name for any spiritual entity which serves you but most use it to mean a created thing and not a spirit "familiar" per say. so a lot falls under the head of servitor and that is really the problem, widesweeping terminology.

you can add extra words to denote, say your definition of an elemental is sometimes called an elementary or elemental servitor. whether or not it is attached to a statue is immaterial to the term itself, like potatoes underground, or red paint on the wall. The idea of red and paint combined are relevent, but the idea of "red paint" is no way influenced itself by being on the wall.

Egregores are a lot harder to define. I once read a nine page article on the history, etymology, definition, and uses of egregores. From what I see its a bit more abstract. They are large structures of intertwining energy that you can tap into. Of course the problem with that is everything, including you can technically be defined this way. Entire Aeons can be classified as egregores. The larger ones are sometimes called currents, like the 93, 169, 696, 120 etc ad infinitum. If that sounded round about think of it as an astral support group almost. By being initiated into the GD, you have a deeper access to their symbol set etched into the ether. they can pass information into you subtly to guide you. it would also make your journey the responsibility of the egregore, which are usually fairly intelligent. And also possibly of the "secret chiefs" if such things exist.

Pax et Lvx
The Watcher

Overflowed_Buffer08-20-2004, 12:34 PM
It is curious that you would ask this because just last night I was doing extensive research on egregores!

Elementals, I'm not informed enough to feel confident giving my opinion.

Servitors and egregores are different because, according to the normal definition, egregores are formed when projects or purposes "take on a life of their own." So it could very well be accidental, while servitors are purposefully created. Also, when a few people form a group, sometimes they are said to also form egregores of their group. An example I read of was an egregore formed by gossip, heh.

This however is the definition of egregores that is not entirely magic related. According to Summoning Spirits, egregores are just things that you create or evoke (I don't remember what his exact term was) that preform your tasks for you. He claims they grow stronger and smarter as they are allowed to survive. This information is similar to the non-magical definition of an egregore.

I am probably wrong, but this is what I picked up while reading. Please correct me if it is due.

fiat_lux_77708-20-2004, 06:39 PM

Some very basic definitions -

Elemental - Gnome, Sylph, Undine or Salamander. A "personnification" of the basic building blocks of manifest existence

Egregore - basically, meaning "watcher"....A thoughtform specific to a group, especially a magickal Order, that encapsulates the group's ideals and aspirations.

Servitor - generally an artificially created thoughtform or tulpa created to accomplish a specific task.

All can be used in various ways, but it is wise to keep in mind that:

1. Elementals are only effective within their own sphere of operation (i.e. Gnome - Earth, Salamander - fire) and are actual sentient beings that wouldn't take kindly to anyone trying to imprison them in statues ;) To say they can be unpredictable and capricious is an understatement.

2. Egregores generally can only be utilised by those initiated into that particular group or current. The "new age" attribution of egregores to thoughtforms to be utilised by anyone on a whim is completely incorrect and uninformed.

3. Servitor - an artificially created being with a temporary life-span that is intimately connected with its creator/s. Generally not sentient in the ture sense of the word - performs tasks to the letter of instruction - so make sure you are unambiguous! If the servitor runs into problems - so do you :)

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