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Sigils are one of the most used techniques of Chaos Magick. The theory seems to be that they will go straight to your subconscious, where they will take effect, without your conscious, realistic brain tapping you on the shoulder and telling you that what you are attempting is impossible.

Many magicians also have personal sigils, which they continuously charge and use as a magickal signature of sorts. Plus they look really cool, of course.

Example of Sigil Creation
Statement of Intent:

Now, more forcefully and correctly, this should be: I WILL ACQUIRE A COPY OF THE TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE
(It is important to state that you WILL get your desire, not that you merely WANT it.)
(Cultural Note: The Texas Chainsaw Massacre is banned in the UK.)

Get rid of repeating letters: I WL ACQURE OPY F TH XS N M

Dump the vowels: WLCQRPYFTHXSNM

You can get rid of repeating letters or get rid of the vowels, or both - or anything else you can think of that's appropriate, within all probability.

You can optionally eliminate all letters that repeat instead of just each repetition after the first, which is, to be honest, more practical as it produces fewer letters.

Eliminating all repeating letters results in:
This is still a rather large set of letters, and will produce a more complex sigil than a smaller set, but we'll have to live with that.

Now turn the letters into a pictogram, using the shapes of the letters, but in no particular order. The sigil should not be particularly obvious as a representation of your desire. For example:

Methods of Implementing a Sigil
Okay, forget, for the moment, how much you want that film.
Just concentrate on the sigil. It is preferable that you visualise the sigil, but I suppose in a pinch you could stick it on the wall and concentrate on it REALLY hard. But DO NOT think about your desire.

  1. Visualise your sigil, while masturbating or fucking. As you come, pour all your energy into the sigil This method is particularly good for achieving sexual desires, but don't over categorise. Any method is pretty much suitable for any desire.
  2. Have yourself caused great pain, and pour all that pain into the sigil. This is especially useful for curses, but again, generalisation is a nasty word. Particularly considering the number of magicians into S&M...
  3. Visualise yourself killing someone you hate, possibly the victim of the working, if that is suitable. Then visualise your sigil and pour all the joy, and hate, and anger into it.
  4. Visualise making someone you love very happy, and pour that love into the sigil.
  5. Here's one for all you programmer types out there. Embed a sigil in one of those fractal acid programs, take some acid, and masturbate to orgasm while obsessing on the image on your screen.
  6. Visualise your sigil while on a really steep rollercoaster.
  7. Achieve a state of gnosis by meditation, exertion, whatever, and visualise the sigil (most successful methods of charging come down to this really).
  8. Combine 'em any way you like.

Forgetting the Sigil
Try to forget about the sigil. Good luck. It might be worth being off your face when you do all this to make forgetting the whole business easier. Don't now stop looking for the video, or necessarily forget the fact that you did a working to help you find it (although this can be helpful), but forget the sigil.

I've found that sigils charged by intense orgasm are the easiest to forget. Other techniques to aid in forgetting the sigil include charging a large number at once in no particular order, getting drunk before charging them, taking vast quantities of psychadelics, charging it just as you're at the point of drifting off to sleep...

Should you want to keep a record of the sigil in a magickal diary, I'd advise having a seperate book to keep track of your sigils and to avoid looking at it (or given pages of it) as much as possible until your desire has been realised or you don't think it's going to be. You might want to have a set time at which you go through your book of sigils, for example, every 3 months or so.

The Continuous Creation Method: A Different Technique for Charging Sigils
Posted to the z-list by Furie 333 (hello)! on 5/7/97

Last night I realized a 'new' style for charging sigils, and wanted to post it so people could help me check its validity. The idea stems from what I was saying a few weeks ago about sigils seeming to function without being 'charged' (i.e. without a gnosis rite expressly for that intent, be it sexual, chemical, whatever). It is based on the intimation that the most potent method of sigil 'charging' is the act of creation itself. I call it:

The idea is that the act of Creation is what actually empowers the Sigil.

  1. When you create the Sigilimage, try to think only of the Sigil and/or the Creation Process.
  2. Once you have a Sigilimage, copy it at any opportune times and on all available surfaces. Think only of the Sigil and/or the drawing Process.


  1. Try drawing your Sigil in places where doing so is actually dangerous (i.e. on overpasses, the wall of a police station, the side of a bus at a bus stop). This adds an element of Fear Gnosis to the Act.
  2. The use of a stencil would make it easier to make hundreds of copies of your Sigil all over the place.
  3. Try both with, and without 'forgetting' the intent of the Sigil, just to see if this affects results.

Any help testing and/or refining this method is greatly welcomed. Please feel free to use this method in any way you wish, just so long as you credit it. Thanx.
-furie 333
[email protected]

ps: I accept NO responsibility for any trouble you might get into as a result carrying out my suggestions - any fool should know never to listen to me! ;)

A Sigilisation Bibliography
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This is almost completely unavailable, and most of the material is repeated in:
Condensed Chaos - Phil Hine
Practical Sigil Magick- Frater U.D.
The Book of Pleasure - Austin Osman Spare




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